INCIDENT:       Burglary

DATE / TIME:  03/04/2012 @ 2029 Hours

LOCATION:     32206 Park Avenue, Queen Anne

VICTIM:          Robert H. Gibson of Queen Anne


NARRATIVE:   The victim reported on March 1st seeing a male open his locked storm door and start to enter the residence. Upon seeing the victim, the male then fled. On the 4th about 1930 hours, Mr. Gibson stated that he was in his living room and looked up to see a white male wearing a knit hat and gray gloves standing in his bedroom. When confronted the intruder stated people at Royal Farms told him to come there for a place to sleep. The male then fled the residence out a side door. Family members provided detectives with a possible suspect and investigation remains open.


UPDATE:     Investigation by the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit has resulted in the arrest of Philip Lee Kirwan 3rd (22) of Denton. Kirwan was charged with attempted third degree burglary and fourth degree burglary. In addition Kirwan was also charged in connection to a March 15th burglary of an storage building also located in the town of Queen Anne. In this case the victim, Philip Starkey was missing a generator and a bucket of copper from his storage building. The generator was recovered after a Queen Anne citizen saw generator near his property and called the Sheriff’s Office. In this case Kirwan was charged with Burglary 2nd Degree, 2 Counts of 4th Degree Burglary and 2 counts of Theft. Kirwan was taken into custody on March 21st and originally held on a $10,000 by a District Court Commissioner. At a bail review on the 22nd his bail was reduced to $5,000. He is currently incarcerated at the QA County Detention Center.


Investigation by:  Detective Jeremy Gardner and Detective Corporal Steve Stouffer


DEPUTY:     A/Cpl. L. Steenken

ASSIST:     Criminal Investigation Unit

CASE:        12-06272



INCIDENT:       Theft

DATE / TIME:  03/10/2012 @ 1823 Hours

LOCATION:     Abruzzi Drive, Chester     

VICTIM:          John Skuletich of Annapolis


NARRATIVE:   Victim report having lunch at a restaurant on Abruzzi Drive with his wife. When they left, he forgot to take his backpack with him which contained a EPA Badge with ID, a retired Secret Service Badge with ID, an iPhone, a Blackberry and several other items. When the victim returned, they were unable to locate the backpack. The server recalls asking the next occupants if the backpack belonged to them and they replied no yet when they left the backpack was gone. Using credit card information the person seated at the table after the victim were located and found to be a former MSP Barrack Commander and provided a different account of occurrences. At this time the investigation remains open. The items missing were valued at $535. Due to the nature of the items EPA and Secret Service were notified.


UPDATE:     Investigators from EPA and Secret Service accompanied Dfc. Fraser to re-interview the server – Victoria Tillbery on March 14th. At that time Tillbery stated she had taken the backpack from the restaurant and the became scared and threw it away at another location. Efforts to locate the backpack were unsuccessful. Tillbery has been charged with theft on a Criminal Summons.



DEPUTY:         Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE:             12-06961





DATE / TIME:   03/16/2012 @ 2351 Hours

LOCATION:      Route 50 near Exit 49 (Castle Marina Road, Chester)

VICTIM:          N/A

ARREST:         Ivan Brian Lutaaya (19) of Silver Spring

                      Bruno Anong Ntembe (20) of Upper Marlboro

                      Boris Abuo Ntembe (18) of Upper Marlboro

                      Awad Azam Abdelmoneim (23) of Falls Church, VA


NARRATIVE:    A Mitsubishi Eclipse was stopped for a minor traffic offense on Route 50 near Castle Marina Road. While speaking with the driver, later identified as Bruno Ntembe, Dfc. Jordan reports smelling a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A search of the vehicle resulted in a small amount of suspected marijuana being seized along with over $3200 in cash.  The driver and three passengers were all placed under arrest and charged with Possession of CDS. All four were later released on their own recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.


DEPUTY:        Dfc. Michael Jordan

ASSIST:         Deputy C. Harris, Deputy W. Miller and Pfc. Lewis (CPD)

CASE:            12-07702




INCIDENT:      Burglary

DATE / TIME:  03/17/2012 @ 0705 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:     1100 Block of Merrick Corner Road, Ingleside

VICTIM:          Roland Karbaum Inc. of Ingleside


NARRATIVE:   Plant Manager Alan Scott reported finding the door to the construction trailer office at the gravel pit had been pried open overnight. The trailer had been entered with several desk drawers pulled out. Damage was estimated at $400. Nothing appeared to be missing.


