Deputy Sheriff

JOB OPENINGS: Currently accepting applications for Deputy positions. Deputies, upon hire, who are not certified and with two years of experience, start at $62,763 annually.  Maryland Certified Officers could begin with the rank of Deputy First Class and a starting salary of up to $69,248 annually.  (Salaries listed are effective July 1, 2023)

Benefits include: Maryland LEOPS Retirement Participant, personal patrol vehicle program, health insurance, paid leave, and all equipment and uniforms provided.

To apply online, visit: and search for 'Deputy.'  To mail an application, use the address on the application.

For questions, please contact Recruiting Deputy Chris Becker at 410-758-0770 x 1222 or

The Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Hiring Process

At the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff, we have our applicants go through a comprehensive series of tests and exams designed to narrow the field of applicants to advance those who are most qualified. There are two different processes for hiring a Deputy, one for a certified police officer and another for an uncertified police officer.

Certified Police Officer

If you are MPCTC Certified or equivalent for out-of-state officers, you are required to submit an application. Once the application is received, the Office of the Sheriff will schedule an interview with you.  To apply, visit and search for 'Deputy.'

Uncertified Police Officer

A basic application is required and prescreening questionnaire conveys an applicant’s interest and eligibility. Once an application is received, we will communicate with you on the next test date. All applications are good for one year and we are ALWAYS ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.  To apply, visit: and search for 'Deputy.'

Written Exam

The written exam is a standardized test used to assess general aptitude and does not require any knowledge specific to law enforcement.

The written exam tests an applicant’s reading comprehension, problem-solving/judgment skills, math, grammar, memory, and writing skills. At the conclusion of your test, you will be notified if you have received a passing score. If you have passed the test, you may be eligible to move to the next step in the process.  If you are not able to move on in the process, you may re-take the test in the next testing cycle, generally every six months. You must re-apply to be eligible for this.

Special Note:  No cell phones, Watches, beverages, papers, or electronic devices are allowed in the testing area. Once the written test has started NO ONE will be able to enter late. We do not reschedule test dates unless it is an emergency. We do not give out the ranking position, just a “pass” or “fail”.

Physical Agility Test

In an effort to assess a candidate’s physical ability, the Office of the Sheriff requires Deputy applicants to complete a physical agility test. The agility test is based on assessments that have been shown to have a high probability of determining job function readiness as it pertains to law enforcement duties. The tests are a percentage of what will be required for successful completion of the entrance-level academy. Successful completion of these tests will be one requirement of the hiring process.

Three assessments are required to be completed by the applicant

Bent-leg sit ups in one minute
Age Male                        Minimum to pass Female                   Minimum to pass
20-29 29 24
30-39 26 19
40-49 22 15
50+ 18 11
Pushups in one minute
20-29 22 11
30-39 18 8
40-49 14 7
50+ 10 7
1.5 mile run
20-29 16:04 19:17
30-39 17:00 19:57
40-49 18:06 21:13
50+ 19:17 22:24


Before an applicant will be allowed to participate in this assessment, he or she must complete a waiver to participate in physical agility testing.  This waiver must be signed by his or her physician and validates that the applicant is physically able to participate in the physical agility screening test without undue risk. It also advises the candidate that the Office of the Sheriff is not responsible or liable for any injuries an applicant may receive while participating in this assessment. You will know at the end of the test if you passed or failed.

Oral Interview Board

Oral interviews serve as a chance to discuss your qualifications and gauge your fit with the agency. During the oral interview, you will be evaluated on your general appearance and demeanor, communication skills, understanding of and interest in policing as a career, and response to questions and scenarios. After the oral interview, you will be ranked and your file kept open for one year. We will not proceed further until there are openings.

Background Investigation

A thorough background check will be conducted to ensure that you do not have any personal or professional issues that would preclude you joining our agency. Background investigators will review your employment history, character references, academic records, residency history, criminal history, credit history, and driving record.  A background investigation typically includes a fingerprint check and interviews with those who know you, including previous employers, school or military personnel, neighbors, and family members.

Drug Testing

Drug tests are routinely administered to check for the presence of illegal substances.


A polygraph will be administered, commonly known as a “lie detector test”, to verify information submitted throughout the application process.

Psychological Testing

Just as we want to ensure you are physically fit for the job, we also want to ensure that you are psychologically stable and mentally fit to handle the job. This evaluation is made through a written psychological exam and a follow-up with an interview by a psychologist.

Medical Exam

The physical exam will evaluate if you are medically fit to meet the physical requirements of the job. This is conducted by the department certified physician and paid for by the county, with no cost to the applicant.