QA Press Release 1/31





INCIDENT:           Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:      01/01/2016 @ 0102 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of Love Point Road, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Deputies were called to the location for a 911 call from a female reporting she had been assaulted. On arrival a male subject was walking backwards towards them with his hands behind his back saying “I did it”.


Interviews of the two reported the male had left the apartment after an argument and went out to nearby establishment for New Years. Upon returning the door was locked and he then broke the window out to gain access. The female also stated he had knocked things over and punched her in the mouth. The female did have minor injuries to her face.


Based on observations, Christopher Paul Stauffer (33) was the first person arrested in QA for 2016. He was charged with assault and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Stauffer was held on a $5000 bond until posting.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Doug Prince

CASE:                    16-00010


INCIDENT:           Theft / Warrant Service

DATE / TIME       01/03/2016 @ 1232 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Main Street, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Deputies responded to the Shore Stop for a drunk & disorderly male in the store. On arrival the subject had left but the clerk advised the subject had stolen a $2 lighter. He was last seen walking towards the store across the street. Deputies checked the store and learned that the man had been living in a tent in the nearby woods. The campsite was located but the suspect was not there, however by the amount of trash it appeared that the suspect had been living there for an extended period of time.


While at the campsite, a Maryland ID card was located with the name of Wayne Frederick Hohman. The card was viewed by the clerk who stated that was the man.


Charges were requested and early morning on Wednesday the 6th, several deputies went in the woods and took Hohman into custody. The warrant for theft & littering along with two additional warrants for FTA of traffic cases. Hohman was held on a $5000 bond.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Chris Neall – Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

CASE:                    16-00221


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/05/2016 – 0938 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Medic Drive, Grasonville, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported the theft an extension cord and a 20 amp charger used to keep the boat warm. The items were valued at $40.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                    16-01262




INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/05/2016 – 1942 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Dixon Court, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported she was away in Florida when contacted by her god-daughter stating she and her boyfriend were in the area and requested to stay at her house rather than drive back to Howard County. Victim said yes and advised she knew where the spare key was located.


Upon returning home, she noticed several rings missing along with two credit cards. The rings were described as a diamond & sapphire engagement ring, a wedding band with diamonds, a ruby ring and a diamond solitaire ring. The rings had a total estimated value of $23,000.  In addition the credit cards had been used to withdraw $750 cash.


An initial check of pawn records failed to locate any possible transactions involving the god daughter or boyfriend. During a follow-up, it was learned that the victim left on 12/22 and that the boyfriend may have known where the key was as well. An expanded search of records located a transaction at a pawn shop in Baltimore for three rings matching the description.


Contact with the pawn shop resulted in a hold on one ring as the other two had been sold to unknown persons. An application of charges were completed for Christopher John Duvall (28) of Mount Airy, MD. with a warrant being issued charging him with several theft counts


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-00450



INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/07/2016 @ 0743 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Main Street, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Store clerk advised a white male had been in the store and wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes but only had $4 and change. Suspect bought the cheapest brand and stated he then had enough for a candy bar. Suspect was observed in the candy aisle and then left. When able, the clerk looked at the store’s video and could see the suspect putting several candy bars in his pocket and left without paying.  (Photos attached) Persons who can identify the man are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Chris Neall

CASE:                    16-00579



INCIDENT:           Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:      01/08/2016 @ 1517 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 300 near Miller Street, Sudlersville, MD


DETAILS:              A Volvo with DE tags was stopped for speeding by Dfc. Burns and an odor of marijuana was present. While waiting for a second unit the driver David Edward Mattson (46) of Wilmington DE stated there was some marijuana under the driver’s seat.


A search of the car resulted in a can with two clear baggies of suspected marijuana over ten grams, two smoking devise and a grinder. Mattson was placed under arrest and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Mattson was held until posting a $5000 bond


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    16-00761



INCIDENT:           Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/11/2016 @ 1814 Hours

LOCATION:         1800 Block of Chester Drive, Chester, MD


DETAILS:              Victim stated he had been away from his residence for about a week and had left cash in a lock box hidden at his residence. When he checked on the lockbox he discovered $3600 missing. Nothing else was reported missing and victim states only he knew of the location of the lockbox.



