QA Press Release 12/20





INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      12/17/2012 @ 1150 Hours

LOCATION:         Duhamel Corner Road / Barclay Road, Marydel

VICTIM:               Edward T. Robinson of Marydel, MD

ARREST:               PENDING

CHARGE:              MDOP


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported finding that someone had driven in his field damaging his winter wheat crops. Damages were estimated at about $1000. While talking to the victim, Deputy Armington saw a pickup with Florida tags driving by with a large amount of mud on it. The vehicle was located a short distance away, only it no longer had the Florida tags. The driver admitted that the tags were not any good but denied having any involvement with the damage to the crops. Further interview of the driver result in his admission to driving in the field. Charges are pending.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                    12-35423


INCIDENT:           Assault 

DATE / TIME:      12/17/2012 @ 2308 Hours

LOCATION:         Abruzzi Drive, Chester, MD

VICTIM:               Winfred Blake of Ocean City, MD


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported traveling with a friend and his girlfriend from Ocean City to Sykesville to purchase a transmission. On the way back, the friend and his girlfriend began to argue. When the victim intervened the male friend assaulted him by striking him several times in the face. At some point, the female also assisted in assaulting the victim. The victim was then dropped off on the side of RT 301 and the two suspects left. Victim had a bloody right eye but refused medical treatment and could not decide if he wanted them charged or not. Arrangements were made to have another friend to pick the victim up. Alcohol may have been involved in this incident.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE:                    12-35485


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      12/18/2012 @ 0818 Hours

LOCATION:         800 Block of Chester River Drive, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Toni A. Mosscrop of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that sometime between midnight and 0715 Hours on 12/18 her 2003 Hyundai was broken into by smashing a window. Nothing was reported being taken and damage was estimated at $800.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. Chris Green

CASE:                    12-35528


INCIDENT:           Violation of School Policy

DATE / TIME:      12/18/2012 @ 0929 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Kent Island Elementary School, Stevensville

SUSPECT:             Child age (6) of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:        The Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the school principle, Lawrence Dunn who stated that a school bus driver had reported picking up several students at a stop and one child had given him six bullets as the child got on the bus.


Investigation of the incident resulted in the search of the child, book bag and the classroom areas which resulted in no additional rounds being found. Interview of the child revealed that while visiting a relative over the weekend, the ammunition was found in a dish or basket at the residence. The bus driver was given the bullets by the child so he could go hunting. The child denied wanting to hurt anyone.


Interviews were also completed with a parent who indicated there were no weapons at home. In addition, the relative where the child had visited reported that there are firearms at that residence but are locked and secure.


Due to the child’s age, no criminal charges could be placed. School officials advised that the child would be suspended.


DEPUTY:              Sgt. Morris “Sonny” Jones

CASE:                    12-35542