QA Press Release 3/5





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:           Traffic Stop

DATE / TIME:      03/01/2013 @ 0826 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 301 near Sudlersville Road


ARREST:               Nelson Maldonado Lavoy (28) of Marydel

Elmer Romeo Diaz (23) of Marydel

Anail Duvi Ortiz (26) of Marydel

CHARGE:              Theft under $1000 / ICE Warrant


NARRATIVE:        A Chevrolet Lumina was stopped for an expired registration sticker and when the Delaware tag was checked it came back lost or stolen. The driver gave the deputy a Pennsylvania certificate of title and a Guatemalan ID Card. The Lumina was listed to a subject in Philadelphia who was not in the car. All three subjects were detained and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters. All three were charged with theft under $1000, taken to a n initial appearance and released on their own recognizance. However all three were detained on ICE warrants as all three were illegally in the US. They were held at QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                    13-06420


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      03/01/2013 @ 1110 Hours

LOCATION:         Marling Farms, Chester, MD

VICTIM:               Female (48) of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to location for a report of a female attempting to harm herself. A family member had found her in the yard with a cord wrapped around her neck. Investigation also revealed she had taken an intentional overdose of prescription medications. The woman was unresponsive but still breathing. She was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                    13-06432


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/01/2013 @ 1255 Hours

LOCATION:         3420 Main Street, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Pamela Weeks of Arlington VA


NARRATIVE:        Complainant at the boat yard reported the theft of a stainless steel ladder from a boat in storage. The ladder was valued at $900. The theft occurred sometime from September to February.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                    13-06439


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/01/2013 @ 1343 Hours

LOCATION:         6612 Church Hill Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:               John Woodfield of Queen Anne


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported someone had been stealing oversized wooden pallets from outside his store. Victim stated he was missing 10 pallets valued at $50 each. This morning an employee saw a white male driving a burgundy Chevrolet Tahoe loading some of the pallets. When the employee confronted the man, he stated he had permission from the owner to take the pallets.  After checking with the owner, the man left without any pallets. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    13-06446


INCIDENT:           Motor Vehicle Accident

DATE / TIME:      03/01/2013 @ 2016 Hours

LOCATION:         400 Block of Hall Road, Sudlersville


ARREST:               Esdras Jose Soto (31) of Centreville

CHARGE:              DWI / ICE Detainer


NARRATIVE:        Deputy responded to location for a report of a truck running off the roadway into a field. On arrival a Chevrolet pickup was about 20 feet off the roadway and appeared to be stuck. Contact was made with the driver, who stated his name was Esdras Josue Orozco who had an odor of alcohol beverage. After several field sobriety tasks, Soto was placed under arrest and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters. After an interview with Homeland Security (ICE) placed a detainer on Soto to be held pending deportation.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. George Sewell

CASE:                    13-06479


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      03/02/2013 @ 2336 Hours

LOCATION:         Cloverfields Development, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Male (21) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to the residence after a family member reported the male had attempted to lock himself in a bathroom and was in the process of cutting his arm. On arrival deputies located the man and secured the scene. EMS then were able to come in and bandage his arm. The man was transported to Easton Memorial Hospital and treated for over 50 slices to his arm.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jason Rickard

ASSIST:                 Cpl. S. Russell, Dfc. L. Steenken

CASE:                    13-06554


INCIDENT:           MVA

DATE / TIME:      03/03/2013 @ 0144 Hours

LOCATION:         Benton Corner Road near Roe Road, Sudlersville

VICTIMS:             Lucas S. Hayman (22) Galena, MD

Tyler Bozarth (23) of Sudlersville, MD


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to a Motor Vehicle Accident of a car that had rolled on Benton Corner Road. Two individuals who were conscious in the truck were flown to Shock Trauma. Investigation indicates that the car had rolled end over end. Investigation into the accident remains open.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Zack House

CASE:                    13-06558


INCIDENT:           MDOP / Burglary

DATE / TIME:      03/03/2013 @ 0235 Hours

LOCATION:         7401 Church Hill Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:               CJ’s Automotive


NARRATIVE:        Newspaper delivery person reported seeing the large glass window at CJ’s Automotive shattered. The building was checked and found no one inside the business. The owner checked and was unable to locate anything missing. The window replacement is estimated at $500.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. Shane Russell

ASSIST:                 Ofc. M. Lewis (CPD)

CASE:                    13-06562


INCIDENT:           Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:      03/03/2013 @ 1725 Hours

LOCATION:         500 Block of Main Street, Church Hill

VICTIM:               Stephanie Williams of Church Hill

ARREST:               Diamante Gustavius Cooper (19) of Church Hill

CHARGE:              1st & 2nd Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Possession of CDS, Possession of Paraphernalia


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to location for a report of an assault in progress. On arrival Stephanie Williams reported her boyfriend Diamonte Cooper had assaulted her by grabbing her arm, pointing a BB pistol at her and kicking her in the stomach. The argument spilled into a roommate’s bedroom and he intervened at that time.  Williams was treated at the scene by EMS and advised she was pregnant. She was taken to Chester River Medical Center for observation. Several CDS related items were observed in the room where the assault occurred and were seized. Cooper was taken into custody and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters. He was held on a $15,000 bond at the QA Detention Center. On the next day Cooper was released after a corporate bond was posted.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                    13-06598