OFFICE of the SHERIFF for QUEEN ANNE’S COUNTY

                                                                                                             PRESS RELEASE

JENKINS, Thomas Kevin



INCIDENT:                   Burglary

DATE / TIME:              01/28/2015 @ 0801 (Reported)

LOCATION:                 340 Thompson Creek Shopping Center, Stevensville

NARRATIVE:   Store owners of the Thompson Creek Liquor Store reported that upon arrival that morning they found their business had been burglarized during the night.  It was determined that a neighboring GNC store had been broken into by making entry thru the roof then into the liquor store thru the wall. A small safe at the liquor stole had been damaged along with a laptop, cigarettes and some liquor missing.

A check of the security system showed the phone lines had been disabled and upon entry the store surveillance equipment damaged. In the neighboring GNC store, a small amount of cash was missing.

MSP Crime Lab responded and assisted with the investigation. Theft losses were placed at $5000 with estimated $20,000 damage.

DEPUTY:                      Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST:                        MSP Crime Lab

CASE:                           15-02845


Investigation of the burglary led detectives to several other jurisdictions including Prince Georges County for similar types of burglaries.  Several agencies working together arrested Thomas Kevin Jenkins (49) of Capital Heights on March 6th as he was burglarizing a Shop & Save in Oxen Hill, Prince Georges County. At the time of the arrest Jenkins was armed with a loaded pistol with a second in his vehicle. Subsequent search warrants tied Jenkins to the Thompson Creek burglary.

Detective Matthews of the QA Sheriff’s Office filed for an arrest warrant and Jenkins is charged with Burglary 2nd degree, Burglary 4th degree, Theft and MDOP. A detainer has been filed with Prince Georges County.

Jenkins was arrested in 2008 by Baltimore County Police for a rooftop burglary at a gun shop in White Marsh.

DEPUTY:        Detective Steve Matthews

CASE:             15-02845