QA Press Release 10/17


INCIDENT:     Recovered Property

DATE / TIME:     10/15/17 @ 01:48 PM

LOCATION:     Area of Route 8 and Wicomico Road, Stevensville, MD.

COMPLAINANT:     (50 yr. old white female from Stevensville, MD)

DETAILS:     Complainant advised that she observed a used syringe in the area of Route 8 near Wicomico Road several days ago.  Deputy Pack responded to the scene and took custody of the syringe.  Deputy Pack disposed of the syringe appropriately.

DEPUTY:     Deputy L. Pack

CASE:     17-30912


INCIDENT:     Malicious Destruction of Property

DATE / TIME:     10/15/17 @ 02:54 PM

LOCATION:     1600 Block of Bayside Drive, Chester, MD

VICTIM:     (55 yr. old white male from Chester, MD)

DETAILS:     Complainant advised he had just recently replaced his mailbox from other damage a few days prior and now his mailbox was damaged again.  Deputy Piasecki observed that the post appeared to have been dislodged from the ground and the mailbox itself was missing.  The estimated cost is approximately $100.  The investigation is ongoing.

DEPUTY:     Deputy M. Piasecki

CASE:     17-30913