DEPUTY:       A/Cpl. Larry Steenken

CASE:           12-07723


INCIDENT:       Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:   03/17/2012 @ 0850 Hours

LOCATION:      Dixon Tavern Road, Barclay

VICTIM:          Female (34) of Barclay


NARRATIVE:    Deputies were called to location for a distraught female who was telling people she didn’t want to live anymore. Victim had medical issues and was transported by Sheriff’s patrol car to Chester River Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:         A/Cpl. Larry Steenken

CASE:             12-07734



INCIDENT:        Burglary     

DATE / TIME:    03/17/2012 @ 1505 Hours

LOCATION:       400 Block of Riverview Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:           Wendy Zinnel of Chestertown

ARREST:          John Franklin Bradley III (47) of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:    Victim reported that upon arriving home she found a male in her residence passed out. She also advised that the rear door window had been broken to gain access to the house. The man was intoxicated and identified as John F. Bradley from Chestertown. Victim advised she had seen the man before but had no reason to be in her home. Bradley was taken into custody and charged with MDOP and Burglary. He was held on a $3000 bond set by the District Court Commissioner. Damage to the door was estimated at $100.


DEPUTY:       A/Cpl. Larry Steenken

ASSIST:        Chestertown Police

CASE:           12-07788


INCIDENT:       Trespass on Private Property

DATE / TIME:   03/17/2012 @ 1731 Hours

LOCATION:      1300 Block of Bennett Point Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:          Robin Patterson of Richmond Virginia

ARREST:         Wayne Frederick Hohman (45) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:    Deputies were dispatched to area for a report of a man lying in the woods. On arrival Dfc. House located the man about twenty feet into a wooded area near Bennett Point Store. The man was identified as Wayne Hohman of Stevensville. No explanation why he was sleeping there and after a negative check to see if he was wanted, Hohman was released and told to go home. A short time later a second similar call was receioved and Dfc. House returned to find Hohman again asleep in the same woods. Since it was posted no trespassing and had been advised to leave, Hohman was placed under arrest. A District Court Commissioner held Hohman on a $2000 Bond at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:         Dfc. Zack House

CASE:             12-07807            




INCIDENT:      Underage of Alcohol

DATE / TIME:  03/17/2012 @ 2343 Hours

LOCATION:     Prospect Bay View, Grasonville

VICTIM:         N/A

CHARGED:      Joseph Robert Martin (19) of Grasonville       

                      Matthew Thomas Burns (18) of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:   Cpl. Carr was patrolling in the Prospect Bay community when he saw two subjects in a Dodge Neon parked at the end of Prospect Bay View with the lights out. While talking with the two subjects, an odor of beer was noted along with an open beer can in the rear seat. Several unopened beers were located in the vehicle along with one on the ground just behind the car. With the subjects being under the age of 21 and over 18, they were issued Civil Citations for possession and released on their signature.


DEPUTY:       Cpl. Mark Carr

CASE:           12-07873



DATE / TIME:  03/18/2011 @ 0309 Hours

LOCATION:     Tidewater Drive, Centreville

VICTIM:          N/A

ARREST:         Nicholas Daniel Forrest (19) of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:    Dfc. Jordan saw a Chevrolet Blazer sitting in the Acme parking lot with two persons in it. With no businesses open at that time. As Jordan turned around in his marked patrol car, the Blazer began to drive out of the parking lot and onto Rt. 304 going towards Rt. 301. With Jordan following it, the Blazer then turned into Haymaker Road and Jordan continued towards Rt. 301 and turned around to go back into Centreville. As he did, the first oncoming vehicle was the Chevy Blazer. When Jordan turned around again, the blazer turned into Tidewater Drive, which leads to Tidewater Publishing, another business not open. At this time, Jordan stopped the Blazer and identioied the two occupants. The driver was Nicholas D. Forrest with a female passenger. Forrest appeared to have been drinking and after attempting Field Sobriety tasks, was placed under arrest for DWI. He was issued citations and later released to the female passenger who was sober.


DEPUTY:         Dfc. Michael Jordan

CASE:             12-07893



INCIDENT:        MDOP     

DATE / TIME:    03/18/2012 @ 0853 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:       517 Main Street, Stevensville

VICTIM:           Kent Island Car Wash


NARRATIVE:     Car Wash manager, Jason Thom reported finding a broken glass door to the busness on his arrival to work. It did not appear that entry to the business had been made. Estimates to repair the door was $499.


