QA Press Release 3/1





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:           Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      02/26/2013 @ 1547 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         300 Block of Rosin Drive, Chestertown, QA Co.

VICTIM:               Brandon Bitter of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported someone had stolen his Garmin GPS and 17.00 of cash & change from his unlocked Chevrolet truck while it was parked at his residence. The theft is believed to have occurred sometime in the past ten days.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. George Sewell

CASE:                    13-06130


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      02/26/2013 @ 1743 Hours

LOCATION:         2800 Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM:               Edith Sakell of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported hearing her door to her residence slam shut and looking out the windows to see who it was. When she was unable to locate anyone, she walked into her kitchen and realized her purse was missing. The purse is described as a Palma Picasso bag containing a deer skin coin purse, credit cards and cash. The items were valued at $150.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                    13-06139


INCIDENT:           Possession of CDS (Marijuana)

DATE / TIME:      02/27/2013 @ 0157 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 300 @ Dell Foxx Road, Sudlersville


NARRATIVE:  A Hyundai Tucson was stopped for speeding on RT 300. When contact was made with the occupants, an odor of burnt marijuana was noticed. Additional contact revealed that the two occupants had been smoking marijuana in the car prior to leaving the casino in Dover. The vehicle was a rental and neither the driver or passenger were listed on the contract. A search resulted in a small amount of suspected marijuana, a grinder and cash were seized. Traffic citations were issued and criminal charges are pending on the two Prince Georges County residents. The Hyundai which had been rented by a family member was impounded. The subjects were then released.


DEPUTY:              Dep. Chase Armington

ASSIST:                 Cpl. Davidson, MSP Troopers

CASE:                    13-06177


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      02/27/2013 @ 2105 Hours

LOCATION:         Centreville, MD

VICTIM:               Female (42) of Centreville


NARRATIVE:        Deputies were called to the residence for a reported domestic. On arrival they realized that the incident was a behavioral emergency. Victim has mental issues, was intoxicated and had become violent towards family members and then emergency responders. The female was taken into custody and transported to Chester River Medical Center by ambulance for treatment


DEPUTY:              Cpl. Shane Russell

CASE:                    13-06285


INCIDENT:           Theft from a Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      02/28/2013 @ 0622 Hours

LOCATION:         2600 Block of Cecil Drive, Chester

VICTIM:               Heidrun Miller of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported she had left her Jeep locked in the driveway the previous evening. When she came out to go to work she found that someone had left her console and glove compartment open and had taken a pair of black sunglasses valued at $20. No damage was done to the Jeep.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    13-06301


INCIDENT:           Theft from a Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      02/28/2013 @ 1704 Hours

LOCATION:         6000 Block of Bridgepoint Drive, Chester

VICTIM:               Minhal Shah of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported he had left in one of his vehicles that morning and noticed that his glove compartment was open and papers strewn about but nothing was missing. Upon returning later in the day, he went to switch vehicles and found that his Samsung Laptop and several prescription pills were missing from the car. Victim stated that he was sure that the car was secure as the car automatically locks. The missing items were valued at $1120.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE:                    13-06375