QA Press Release 12/30





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:                 Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:            12/13/2013 @ 1326 Hours

LOCATION:               100 Court House Square, Centreville


ARREST:   Pending


NARRATIVE:              21 Year old Female from Stevensville was attending Circuit Court and appeared to be under the influence of something. When her case was called, the Judge ordered her to be held. The woman was taken to a holding cell and was asked if she was in possession of any type of contraband. The woman removed a clear plastic baggie with suspected heroin from her brassiere area. Charges are pending results from the lab.


DEPUTY:  Dep. William Schepleng

CASE:                          13-37710


INCIDENT:                 Trespass / Rogue & Vagabond

DATE / TIME:            12/13/2013 @ 1947 Hours

LOCATION:               441 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:   Prime Outlets / Peggy Vance of Ridgely

ARREST:   Warren Roger Stapleton (43) of LaPlata, MD

CHARGE:  MDOP / Rogue & Vagabond / Trespass


NARRATIVE:              Deputies were called to the Outlets for a trespassing complaint. On arrival they located a white male seated in a silver Nissan with NY registration. He was identified as Warren Roger Stapleton by a Maryland ID. Security at the Outlets advised he had been removed from the parking area the previous day as well as earlier on the 13th but had returned both times. Security had also witnessed Stapleton trying doors on other vehicles and saw him in a black Nissan later found to belong to Ms. Peggy Vance.


A check of the car revealed that the glove compartment had been pulled from the dash and left in the rear seat. The owner stated the car was not in that condition when she left it and nothing appeared to be missing.


Stapleton was placed under arrest and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Stapleton was also charged with traffic citations for possessing a suspended driver’s license, violation of a license restriction and driving a vehicle without an interlock device as required At his initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner he was held on $5000 and detained at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:  Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                          13-37749


INCIDENT:                 Underage Alcohol Violations

DATE / TIME:            12/13/2013 @ 2043 Hours

LOCATION:               Kent Towne Market, Chester


CITATION:                 Taylor Peyton Stanley (18) of Queenstown

Gemma Christine Peterson (18) of Chester

Glenn Aaron Dalziel Jr. (22) of Chestertown

CHARGE:  See Narrative


NARRATIVE:              An off duty Deputy observed two vehicles stop in the shopping center and the male driver of the 1st car exited and spoke with the occupants of a second car. The male then went into a nearby liquor store and returned carrying a carton of beer which he placed into the trunk of the second car covering the beer with a sheet. The two cars then left the shopping center.


The second car was stopped on Postal Road and occupants were checked for their age and both found to be 18 years of age. Sgt. Sonny Jones and Cpl. Jeremy Davidson were working underage alcohol enforcement at a nearby shopping center and responded. A 18 pack of beer and a bottle of Southern Comfort was located in the truck. Further investigation revealed that a friends boyfriend had purchased the alcohol for them. Both females were issued civil citations for possession, the alcohol seized and released.


Jones and Davidson then went to the home of the friend and made contact with her parents who called her and had her and the male return home. Glenn Dalziel Jr. admitted to purchasing the alcohol and knew they were underage. He was issued a civil citation for providing alcoholic beverages to underage persons.


DEPUTY:  Sgt. Morris “Sonny” Jones

ASSIST:                       Cpl. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                          13-37751


INCIDENT:                 Burglary

DATE / TIME:            12/14/2013 @ 0709 Hours

LOCATION:               Green House Lane / Anthony Road / Rivershore Road, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:   Benjamin Herr / Don Mench / Gerald Waterson / John Wagner all of Chestertown (QA)


NARRATIVE:              Mr. Herr reported someone during the night had rummaged in his vehicle but nothing appeared to be missing. Mr. Mench reported someone had entered a storage shed and left the doors open with nothing appearing to be missing. Both Mr. Waterson and Mr. Wagner reported finding their screen doors were found open with nothing missing.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Jennifer Aaron

CASE:                          13-37795


INCIDENT:                 Underage Alcohol Offense

DATE / TIME:            12/14/2013 @ 2335 Hours

LOCATION:               100 Dominion Road, Chester


CITATION:                 Heather Michele Shores (24) of Grasonville

Male (16) from Stevensville

Male (16) from Stevensville

Male (17) from Stevensville

Male (16) from Stevensville


CHARGE:  Underage Alcohol Violations


NARRATIVE:              Sheriff’s Office deputies working underage alcohol enforcement observed Ms. Shores enter the Exxon Station on Dominion Road and exit a few minutes later with a 30 pack of Beer which she placed in her vehicle. She then went next door and stopped next to a SUV and make contact with the occupants. While the deputies were watching, the beer was transferred to the SUV. At that time contact was made with the occupants in both vehicles.


The four occupants in the SUV were identified as juvenile males all from Stevensville. They advised that Ms. Shores had offered to purchase the beer. All four were issued civil citations and released at the scene to parents.


Ms. Shores was issued a civil citation for providing alcoholic beverages to minors and then release at the scene on her signature.


DEPUTY:  Sgt. Morris “Sonny” Jones

ASSIST:                       Dep. K. Parks & Dep. J. Timms

CASE:                          13-37900


INCIDENT:                 Found Property

DATE / TIME:            12/15/2013 @ 1711

LOCATION:               Round Top Road, Chester Harbor, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:   Unknown


NARRATIVE:              Citizen reported that she had found a set of keys while walking in the area. One of the keys was a Pontiac key with a remote. The owner can claim the keys by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or emailing and providing a description of the remaining keys.


DEPUTY:  Dep. Jennifer Aaron

CASE:                          13-37990


INCIDENT:                 MDOP

DATE / TIME:            12/16/2013 @ 1317 Hours

LOCATION:               Church Meadow Court, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:   Terri Lynn Kulp of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported finding her 2006 Volkswagen with derogatory words written in Cheese spray and the windows smeared with chocolate syrup. Additional cheese and chocolate syrup was also on the bumper, trunk and door panels. No permanent damage occurred as the car was washed off.


DEPUTY:  Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE:                          13-38081


INCIDENT:                 Theft / MDOP

DATE / TIME:            12/16/2013 @ 1423 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:               1200 Block of Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville

VICTIM:   Premier Asset Services of Dover DE


NARRATIVE:              A person checking the foreclosed house discovered two air conditioning units had been damaged. When checked by a heating & cooling company, it was found that all the copper tubing in and around the units had been cut and missing. Damages were estimated to be over $5000.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE:                          13-38087


INCIDENT:                 Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:            12/17/2013 @ 1358 Hours

LOCATION:               Chester Harbor Development, Chestertown, (QA)

VICTIM:   Male (29) Chestertown


NARRATIVE:              Subject was reported to be upset and thinking about harming himself. He was located and transported to Chester River Health for assistance.


DEPUTY:  Dep. Jeremy Gardner

CASE:                          13-38184


INCIDENT:                 Burglary

DATE / TIME:            12/18/2013 @ 1158 Hours

LOCATION:               Concord Road, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:   Ashly Fox of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:              Victim arrived home and upon entering the residence saw several items out of place, exited and called the police. Responding units checked the home and did not locate anyone. Victim checked the residence and did not find anything missing, only items moved.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST:                       Chestertown Police Department

CASE:                          13-38270