Public Notices & Sheriff’s Sales

Sheriff's Sale

04/22/24 - Upcoming Sheriff Sale at 33F Queen Anne Way, Chester, MD, 21619

A Sheriff's Sale is a public auction at which property that has been repossessed is sold by court order to compensate unpaid creditors. The proceeds of the auction are used to pay mortgage lenders, banks, tax collectors, or other litigants who may be owed money from the property.

The auction for 33F Queen Anne Way, Chester, MD, 21619 will take place at the front entrance of the Circuit Court for Queen Anne's County, 200 N. Commerce St., Centreville, MD, 21617, on Friday, May 17th, 2024 at 09:00 a.m. For more information related to the property, payment, and terms of sale please click the pdf below.

33 F Queen Anne Way, Chester, MD - Sheriff Sale.

Official Public Notice

03/22/24  - Notice of Intent to Dispose of Abandoned and Stored Vehicles.

The vessel/ vehicle described below were towed from the Kent Narrows W. Park & Ride, Chester, Queen Anne's County, MD in January of 2024 and has been stored at Queen Anne's County Parks and Rec., Grasonville, MD. The owner and lien holders are herby informed of their right to reclaim the vessel/ vehicle upon payment of all charges and cost from towing, preservation, and storage of the vehicle.

The failure of the owners or lien holders to reclaim the vessel/ vehicle within thirty (30) days of the date of this notice shall be deemed waived by the owner or lien holder of all rights, titles, and interests; thereby consenting to the sale of the vessel/ vehicle at public auction or have it disposed of as provided by law.

For more information, contact the Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne's County Maryland at 410-758-0770.

Vessel/ Vehicle Information:

1997 Pro-Line 2950 (White), Hull ID#. PLCMK052K697, MD 5435 CH

2011 HMDE Utility Trailer (Silver), VIN# NOVIN0200915997