QA Press Release





INCIDENT:           Assault  / Disorderly

DATE / TIME:      10/01/2012 @ 1139 Hours

LOCATION:         Kent Island High School


ARREST:               Male (15) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              Assault / Disorderly


NARRATIVE:        Male student being removed from Lunch Room by a teacher after throwing food at another student. The student was then observed by a School Resource Deputy pulling away and striking the teacher on the arm. When the School Resource Deputy attempted to handcuff the student he continued to resist. The student was transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing and referred to Department of Juvenile Justice for assault & disorderly.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Chris Parkinson

CASE:                    12-27904


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      10/02/2012 @ 1017 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         400 Pie One Road, Stevensville   

VICTIM:               Soledad Fernandez of Annapolis


NARRATIVE:        Victim stated she is a waitress at a restaurant on Pier One Road and had left her purse under the counter at her waitress station during her shift. This morning when she looked into her purse she discovered her brown wallet with $110 and several credit cards missing.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-27986


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      10/02/2012 @ 1047 Hours

LOCATION:         441 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:               Gucci Store

ARREST:               Naadirah Blair Wise (19) of Philadelphia, PA

                              Brandon Lamar Baylor (24) of Philadelphia, PA

CHARGE:              Theft


NARRATIVE:        Dfc. Boyles was dispatched to the Gucci Store for a theft of pocketbooks which had just occurred. Prior to arriving , he was advised that the suspects had fled in a black Impala going west on RT 50, and then that the car was involved in a single vehicle accident at RT 50 and Hissey Road. Dfc. Boyles crossed the highway and went on Winchester Creek Road and saw several persons running in the wood line and a male running into the roadway. Boyles was able to take the male into custody (later ID’ed as Baylor) and a female suspect near the woods. The other two suspects fled in opposite directions into the woods. The female had a green purse which she claimed as hers. A check of the bag showed a Gucci ID tag and a security device attached. Once additional units arrived, Dfc. Boyles and K9 Beny tracked the flight path of the suspects finding additional handbags and discarded clothing.


The two in custody were complaining of injuries from the accident and were taken to Grasonville Medical Center. At the scene of the accident, the Store Manager advised he had seen three males taking five handbags and running from the store. He followed they group and saw the Impala leave the roadway rolling upside down. The manager was also able to ID the handbags as stolen property and advised they had a value of $11, 470.


After being released from the ER, both subjects were transported to the Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Neither subject could ID the other suspects except by street names “Bootie” and CJ” from Philadelphia. Both subjects were charged with six counts of theft. At initial appearances before a District Court Commissioner, Wise was released on her own recognizance and Baylor held on a $15,000 bail which was posted by a bail bondsman later that day. The vehicle was towed from the scene and stored.




DEPUTY:              Dfc. Robert Boyles & K9 Beny

ASSIST:                 Dfc. S. Ambrose

CASE:                    12-27989


INCIDENT:           Traffic Accident / CDS Possession

DATE / TIME:      10/02/2012 @ 2215 Hours

LOCATION:         Pine Drive, Grasonville


NARRATIVE:        Residents  on Pine Drive reported that an orange mustang had struck a tree at 100 pine drive and then parked at a residence at 120 Pine Drive. The driver was unidentified. Deputies went to the residence where, Melissa L. Brown stated she had been the driver, hitting a wet patch on the roadway and losing control striking the tree. She stated she went to the house and was about to call when Deputies arrived. While investigating the accident, it was noticed that two clear capsules with white powder residue was on the console and these items seized. Charges are pending further investigation.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

ASSIST:                 Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    12-28037


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      10/03/2012 @ 2247 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of St. Mary’s Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Male (27) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Deputy Harris responded to residence on St. Mary’s Road for a physical domestic. On arrival he was advised of a male subject in the residence who had cut his wrist with a knife. The male who had severe bleeding, stated he wasn’t going to jail so he cut his wrist. The female half of the domestic stated there had been an argument with no physical assault. The male was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                    12-28133


INCIDENT:           DWI

DATE / TIME:      10/04/2012 @ 2241 Hours

LOCATION:         Main Street – Business Parkway, Stevensville, MD


ARREST:               Todd Christian Kerchner (40) of Stevensville



NARRATIVE:        A gray Ford truck was seen turning onto Business Parkway and struck the curb.  Deputy Armington attempted to stop the truck, which drove into a storage lot on Love Point Road for about 150 yards before stopping. Driver was identified as Todd C. Kerchner. Due to a possible odor of alcoholic beverage, Field Sobriety Tasks were attempted and as a resulted was placed under arrest. After processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters, he was released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                    12-28230            


