Social Media Platforms and Policies

Welcome to the Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff's Social Media Page! Here, we believe in staying connected with our community through multiple social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), NextDoor, and the Queen Anne's Sheriff Mobile App. Each platform serves as a vital channel for us to share important alerts and updates, safety information, and community events. Our goal is to foster transparency, build trust, and ensure that you're informed and involved in matters concerning public safety. Join us across our platforms to stay connected, stay informed, and together, let's continue to make our community a safer place for all.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platform Handle Name
FacebookQueen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff
Sheriff's Mobile AppQueen Anne's Sheriff
NextDoorQueen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff

Social Media Comment Policy

These platforms are all subject to the written directive 303.1, also known as the Social Media Public Comment Policy, effective April 24th, 2024.

The purpose of the Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff's official social media platforms is to provide information of public interest to county residents, businesses, visitors, and other members of the general public. The Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff's Social Media Public Comment Policy provides individuals who choose to communicate or otherwise interact with the Sheriff's Office via its official social media platforms with guidelines for engagement. These agency social media sites serve as a limited public forum and all content published is subject to monitoring

These platforms are not moderated 24/7. In case of emergency please call 911 for assistance. To report an incident requiring police assistance, please contact the duty officer at 410-758-0770. The Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff reserves the right to limit comments that do not meet the purpose of the platforms as set out below. Posting and commenting on these platforms constitute acceptance of the terms listed. Violation of these terms may result in the comment(s) being removed.

The following are examples of unacceptable social networking content that may cause removal:

  1. Any content or comments that do not relate to the jurisdiction or authority of the jurisdiction itself.
  2. Any content or comments that do not relate to the topic of the account or its individual posts.
  3. Content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected class of people.
  4. Solicitations of commerce and/or including content that contains gratuitous links.
  5. Promotions or content related to political organizations or endorsements of any type.
  6. Advocation of illegal activity or violence, or remarks that compromise the safety or security of the public.
  7. Infringement of copyrights or trademarks.
  8. Confidential or non-public information, including but not limited to any personally identifiable information and any content that violates the legal rights of the owner of said content.
  9. Sharing of obscene or profane material that appeals to the prurient interest.
  10. Sharing of spam or disruptively repetitive content.

Additionally, communication made through any social media network messaging system will in no way constitute a legal or official Public Information Request. For information on submitting a Public Information Request visit our website at and/or download the Public-Information-Request-Form

This comment policy is subject to amendment and/or modification at any time to ensure its continued use is consistent with its intended purpose as a limited forum.

Please note that third-party opinions, comments, and statements expressed on this social media site do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of any deputy or employee of the Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff or that of the Sheriff, nor do we guarantee accuracy of such information posted by members of the public. If you have any questions concerning the operation of our social media platforms and the moderated discussion rules, please contact the Public Information Officer.