QA Press Release 3/28





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:          Theft / MDOP

DATE / TIME:     03/15/2014 @ 1640 Hours

LOCATION:         209 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:              Juicy Couture


NARRATIVE:       Manager at Juicy Couture Store reported that she saw two African American females in the store and when one of them tossed a purse behind the clothes rack, they left the store in a hurry. Upon checking the purse it was found to have the security sensor ripped off with both the sensor and purse damaged. It was also found that four boxes with bracelets and necklaces were missing. The items missing were valued at $209 and the damaged items at $87. No description on the females.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Brad Martz

CASE:                  14-079063


INCIDENT:          Thefts from Vehicles

DATE / TIME:     03/15/2014 @ 1751 Hours

LOCATION:         651 Romancoke Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Niki R. Romsburg of Williamsport MD

Theresa Marie Field of Grasonville, MD


NARRATIVE:       Ms. Romsburg reported parking her 2005 Ford pickup at the Matepeake School parking lot to watch a baseball game. When she returned to the vehicle she found the window had been broken and her Coach purse with her wallet missing. Her estimated loss is $550 plus $300 damage.


A short time later a second report came in from Theresa Field who advised her 2010 GMC Yukon had been broken into and her purse containing her credit cards and ID  was missing. The loss and damages were estimated at $1150.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                  14-07971


INCIDENT:          Attempted Burglary

DATE / TIME:     03/16/2014 @ 1018 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1600 Block of McGinnis Road, Chestertown (QA), MD

VICTIM:              Albert Coleman of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported his dogs barking around 0030 hours. In the morning he discovered a broken window and a cut in the plastic covering. His motion light in the area had also been unplugged. Nothing was reported missing and damages estimated at $50.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE:                  14-08080



DATE / TIME:     03/16/2014 @ 1150 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         4200 Block of Main Street, Grasonville

VICTIM:              Jennifer L. Cook


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported finding her 2005 Mazda with a broken window. Damage appeared to have been caused by a pellet gun.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Brad Martz

CASE:                  14-08091


INCIDENT:          Strong Arm Robbery

DATE / TIME:     03/16/2014 @ 1300 Hours

LOCATION:         Queen Anne Way, Chester, MD

VICTIM:              Vanessa R. Cash of Severn, MD.

ARREST:              Zachary Ian Branch (26) of Stevensville, MD.



NARRATIVE:       Victim reported she was parked at Queen Anne’s Way when an ex-boyfriend, Zachary Branch pulled up next to her and asked her for some cash. When she refused, Branch pulled her from the car and grabbed her wallet. Deputies arrived before Branch could leave and was detained at the scene. Cash advised she was missing over $200 and a search of Branch’s truck resulted in the seizure of $276 from the glove compartment.


Branch was charged with Strong Arm Robbery, Assault and theft less than $1000. Branch was held initially on a $75,000 bond which was reduced at a bail review to $5000 which was posted and he was released.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Brad Martz

CASE:                  14-08101


INCIDENT:          Assault

DATE / TIME:     03/16/2014 @ 1821 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of Sawmill Lane, Grasonville

VICTIM:              See Narrative

ARREST:              Ruth Arlene Batson (59) of Seaford DE.

CHARGE:            Assault


NARRATIVE:       Deputies called to the location for a physical fight which started over child custody. On arrival they observed several females arguing. The complainant was Jakeysha Batson of Seaford  who stated she had gotten into an argument with a female from Church Hill and the father of her child, During the altercation a car was allegedly kicked and punches had been thrown. The father of the child had fled the scene after a knife had been thrown at him by the complainants mother, Ruth Batson. Ms. Batson claimed she had thrown the knife attempting to break-up the altercation. No one was injured and the knife was recovered from Ms. Ruth Batson pocketbook.


Ruth Batson was charged with assault and held on a $10,000 bond which was later posted by a bail bondsman.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                  14-08120


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     03/16/2014 @ 1835 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Kent Landing, Stevensville

VICTIM:              K Mart

ARREST:              M<ale (23) of Church Hill

CHARGE:            Theft under $100


NARRATIVE:       Store Security reported stopping a white male for shoplifting after observing him take and conceal a pocket knife and a DVD valued at $21.49. The male was detained until deputies arrived. He was identified and released at the scene pending charges.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                  14-08122


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     03/17/2014 @ 1825 Hours

LOCATION:         129 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:              Kay’s Jewelers


NARRATIVE:       Store Employee advised that a male subject had been looking at watches and then left the store only to return a few minutes later. The suspect then advised he had decided on which watch he wanted indicating a KC Bling Men’s watch with Diamond Chronograph valued at $2995. The employee took the watch out of the case at which time the suspect grabbed the watch and ran from the store. The suspect was described as an African-American male (18-22) 5’8” wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans with red boxers showing. He may have fled the area in a red Jeep Liberty.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:                  14-08196


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     03/18/2014 @ 1317 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1900 Block of Dudley’s Corner Road, Millington

VICTIM:              Ben Clark of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:       It was reported that sometime in the last month unknown persons had kicked in a door to a vacant house and removed copper lines from the furnace. Damage and value of the lines was estimated at $150.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                  14-08264





Maurio Mario Jacobo-Vasquez (28) of Marydel arrested for driving without a license on 3/16 at RT 301 near Cherry Lane by Deputy Chris Ahearn.


Carson David Freedman (18) of Stevensville arrested for DWI on 3/17 on RT 552 (Dominion Road), Chester by Dfc. Nathaniel Burns.