QA Press Release 10/31



INCIDENT:         Violation of Protective Order

DATE / TIME:    10/27/2011 @ 0915 Hours

LOCATION:       500 Block ofLove Point Road,

VICTIM:             Dianna K. Lyerly of Stevensville

ARREST:          Richard Arlon Lyerly Jr. (47)


NARRATIVE:     Victim called and reported that there was a temporary Protection Order served on October 21st  to her husband and he was now at the house. Mr. Lyerly was located at the residence and taken into custody.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Amanda Watts

CASE:              11-35533





DATE / TIME:    10/28/2011 @ 1130 Hours

LOCATION:       300 Block of Ford’s Landing,Millington   

VICTIM:             Joan Berwick ofMillington


NARRATIVE:     It was reported to the Sheriff’s Office that while on vacation someone had taken their black Toshiba A-105 Laptop computer from it’s charging location in the house. The computer had family documents on the hard drive, valued at $1500 and can be easily identified by a green frog sticker on the cover.


No forced entry was found and it’s suspected a family member or acquaintances of the family member took the computer.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE:              11-35668



INCIDENT:         Theft

DATE / TIME:    10/28/2011 @ 1111 Hours

LOCATION:       200 Kent Landing, Stevensville

VICTIM:             K-Mart

ARREST:          Pending


NARRATIVE:     K-Mart security notified the Sheriff’s Office that two females had been stopped outside of the store with $263.00 of unpaid DVDs and other merchandise. Security had detained the women, a female (23) from Worton and a female (19) from Grasonville until a Sheriff’s Deputy arrived. Store Security officer advised she would file charges and asked for the two to be escorted from the store and to advise them not to return.


DEPUTY:          Deputy William Schleping

ASSIST:            Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:              11-35676



INCIDENT:         Burglary

DATE / TIME:    10/28/2011 @ 1820 Hours

LOCATION:       100 Block ofWilton Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:             George Hodgson of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported that he noticed someone had entered his basement. A check of the residence resulted in the discovery that jewelry was missing. Items missing were a Littman Jewelers 10K white gold necklace with an aqua marine stone and a pair of 10K white gold aqua marine earrings. Value of the jewelry was estimated at $300.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE:              11-35714



INCIDENT:         Burglary

DATE / TIME:    10/28/2011 @ 1930 Hours

LOCATION:      Bridgepointe Drive,Chester

VICTIM:             William Tankersley ofChester

NARRATIVE:     Victim reported someone had entered his residence and stolen his black Dell laptop, a mobile scanner, $420 dollars, and prescription medicine. The victim narrowed the time of occurrence to 5:30 PM to 7 PM on October 25th. Items were valued at $870.00


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Steve Gore

CASE:              11-35717


 INCIDENT:        Theft

DATE / TIME:    10/28/2011 @ 2017 Hours

LOCATION:       100 Block ofLaird Benton Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:             Brenda Turowski of Stevensville              

NARRATIVE:     Victim advised an unknown person had accessed her credit card information and had made three purchases from companies inCalifornia,New Yorkand an online florist.

The charges amounted to over $270.00


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Steve Gore

CASE:              11-35724



INCIDENT:         Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:    10/30/2011 @ 0245 Hours

LOCATION:       400 Block ofEll Morris Road,Henderson

VICTIM:             Mark A. Eck ofHenderson

NARRATIVE:     Victim reported unknown person(s) had gone thru his parked vehicles. Victim stated nothing appeared to be missing despite seven vehicles parked there. While checking the neighborhood, deputies located several vehicles onRobert Station Roadwith the interior lights on and doors open. The owner of the cars was notified and checked his cars finding nothing missing.


The following morning an additional call was received of vehicles being entered onSaint Paul Road, Ingleside,


DEPUTY:          Deputy Charles Harris   

ASSIST:            Dfc. Jason Rickard & Dfc. Zach House

CASE:              11-35863



INCIDENT:         Burglary

DATE / TIME:    10/30/2011 @ 0807 Hours

LOCATION:      54 Matthews Drive, Crumpton

VICTIM:            Michael P. Lane(36) of Crumpton


NARRATIVE:     Victim reported that at 0730 his wife had discovered several items missing from their shed.Mr. Lanestated he was in the shed until about midnight and upon leaving, left the door unlocked. Missing was a HP desk top computer and tower drive, a printer, an iPod Classic, several power tools, two small tool boxes with hand tools and a set of jumper cables. Items were valued at $2750.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Zack House

CASE:              11-35872



INCIDENT:         Theft

DATE / TIME:    10/30/2011 @ 1119 Hours

LOCATION:       1900 Block ofChurch Hill Lane,Chester

VICTIM:             Misty H. Lavasseur ofChester

NARRATIVE:     Victim advised someone had entered her unlocked 2004 Mitsubishi parked in the driveway and taken $100 from her wallet that was left in the car. Nothing else was taken. Later in the day a second call from the area was received. Megan H. McCaffery reported finding her 2009 Chevrolet Suburban with items scattered about inside the vehicle. $100 was missing from her purse along with her driver’s license. This vehicle was reported to have been left unlocked also.


DEPUTY:          Deputy William Schleping

ASSIST:            Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:              11-35886


************************************************************************************************************************INCIDENT:         MDOP

DATE / TIME:    10/30/2011 @ 1120 Hours

LOCATION:       700 Block ofDulin Clark Road, Centreville

VICTIM:             David Lecorne of Centreville

NARRATIVE:     Victim reported that his mailbox appeared to have been struck by a moving vehicle. The mailbox and post had been up-rooted. Also found near the mailbox was a housing for a front fog light of a Range Rover.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Jason Richard

CASE:              11-35887



INCIDENT:         Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:    10/30/2011 @ 2135 Hours

LOCATION:      Harbor Drive,Chester

VICTIM:             Male (64) ofChester

NARRATIVE:     Several deputies responded to the residence reference a male subject wanting to harm himself. Subject admitted being depressed and while talking with deputies grabbed a bottle of liquid prescription medicine and swallowed the contents. EMS was called and then transported by ambulance to theAnneArundelMedicalCenterfor treatment.


DEPUTY:          Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE:              11-35948