DEPUTY:       Deputy Whitney Elliott

CASE:           12-07902



DATE / TIME:   03/19/2012 @ 0743 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:      2739 Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM:          Kent Island Methodist Church


NARRATIVE:    It was reported that an unknown person(s) had spray painted “666” on an exterior window sill of the church. There was also a concret base of a light in the parking lot that had been painted.  Damages were estimated at $100.


DEPUTY:         Dfc. George Sewell

CASE:            12-07980



INCIDENT:      Assault

DATE / TIME:  03/19/2012 @ 2049 Hours

LOCATION:     500 Block of Fox Meadow Road, Queen Anne

VICTIM:         Larry Brown of Queen Anne       


NARRATIVE:   Victim reported that a male neighbor had slapped him on the side of his face afdter an argument involving the victim’s girlfriend. After reportedly striking the victim, the neighbor left the area and could not be located. The vuictim was directed to see the District Court Commissioner if charges were desired.


DEPUTY:       Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:           12-0853


INCIDENT:       Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:   03/20/2012 @ 0028 Hours

LOCATION:      1500 Block of Burrisville Road near Centreville

VICTIM:          See Narrative

ARREST:         Male (14) of Centreville


NARRATIVE:    Deputy Bassaro responded to Burrisville Road for a reported accident. Prior to her arrival a caller reported that her son had taken a Honda Accord belonging to her employer without her permission and had returned home telling her he had wrecked it. The vehicle was located with disabling damage to the front passenger area and had left the roadway damaging mailboxes, bushes and lawn décor before coming to rest in a front yard. The boy and his passenger had made it back to his residence and had injuries including glass in his eye and neck pain requiring being transported to Chester River Medical Center for treatment. Speed was a factor in the driver losing control in the curve. Damages to the car and property were just over $10,000. The 14 year old was referred to Juvenile Justice and remained in custody of a parent.


DEPUTY:         Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:             12-08068



INCIDENT:      Theft

DATE / TIME:  03/20/2012 @ 1628 Hours

LOCATION:     300 Block of Ford’s Landing, Millington, MD

VICTIM:          Joan Berwick of Millington


NARRATIVE:   Victim reports missing eight handmade custom rings from her dresser after getting a delivery of mattress & box springs the day before. The rings were described as various stones and pearls held with gold wire wrapped around them. The rings were valued at $850. Victim reports that no one else had access to the location. The theft remains under investigation.


DEPUTY:      Cpl. Shane Russell     

CASE:          12-08132


INCIDENT:       Theft

DATE / TIME:   03/20/2012 @ 2124 (Reported)

LOCATION:      109 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:          Johnston & Murphy


NARRATIVE:    Natalie Buellis, employee at the store reported that when she balanced out for the night she realized she was over $257 short. She stated that earlier about 5 PM, a man had been in and asked her about some clothing requiring her to go into the rear of the store. While there, she turned around and the man was by the cash register and then left. Ms. Buellis advised at that time she realized she had left her key in the register. The male suspect is described as an African-American  very skinny and had a beard.


DEPUTY:       A/Cpl. John Brockman 

CASE:            12-08154



INCIDENT:        Theft of Power Cables     

DATE / TIME:    03/22/2012 @ 1905 Hours

LOCATION:       500 Double Creek Point Road, Duck Neck Campground, Chestertown

VICTIM:           James Swisher of Baltimore


NARRATIVE:   Victim reported the theft ofa black insulated thick guage power supply cable missing from the rear area of his camper. The cable was about fifteen feet in length and was valued at $300. In addition it appeared that at least six other locations in the campt were missing similar type cables. Investigation resulted in locating a area that appeared as if something had been dragged in order to get to a nearby dirt road. A possible suspect vehicle was seen in that area earlier in the day described as an older Chevrolet S-10 Pickup that was silver and tan in color. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770.

DEPUTY:       Dfc. Jason Rickard



INCIDENT:       Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME:   03/22/2012 @ 2200 Hours

LOCATION:      10 Petnot Court, Stevensville

VICTIM:          Lauran Hammonds of Dundalk


NARRATIVE:    Victim reports that she was at a friend’s residence helping clean a fish pond. Not wanting to get her bracelet dirty, she left in and some cash on the front seat of her car that was parked in the garage. When she returned later the bracelet and cash were missing. Victim advises that no forced entry was made to the car or garage and that a roommate of her friend was at the residence earlier. The bracelet was described as a Pandora pink & purple bead valued at $750.


DEPUTY:        Cpl. Mark Carr

CASE:            12-08382