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Sheriff Gary Hofmann is reporting that an arrest has been made on the July 27th burglary of Chesapeake Gun Shop in Stevensville where eight handguns were stolen.


Gary Alphonso Robinson (27) of Capital Heights, MD turned himself in at the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters accompanied by his attorney.


Crime Scene processing of the scene recovered a palm print on broken glass which then led them to a known print of Robinson’s from a prior burglary arrest.


The Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit with the assistance of Prince George’s County Police served a Search Warrant at Robinson’s residence in Capital Heights on the early morning hours of September 10th. Robinson was not at the location but the search resulted in the seizure of clothing and 9mm ammunition.


Robinson has been charged with : Burglary 2nd Degree / General, Con- Burglary 2nd Degree / General, Burglary 2nd Degree / Firearm, Con- Burglary 2nd Degree / Firearm, Burglary 3rd Degree, Con- Burglary 3rd Degree, Burglary 4th Degree-Store, Con- Burglary 4th Degree-Store, Burglary 4th Degree Theft, Con- Burglary 4th Degree Theft, Burglary 4th Degree / Permit Tool, Con- Burglary 4th Degree / Permit Tool, Theft $1000 to under $10,000, Con- Theft $1000 to under $10,000 and Reg Firearm Illegal Possession.


A District Court Commissioner held Robinson on $75,000.


At this time the stolen guns and Robinson’s accomplice has not been identified but the investigation is continuing according to Sheriff Hofmann.


DEPUTY:               Det. Steve Matthews / MSP Crime Lab / PGCoPD





INCIDENT: Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME: 07/27/2015 @ 0430 Hours

LOCATION: 208 Island Plaza Court, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS: Queen Anne’s Deputies responded to an alarm at Island Plaza Court in Stevensville, MD. First units arrived within minutes and discovered the front glass shattered with signs of obvious entry into the Chesapeake Gun Shop.


Video footage confirmed that a suspect was able to make entry into the store where eight guns valued at $7800 were taken from a display counter, placed into a bag and handed out to an unknown accomplice.


All of the stolen firearms were handguns including Sig-Sauer 9mm, a Colt Government .45, four Smith & Wesson revolvers ranging from .38 Special to a .44 magnum, and two Ruger .357 revolvers.


Persons with information about this crime are urged to contact Detective Steve Matthews of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit at (410) 758-0770 extension 1921. Tips can also be emailed to or private messaged to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Andrew Neall / Det. Steve Matthews


CASE:    15-22427