INCIDENT:       Controlled Dangerous Substance Possession of Heroin

Driving Under the Influence of a Controlled Dangerous Substance

DATE / TIME:             12/15/2017  @  1440 hours

LOCATION:     441 Outlet Center Dr Queenstown MD

ARREST:         Andrew Edward Johnson. W/M, Riverdale MD 21638

DETAILS:  On 12-15-2017 at approximately 1420 hours, Deputies were dispatched to the Outlets for a possible intoxicated driver. Security Officers at the Outlets stated a silver Toyota pickup truck was driving over curbs and running into things. Deputies were advised that the truck was finally parked by the water tower near 441 Outlet center drive. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with the driver who they identified as Andrew Edward Johnson. While talking with Johnson Deputies developed probable cause that he was under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.  Deputies observed a syringe sitting on the center console. Johnson was asked to step from the vehicle and a K-9 scan was conducted on the vehicle with a positive alert. A search of the vehicle was conducted and numerous syringes were located along with a bag that contained approximately 30 bags of suspected Heroin. Johnson was placed under arrest for the CDS and charged for driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.  Johnson was taken before the District Court Commissioner where he was held at the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center on $ 3,000 bond.

.DEPUTY: CPL.Martz and K-9 Spike

CASE:  17-37250


INCIDENT:      Theft

DATE / TIME:  12-15-2017  @ 1519 Hours

LOCATION:     Sonny Shulz BLVD Stevensville MD 21666

VICTIM:          Miltec International LLC

DETAILS:  On 12-15-2017 at approximately 1519 hours deputies responded to Miltec International on Sonny Shulz Blvd for a past theft. Deputies contacted the complainant Thomas Peter who stated he is employed by Miltec International LLC and is responsible for checking on the property weekly due to problems in the past. Peter advised when he arrived today he noticed that the silver cattle style gate that blocks the road onto their property was missing. Peter stated he last saw the gate on Friday December the 8 2017. The gate was valued at approximately $250.   Anyone with information please contact the Office of the Sheriff by email


CASE:  17-37255


INCIDENT:      Burglary

DATE / TIME :              12-17-17 @ 1421 hours

LOCATION:      Station Lane Grasonville MD.

VICTIM:          66yo of Grasonville, Md

DETAILS:        On 12-17-2017 at approximately 1421 hours, Deputies responded to Station Ln in Grasonville MD for a reported burglary. Deputies arrived on scene and met with the Subjects on scene who stated that the residence was broken into by an unknown subject. The family checked the residence and nothing appeared to be taken from the residence.  Minor damage reported valued under $100. Anyone with information please contact the Office of the Sheriff at email address

DEPUTY:  DFC. Cooper

CASE: 17-37397


INCIDENT:         Marijuana less than 10g

DATE / TIME:   12/16/2017 approximately 2126 hours

LOCATION:       Rt 18 @ Castle Marina Rd, Chester MD


SUSPECT:            Lee Michael Lindeman, 20yo male of Stevensville



DETAILS:             Deputies completed a traffic stop in the area of Rt. 18@ Castle Marina Rd in reference to an equipment violation. Upon approaching the vehicle, deputies identified the driver as Lee M. Lindeman. While speaking with Lindeman, Deputies immediately smelled the odor of burnt Marijuana coming from the vehicle. Deputy Carnaggio asked Lindeman if there was Marijuana in the car at which time Lindeman ultimately admitted to being in possession of Marijuana. Lindeman consented to a vehicle search which resulted in the seizure of grinder, and a metal can with a greenish/brown vegetable like matter. Deputy Carnaggio identified the greenish/brown vegetable like matter to be Marijuana.


Lindeman was issued a uniform Civil Citation for the Marijuana less than 10g and a warning for the equipment violation.



DEPUTY:            Dep. Carnaggio

CASE:         17-37352