DEPUTY:              Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-01064


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/13/2016 – 1410 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1600 block of Price Station Road, Church Hill, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported the theft of nine aluminum driveway lights the night before. The lights were valued at $200.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                    16-01262


INCIDENT:           Theft / MDOP

DATE / TIME:      01/14/2016 @ 1612 Hours

LOCATION:         3703 Barclay Road, Marydel, MD


DETAILS:              Pastor William Knotts reported that unknown person had cut about a 10 foot section of copper tubing from the air conditioning unit at Templeville Community Church. No estimate on repair costs. The theft occurred sometime between the 11th and the 14th.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Rudy Draper

CASE:                    16-01396


INCIDENT:           Identity Theft / Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/16/2016 @ 1444 Hours

LOCATION:         Sun Trust Bank @ Safeway Market, Chester MD


DETAILS:              Subject attempted to cash several checks at the Sun Trust Bank located in Safeway. The teller recalled the subject from a prior transaction and that a fraud lookout had been sent by the bank. The check the female attempted to cash was for $1163.00 and was later found to have been stolen from Howard County.


The teller had also held onto the MD identification card in her name that the subject had used. A check of records showed two other attempted transactions on January 2nd and January 3rd for an additional $4200.00 and in one case used a DC Identification card in the name of Natalie Nakylia Timms.


Before the Sheriff’s Office arrived, the female had fled the area.


Charges were issued on January 25th for Mamusu Nekeyah Bangura (18) of Greenbelt, MD charging her with Idenitity Theft, Theft, attempted theft scheme, displaying government ID of another and forgery.


On Tuesday, January 26,  Prince Georges County PD picked Bangura up on charges of their own and QA charges were filed as a detainer.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-01585


INCIDENT:           DWI Arrest

DATE / TIME:      01/17/2015 @ 1340 Hours

LOCATION:         Tanyard Road @ Beech Tree Road, Centreville, MD


DETAILS:              Sheriff’s Office responded to location to find a 1992 Red Corvette pulled to the side of the road with the car running and a single occupant. The driver appeared to be passed out when 1st contacted, speech was slurred and when out of the car unable to stand unassisted. Numerous miniature bottles and prescription medication was located in the car. The driver was identified as Ernest Leon Rowe Jr (45) of Easton.


Subject was transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters, processed and given citations and later released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE:                    16-01665


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      01/17/2016 @ 0200 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Worchester Road, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Victim returned home to find someone had forced entry into the residence. Only a small amount of food and wine were missing. Damages and theft items were valued at $100.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                    16-01667


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      01/17/2016 @ 2331 Hours

LOCATION:         1000 College Circle, Wye Mills, MD


DETAILS:              Victims returned to Chesapeake College from a Garrett County basketball tournament and found their Lexus SUV with all four tires slashed. The tires were valued at $1500.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    16-01694


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/18/2016 @ 0901 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         100 Block of Rabbit Hill Road, Church Hill, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported the theft of copper wire from three Rheem Air Conditioning Units that were at a renovation site. The crime is believed to have occurred between the afternoon of January 4th to the morning of January 5th. Damages were estimated to be over $1000.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Scott Hogan

CASE:                    16-01714


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      01/18/2016 @ 1607 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         100 Block of Creekside Commons Court, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported the theft of a handgun that was discovered missing on two weeks prior from her residence. The gun was a black Ruger LCP .380 valued at $350.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Doug Prince

CASE:                    16-01752


INCIDENT:           Burglary / Theft / MDOP

DATE / TIME:      01/18/2016 @ 1942 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         600 Block of Victoria Drive, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Victims reported being away for a couple of days and upon returning home noticed several exterior items moved. When they went to watch television the satellite system wasn’t working and upon checking found the cables cut and the dish gone. A check of the house revealed that a white gold women’s ring with three diamonds valued at $6000 was also missing. A vehicle in the driveway may have been tampered with and the garage door remote used to gain access.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Michael Piasecki

CASE:                    16-01770


INCIDENT:           Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:      01/22/2016 @ 1630 Hours

LOCATION:         700 Block of Old Love Point Road, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Sheriff’s Office responded to location after a 911 call for a verbal domestic. On arrival they learned the argument was over parked cars. While talking with the subjects, a small cut was noted on the man’s hand and he stated that the injury occurred when the female grabbed the phone .


Tetyana Zaliska Schmidt (57) was charged with assault. She was later released on her own recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Doug Prince

CASE:                    16-02132


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      01/22/2016 @ 1656 Hours

LOCATION:         32000 Block of Queen Anne, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported returning home and discovered a small amount of cash and her check book missing. Further inspection of the home revealed a door had been damaged. Nothing else was reported missing. Damages and loss was estimated at $350.00


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                    16-02135