QA Press Release 10/31





INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      10/26/2012 @ 1300 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Main Street, Stevensville

VICTIM:               James E. Smith of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that while at the Shore Stop he paid for his items and started to leave. Realizing he had dropped a one hundred dollar bill while paying, he turned around and saw another customer bending over picking up something. When Smith asked the male if he had picked up the bill, the man denied having it and left with another male in a Toyota Rav 4. Video confirmed the man did bend over in a manner to pick up something but what could not be determined. Dfc. Rickard responded and was able to ID the owner of the vehicle and subsequently was able to ID the man who continued to deny having the bill.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                    12-30728


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      10/26/2012 @ 1811 (Reported)

LOCATION:         Old Love Point Park, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Male (14) of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Incident reported by the victim’s mother who stated her son had been in an altercation at the Old Love Point Park earlier in the day with another male. According to the mother, the son was “hanging” out with a group when a male grabbed his iPod and started to walk away. A physical altercation then occurred with the victim suffering a broken nose. The suspect dropped the iPod during the altercation by brandished a small pocket knife. At that point both parties left the area. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                    12-30406


INCIDENT:           Suspicious Activity / Warrant Service

DATE / TIME:      10/27/2012 @ 0010 Hours

LOCATION:         Thompson Creek Boat Ramp, Stevensville


ARREST:               Christopher Glen McLaughlin (20) of Chester

CHARGE:              Violation of Probation (Traffic)


NARRATIVE:        Deputy Armington was checking the area and saw a black Chevrolet Tahoe parked in the lot with five subjects inside. As he approached the vehicle, one of the occupants placed what later was identified as a bong behind the seat. The occupants advised they were smoking synthetic marijuana commonly known as “Spice”. When the occupants were run thru computer systems, it was learned that one of the subjects was wanted in QA for violation of probation. Christopher McLaughlin was taken into custody, served the warrant and processed at Sheriff’s Headquarters. The Bench Warrant indicated he be held without bail and was transported to the Detention Center.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                    12-30433


INCIDENT:           Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      10/27/2012 @ 0732 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Port Court, Grasonville, MD

VICTIM:               Kenneth Gray of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported the theft of items from his Ford crew cab truck. The last time the victim recalls seeing the items was when he parked at a restaurant in Eaton, the night before. Missing items include a Smith & Wesson BG 380 handgun with two magazines, a Tenpoint Crossbow, quiver and bolts, a laptop computer with multiple memory cards, a briefcase, microphone camera, and a Canon camera with additional lenses. The total value of the missing items was placed at $10,600. Investigation remains open with Sheriff’s CIU.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE:                    12-30451


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      10/27/2012 @ 1055 Hours

LOCATION:         Kent Town Market, Chester

VICTIM:               Sydney B. Miller of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported as she was coming out of the Safeway, she saw a white female unloading groceries  into a dark blue/gray Toyota 4 door sedan. The victim stated that when finished, she appeared to be angry or frustrated and pushed her empty grocery cart into the right rear of the victim’s BMW. Victim advises she attempted to flag the woman down, but she continued to leave the area. Damage was estimated at $700.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                    12-30468


INCIDENT:           DWI Arrest

DATE / TIME:      10/28/2012 @ 0249 Hours

LOCATION:         Main Street near Piney Creek, Chester


ARREST:               Rhonda Evon Seymore (43) of Brooklyn Park, MD

CHARGE:              DWI


NARRATIVE:        A red BMW was stopped for a speeding and other violations by Deputy Armington. When contact was made with the driver, she advised she didn’t have a license as it had expired. Because of the odor of alcohol, the driver’s speech and other indicators, field sobriety tasks were requested and as a result the driver, Rhonda E. Seymore was placed under arrest for DWI. She was later released to family members.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington              

CASE:                    12-30545


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      10/28/2012 @ 1338 Hours

LOCATION:         2600 Block of Cecil Drive, Chester

VICTIM:               Juvenile (17) of Chester

ARREST:               Peter Ross Teneyck (51) of Chester

CHARGE:              Assault


NARRATIVE:        Units responded to the residence for a reported assault. On arrival  Deputies observed two individuals in the driveway arguing. Both subjects were separated and interviewed. Both subjects made accusations about the assault and deputies were able to confirm Mr. Teneyck had pushed a family member leaving visible injuries on the victim’s chest and lower back. Peter Teneyck was placed under arrest, charged with assault and processed at the Sheriff’s Headquarters. A district Court Commissioner held Peter Teneyck on a $30,000 bail.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Whitney Elliott

ASSIST:                 Cpl. J. Brockman, MSP

CASE:                    12-30569


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      10/29/2012 @ 1509 Hours

LOCATION:         Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM:               Male (51) of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Deputies called to a residence reference to an intoxicated male making comments about drilling his head with an electric drill. Subject agreed to go voluntarily to Easton Hospital for assistance.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Aaron Wilson

CASE:                    12-30625


INCIDENT:           Theft from Vehicles

DATE / TIME:      10/31/2012 @ 0607 Hours

LOCATION:         Norwood Drive, Sudlersville

VICTIM:               Brandon K. Beville of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE:        Several members of the Beville family in Sudlersville found their vehicle doors open this morning and that someone had gone thru them. A Chrysler van, a Dodge Van, a Mustang and a F-150 Ford Pickup had all been Plundered thru. Nothing was taken from the first three vehicles, however in the truck, a Camo Mossberg 835 Pump Shotgun with a Bushnell scope was missing. The shotgun was valued at $900.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chad Hartmetz

ASSIST:                 Dfc. J. Rickard – Detective J.Gardner

CASE:                    12-30728



Caution to Hunters – We have begun to experience thefts from vehicles targeting vehicles of hunters such as pickups or possibly vehicles seen at the edge of a field or woods. Sheriff Hofmann is requesting that hunters do not leave your firearms in the vehicle overnight after hunting. Please take an extra minute to take your gun(s) in the house and to properly secure them.