Autism & Disabilities

Sheriff Gary Hofmann partnered with local organizations of Maryland. Our goal is to provide information to deputies responding to calls for service where a person with a disability may live or work.  Deputies have been provided information and training materials on working with an individual’s special needs.  A parent or care giver will be able to have an alert placed on their house or business, to notify responders that a special need may be present. The Department of Emergency Services who dispatches the call for service will let the deputy responding know the name of the special needs person and their information.  This will allow deputies personnel emergency responding to provide law enforcement services, while being aware of the special needs of an individual. “The level of service is important, however being able to communicate and understand the needs, will ensure a mutual relationship by the caller and law enforcement” added Sheriff Gary Hofmann.

The program was put into place on May 01, 2013 and forms will be available in our office, website or by mail at the request of the family.

**  The information is deleted from the system every 24 months from entry date, unless you submit an updated form.