QA Press Release 10/2


INCIDENT: Burglary/Theft over $1,000
DATE / TIME: 8/13/17 at 1:30PM
LOCATION: 500 blk Aspen Dr., Queenstown
DETAILS: QASCO units responded for a burglary and theft over $1,000 complaint. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim, Pamela Black. She advised that just over $1,000 worth of various types of lawn ornaments and lawn decorations had been taken sometime between 8/6/17 and 8/12/17. Some of the stolen items had been located in the yard, as well as inside of a screened porch and inside of a detached garage area. The investigation is ongoing and anyone with info, contact the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff.
DEPUTY: Cpl. VanSant
CASE: 17-24008
UPDATE: This case was assigned to 1/Sgt. Morris Jones, Jr. of the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Of-fice Criminal Investigations Unit for further investigation. 1/Sgt. Jones was able to identify a possible suspect that had been subcontracted by the groundskeeper to perform yard maintenance at the victim’s residence. Further investigation was able to determine that the stolen property had been sold to a local business (Exposed Treasures) in Chester, MD. Exposed Treasures was then identified as an additional victim due to purchasing property that the suspect did not inform them was stolen. 1/Sgt. Jones applied for and received an arrest warrant for the following individual:
Ronnie Kevin Johns, Jr. of Henderson, MD
Johns currently has an active arrest warrant charging him with the following offenses:
1. First degree burglary
2. Second degree burglary
3. Third degree burglary
4. Fourth degree burglary (2 counts)
5. Conspiracy to commit first degree burglary
6. Conspiracy to commit second degree burglary
7. Conspiracy to commit third degree burglary
8. Conspiracy to commit fourth degree burglary (2 counts)
9. Conspiracy to commit theft $1,000 to $10,000 value
10. Theft $1,000 to $10,000 value
11. Theft less than $1,000 value (victim is Exposed Treasures)
Service of the arrest warrant is pending
INCIDENT: Recovered Property
DATE / TIME: 09/27/2017 @ 1303hrs.
LOCATION: Dulin Clark Road Centreville, MD 21617
DETAILS: A resident of Dulin Clark Road located a silver IPAD in a white and black case with a keyboard on the side of the road in the 500 block of Dulin Clark Road Centreville, MD. It was located on 9/17/2017 and turned into the Sheriff’s Office on 9/27/2017. If you think it is yours, contact the evidence manager at 410-758-0770 ext. 1219 and provide the 4 digit passcode.
DEPUTY: Sgt. Troy Lowery
CASE: 17-29066
INCIDENT: MDOP under $1,000.
DATE / TIME: 9/29/17 at 5:31PM
LOCATION: 400 blk Grasonville Cemetery Rd., Grasonville, Md. 21638
DETAILS: QACSO units responded for the vandalism to a vehicle, a 2000 Dodge truck, black in color, owned by a 54 year old male. The rear window was broken out sometime between 9/27/17 at 11:13PM and 9/28/17 at 5:31PM, by unknown suspect(s). The window was valued at $300. Any with info contact QACSO
DEPUTY: Deputy Matteson
CASE: 17-29209
DATE / TIME: 9/30/17 at 1856 hrs
LOCATION: Food Lion (300 Thompson Creek Dr) in Stevensville
SUSPECT: African American, Male, thin build, with shoulder length dreadlocks
DETAILS: Deputies were dispatched to a report of three counterfeit $100 dollar bills being passed at the Food Lion grocery store in Stevensville. Upon arrival, contact was made with the employees. They reported that the suspect came into the store alone and purchased two $100 dollar gift cards and a birthday cake. The total was $215 dollars. The suspect then passed three counterfeit $100 dollar bills to the cashier. The suspect then left the store. It is unknown what type of vehicle he was operating. The store advised that the counterfeit pen did not detect that the bill was fraudulent. It was later found to be fraudulent when a manager caught it while counting the money in the till. After passing the bills, the suspect was able to obtain a total of $215 dollars’ worth of merchandise and $85 dollars in cash.
Employees at Food Lion related they were not authorized to provide law enforcement with a copy of the video, nor take a still photo of the suspect in the surveillance video. A request was then made through their loss prevention department. Dep Bush was however allowed to view the video while he was on scene. He confirmed that it was the same suspect that passed counterfeit money at the Queenstown Outlet on 9/26/17 (Case #17-28968). This investigation is ongoing.
DEPUTY: Dep Bush #0190
CASE: 17-29423
INCIDENT: Civil Citation (Possession of Marijuana: Less than 10g)
DATE / TIME: 9/30/17 at 0054 hrs
LOCATION: Rt 50 East at Dundee Ave in Chester
DEFENDANT: Meade, Sarah B., 22 YOA from Annapolis
DETAILS: Deputies conducted a traffic stop on a gray 2000 Jeep Cherokee bearing a Maryland tag number of 5DA7316 for speeding. Dep Pack identified the above defendant as the driver to the vehicle. During his investigation it was revealed that the vehicle contained suspected marijuana. The suspected marijuana was seized and a civil citation was issued to the defendant.
DEPUTY: Dep Pack #0183
CASE: 17-29369
INCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Accident
DATE / TIME: 9/29/17 / 1649 hours
LOCATION: Clannihan Shop Road @ Granny Branch Road, Church Hill, Md
DETAILS: At approximately 1649 hrs, Deputies responded to the area of Granny Branch Rd and Clannihan Shop Rd for a report of a MVA involving two vehicles. Vehicle 1 was a 2015 Dodge Durango that collided with Vehicle 2 a 2016 Nissan Titan at the intersection head on. Vehicle 1 Driver was transported by the Maryland State Police Helicopter to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for a Head injury. Vehicle 2 occupants were taken by Queen Anne’s County Emergency Services Ambulance to the Queen Anne’ Emergency Center in Grasonville for non-life threatening injuries. Investigation is continuing into the cause of the collision.
Vehicle 1 Operator Brittany Gichini 33 of Church Hill, Md
Vebicle 2 Operator: Harrison Gichini, 38, Church Hill, Md
Passengers Vehicle 2: 4 year old male and 7 year old male of Church Hill, Md
Investigating Deputy: Primary – Dep Jordan Jarrett
CASE: 17-29321
INCIDENT: Burglary
DATE / TIME: 09/30/17 / 0955 hours
LOCATION: Shoals Road area of Crumpton, Md
DETAILS: At approximately 0955 hrs, Deputies responded to the area of Shoals Road in Crumpton for the report of a Burglary. Victim 82 year old female reported that someone came into her residence and stole her tote bag which contained various items totaling a value of $ 2,973. Investigation is on going.
Investigating Deputy: Primary – Dfc. Andrew Neall
CASE: 17-29393
DATE / TIME: 10/01/17 / 1245 hours
LOCATION: Annapolis Yacht Sales Stevensville, Md
DETAILS: At approximately 1245 hrs, Deputies responded to the Annapolis Yacht Sales in Stevensville for a reported Theft. Management there reported that a GPS Unit was stolen from one of the boats valued at $ 800. The investigation is continuing.
Investigating Deputy: Primary – Dep. Sackrider
CASE: 17-29486