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      10/05/2012 @ 1629 Hours

LOCATION:         221 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:               Tommy Hilfiger


NARRATIVE:        Assistant manager at the location reported that three African-American females entered the store going in different directions. Two of the women began to pull sensors off of shirts and putting clothing into a bags. The three then fled from the store leaving in a silver Honda with DC plates. Attempts to locate the care were unsuccessful. The amount of loss was unavailable.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-28303


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      10/06/2012 @ 0952 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Nichols Manor Road Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Investigation of reported assault at location indicated a female had looked at a male friend’s cell phone and became upset. The phone was destroyed and a possible assault occurred. The male voluntarily left the residence and both parties advised of the process to apply for charges if desired.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-28359


INCIDENT:           Domestic

DATE / TIME:      10/07/2012 @ 0034 Hours

LOCATION:         Sherman Way, Chester


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to area for a reported domestic. Upon arrival female and child leaving the location advised no assault had occurred and neither party had called. Male in residence reported an argument had occurred over money and that no assault occurred. Neighbors apparently called to disturbance. Both parties advised of legal options.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    12-28440


INCIDENT:           Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      10/07/2012 @ 0550 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Darden Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:               Dane M. Reed of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:        Victim’s girlfriend was on her way to work and noticed the rear doors to victims work van open. Missing from the van were a Hitachi 7 ¼ Circular Saw, a DeWalt Biscuit Joiner, a DeWalt ¼ Sheet Sander and a Porter-Cable orbital sander. Items valued at $390. Located at the scene was a orbital buffer that was not the victim’s. Owner of this tool may collect the buffer by calling the Sheriff’s Office.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    12-28458


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      10/07/2012 @ 1931 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Medic Drive, Chester

VICTIM:               Gregory N. Harrison of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that he had left a galvanized fish trap next to his vehicle and upon returning a short time later it was now gone. The trap was valued at $80.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    12-28503


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      10/07/2012 @ 0220 Hours

LOCATION:         Main Street Church Hill

VICTIM:               Male (55) of Church Hill


NARRATIVE:        Male subject was extremely intoxicated and had told several persons he wanted to die by drinking a fifth of vodka or more. Subject was transported to Easton Memorial by Patrol Car for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    12-28519


INCIDENT:           Motor Vehicle Collision

DATE / TIME:      10/08/2012 @ 0134 Hours

LOCATION:         1100 Block of Round Top Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:               See Narrative


NARRATIVE:        Deputy was dispatched to 1100 Round Top Road for a dark Ford Focus with heavy damage to the front end and the motor 25-30 away from the car. An empty bottle of Captain Morgan Rum was also in the front seat.


A short time later a resident in the area called 911 to report a female had come to his house and stated she had been in an accident. The female, Jennifer Ingledue stated she had been driving the car had an accident and had chest and stomach pains. She also said her passenger was Joshua Sheppard but didn’t know where he had gone. A look-out for Sheppard was issued and located a short time later by MSP. Both subjects were treated by EMS and flown by two MSP aviation units to Shock Trauma. Deputy Hartmetz responded to Shock Trauma to continue his investigation. Charges are pending further investigation.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    12-28523


INCIDENT:           Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      10/08/2012 @ 0950 Hours

LOCATION:         6630 Friels Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:               Thomas Sites of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported leaving his white 2011 Ford F-150 pickup behind the Mid Atlantic Soda Blasting company on Friday afternoon. On Monday he returned to work and found the tailgate had been stolen. The tailgate was valued at $1000.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE:                    12-28544


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      10/09/2012 @ 0459 Hours

LOCATION:         411 Winchester Creek Road, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Grand Yachts International


NARRATIVE:        Employees of the company reported arriving at the business to transport several boats to the Annapolis Boat show and found the front sliding gate to the business rammed open and on the ground. Missing from the location was a red 2008 Ford F-350 extended cab dually work truck with a tool box in the rear. The truck had been left at the far corner of the lot unsecured, with the keys in it and with a trailer attached. The trailer was left at the location. A check at that time failed to indicate any other missing items. Damage to the gate was $4000. Later that morning, it was realized that four lower units of 525 HP Mercury motors were missing from two privately owned boats valued at $9000 each. Investigation remains open and anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Nathaniel Harris

ASSIST:                 Cpl. C. Green / Dfc. J. Rickard / Det. J. Gardner

CASE:                    12-28620