INCIDENT:          Motor Vehicle Accident/ Assault

DATE / TIME:     1/22/2018 @ 08:23AM

LOCATION:        Nichols Manor Drive Stevensville, MD 21666

VICTIM:              24 yo Female Stevensville, MD

SUSPECT:            Gregory Rogers, 57 yo Male from Stevensville, Md

DETAILS:   The victim advised deputies that she was involved in an accident, and afterwards the driver of the other vehicle pushed her.  She advised that while driving on Old Love Point Road she struck the rear bumper of an SUV driven by the Suspect.    Suspect advised he bumped into the Victim with his shoulder because he thought she was trying to flee the scene,  Victim  Clark was referred to the District Court Commissioner if she wished to file charges.

DEPUTY:  Dep. S. Dickey

CASE:  18-2116


INCIDENT:  Recovered Property

DATE / TIME:  1/22/2018 @ 1:31PM

LOCATION:  Rt. 213 @ Flat Iron Square Road Church Hill, MD

DETAILS:  On 1/22/2018 a citizen dropped off two historic vehicle tags that he located on the side of the road in the area of Rt. 213 and Flat Iron Square Road Church Hill, MD.  The tags were from the early 80’s.  Due to the age of them, the owner could not be located and they will be returned to the Motor Vehicle Administration.

DEPUTY:  Sgt. Troy Lowery

CASE: 18-2170


INCIDENT:  2nd Degree Burglary

DATE / TIME:  1/22/2018 @ 2:23PM

LOCATION:  1720 Bridgetown Road Henderson, MD

VICTIM: Eastern Shore Sand & Gravel

DETAILS:   It was reported that between 1/22/2018 and 1/23/2018 someone had broken into one of the storage trailers located at the Sand & Gravel Pit, causing approximately $500.00 in damages.  Nothing has been reported stolen as of now, but an inventory will have to be taken.

.DEPUTY:  Dfc. A. Cooper

CASE:  18-2179


INCIDENT:  2ND Degree Burglary

DATE / TIME:  1/23/2018 @ 9:22AM

LOCATION:  Camp Wright @ 400 Camp Wright Lane Stevensville, MD

VICTIM:  Camp Wright

DETAILS:   Deputies responded to Camp Wright for a reported burglary.  Upon arrival deputies were advised by staff that unknown suspect(s) entered one of the offices and discharged a fire extinguisher inside the building.  There were also several vehicles that were moved on the property.  Damages were estimated at approximately $100.00

DEPUTY:  M. Barlow

CASE:  18-2268


INCIDENT:   Traffic Stop / CDS Violation

DATE / TIME:  01/24/18 @ 11:47 AM

LOCATION:   Route 18 near Route 50 Overpass, Chester, MD

CIVIL CITATION:  Reece Keenan Edwards (24 yr. old white male from Centreville, MD)

DETAILS:    Deputy Bush conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle (2014 Toyota Yaris, bearing MD tag 2DE2255) whose driver was known to be suspended.  During the stop, an MSP K9 Trooper arrived and conducted a K9 scan of the vehicle.  Due to a positive alert, a search was conducted of the vehicle.  During a pat down of the driver, it was discovered he was concealing an item on his person.  The driver advised that it was a “bowl” (glass smoking device).  The item was retrieved and turned over to deputies.  Subsequently, the driver received a traffic citation for driving on a suspended license, as well as a civil citation for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams.  Driver was released from the scene.

DEPUTY:   Deputy D. Bush

CASE:    18-2405