School Bus Monitoring Citation Program


If a violator has received a citation in the mail, that was recorded by a school bus monitoring camera, inquiries for the citation should be directed to:

Queen Anne's County, Maryland Automated Enforcement Program
PO Box 1310, Newington, VA 22122, 1-877-504-7080
Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office, 410-758-0770
District Court, 410-819-4000 TTY -MD Relay: 711


All school bus enforcement citations are considered civil citations holding the registered owner or lessee responsible for the violation (similar to a parking ticket). NO POINTS CAN BE ASSESSED FOR THIS VIOLATION AND IT WILL NOT RAISE YOUR INSURANCE RATES!

For inquiries related to payment options or court appearances, please refer to your issued citation or see below.

PAY BY WEB: Go to and click "Pay Citation" to pay via credit card (VISA/MC/Discover).  The citation number and vehicle tag number are required.
PAY BY PHONE: Call 1-877-504-7080 and follow the automated prompts.  Please have your citation number and credit card ready (Visa/ MC/Discover).
PAY BY MAIL: Include the citation number and vehicle tag number on your check or money order TO ENSURE PROPER CREDIT. DO NOT SEND CASH.  Check or money order should be made payable to Queen Anne's County Maryland and mailed to:
Queen Anne's County, Maryland
School Bus Safety Program
PO Box 411472, Boston, MA 02241-1472
TO REQUEST A COURT DATE: You may request to appear in District Court by returning the completed form below, at least five (5) days prior
to the "Due Date" shown on the front of this notice and return it to Queen Anne's County, Maryland Automated Enforcement Program,
PO Box 1310 Newington, VA 22122.  If you appear in court, the maximum amount you will be charged is a $500.00 fine plus court costs. Follow
the instructions below to request a court date. You will be notified by mail of the court date. If you do not receive a notice within 30 days, call
Queen Anne's County Automated Enforcement Customer Service at 1-877-504-7080.
TRANSFER OF LIABILITY: If you, as the registered owner, were not operating the vehicle at the time of this infraction and you choose to
identify the person who was, you shall provide to the District Court a sworn to and affirmed statement and mail by certified mail, return receipt
requested. Your statement must indicate you swear or affirm that the person named in the citation was not operating the vehicle and include the
operator's name, address, and any corroborating evidence. Send your request in an envelope marked "Transfer of Liability" to:
Queen Anne's County, Maryland Automated Enforcement Program, PO Box 1310 Newington, VA 22122
STOLEN VEHICLE OR REGISTRATION PLATE: The owner MUST provide a copy of the police report for the stolen vehicle or plates
detailing that the vehicle or tag was stolen prior to the violation to: Queen Anne's County, PO Box 1310 Newington, VA 22122.
REQUEST FOR ACCOMMODATION: Both the District Court and the Sheriff's Office will make any reasonable accommodations for
persons with disabilities. Requests should be directed to the appropriate agency prior to visiting the facility.
Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office at 410-758-0770 / District Court 410-819-4000. TTY - MD Relay: 711