QA Press Release 4/9


INCIDENT:                              CDS- Marijuana less than 10g

DATE / TIME:                         04/5/2018 approximately 1:00pm

LOCATION:                            Watson Rd/Quail Run Dr., Centreville MD

SUSPECT:                                 Ethan Chase Smith, 23yo male of Cambridge

DETAILS:              Deputies were conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Watson Rd/Quail Run Dr., Centreville MD. Deputies witnessed a silver colored 2017 Toyota Truck, going above the posted speed limit. While attempting to have the driver pull over, the driver opted to continue driving. When contact was finally made with the driver, who was identified as Ethan Chase Smith, Deputies smelled a strong odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle. K9 Spike completed a scan of the vehicle which resulted with a positive alert. A Probable Cause search was completed which resulted with locating Marijuana less than 10g. Wilson was cited on a civil citation for the Marijuana less than 10g and issued the appropriate citations for the speed violation.

DEPUTY:            Cpl. B. Martz assisted by K9 Spike

CASE:         18-9946


INCIDENT:                              CDS not Marijuana

DATE / TIME:                         04/5/2018 approximately 1:45pm

LOCATION:                            Old love point at Benton Rd, Stevensville MD

ARRESTED:                            Kristen Lagrossa, 33yo female of Stevensville

DETAILS:              Deputies were dispatched to the area of Old love point at Benton Rd, Stevensville MD, in reference to a motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival, Kristen Lagrossa was identified as the driver of vehicle #2.

When Deputies made contact with Ms. Lagrossa, Deputies smelled a distinct odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle. A Probable cause search was completed on Ms. Lagrossa’s silver colored 2014 Ford Focus. During the Probable cause search, items were located such as a glass smoking device with burnt residue, suspected crack cocaine residue, prescription bottles that had been altered. Field Sobriety tests were completed which Ms.Lagrossa subsequently failed.

Ms. Kristen Lagrossa was placed under arrest and charged with:

  1. CDS possess not Marijuana
  2. CDS possess paraphernalia
  3. Alter prescription label

Ms. Kristen Lagrossa was released on her own recognizes by the District Court commissioner.

DEPUTY:            Dfc. Prince

CASE:         18-9925


INCIDENT:                              CDS not Marijuana

DATE / TIME:                         04/5/2018 approximately 10:30am

LOCATION:                            Kent Narrows Way N, Grasonville MD

SUSPECT:                               Robert Lee Robinson, 66yo male of Grasonville

Ambrose Delray Robinson, 40yo male of Grasonville

DETAILS:              Deputies were on routine patrol in the area of Kent Narrows Way N, Grasonville MD, when they observed a red in color, 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix bearing the Maryland registration 7CS6670, with a malfunctioning headlight. Contact was made with the driver, who was identified as Robert Lee Robinson. Investigations revealed that the driver, Robert Lee Robinson’s driver’s license was suspended.

A K9 was called to the scene which subsequently resulted with a positive alert of the odor of narcotics. A probable cause search was completed and items were located such as; 1 straw containing suspected controlled dangerous substance and 1 white prescription pill. Further investigations determined that neither Robert nor Ambrose had a prescription for that pill.


The unknown controlled dangerous substance will be sent off to the Maryland State Police crime for testing. Criminal charges are pending the results of the lab.

Robert was issued:

  1. Citation: person driving motor vehicle on highway or public use priority on suspended license
  2. Citation: Driving while license suspended
  3. Citation: Failure to display registration card upon demand
  4. Citation: failure of individual driving on highway to display license
  5. ERO: Headlight

DEPUTY:            Dfc. Prince

CASE:         18-9902


INCIDENT:  Credit Card Fraud

DATE/TIME:  04/08/2018 @ 3:30 pm

LOCATION: 1900 Block Church Hill Ln., Chester

DETAILS:   The victim contacted the Office of the Sheriff in reference to an unauthorized charge on her credit card.   The victim advised Dep. Custis the charge was made online. The credit card company was contacted and they will also assist and conduct an investigation as well.

VICTIM:  52yo female Chester, MD

CHARGED:  Pending

DEPUTY:  Dep. J. Custis

CASE: 18-10298


INCIDENT:      CDS possession of marijuana (under 10grams)

DATE / TIME:  4/7/18 at 7:47PM

LOCATION:  Watson Rd and Quail Run Dr., Centreville, Md. 21617

DETAIL:   Deputy Patikowski was conducting a stationary traffic enforcement assignment, when he observed a 2005 Chrysler passenger car, black in color, possibly speeding. He activated his LIDAR unit and it indicated the Chrysler was speeding (42 in a 35 zone). He pulled out, followed the vehicle, and when it crossed the centerline, Dep. Patikowski activated his emergency lights and stopped the vehicle. He made contact with the driver, Jessica Dunkerly w/f, 21yo. While speaking with Ms. Dunkerly, he detected a strong odor of marijuana. As a result, a search was conducted of the vehicle and marijuana was located. Dunkerly was written a civil citation for possession of Marijuana, less than 10grams and given warnings for the traffic infractions.

DEPUTY: Dep. Patikowski and K9 Drake

CASE:  18-10229


INCIDENT:  Malicious Destruction of Property under $500.00

DATE/TIME:  4/6/2018

VICTIM:  Queen Anne’s County

DETAILS:  Dep. Dickey responded to the Old Love Point Park in Stevensville, MD in reference to the bathrooms being vandalized.  A park employee was conducting checks of the park and noticed that some unknown person had destroyed the bathroom sink and destroyed a wall divider between stalls. An investigation is being conducted and evidence was recovered from the scene. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Deputy Dickey at the Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County.

DEPUTY:  Dep. S. Dickey

CASE: 18-10070


INCIDENT:  Malicious Destruction of Property

DATE/TIME:  4/7/2018 @ 11:42AM

VICTIM:  61yo male,  Spring Road, Millington, MD

DETAILS:  A/Cpl. G. Sewell responded to Spring Road Millington, MD in reference to a trailer tag being stolen.  A/Cpl. Sewell met with the victim, Mr. Brooks. He advised that he noticed his trailer tag missing and that some unknown person had stolen it between 3/15/18 and 4/7/2018. If anyone has any information on this stolen / missing license plate please contact A/Cpl. Sewell with the Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County.

DEPUTY:  A/Cpl. G. Sewell

CASE: 18-10185


INCIDENT:      DUI, Fleeing and Eluding, Driving Suspended

DATE / TIME:  4/7/18 at 12:40AM

LOCATION:  Rt. 544 @ Dudley’s Corner Rd., Millington, Md. 21651

DETAIL:  Dfc. Cooper had observed a black colored Ford pickup with a broken headlight, traveling west on Rt. 544. Cooper activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop the truck and conduct a traffic stop. The truck kept driving and turned onto Dudley’s Corner Rd, heading towards Rt. 300. The truck was traveling under the speed limit and was crossing the center line which led Dfc. Cooper to believe the driver was under the influence. The driver still refused to stop and once he reached Rt. 300. The vehicle turned and headed towards Rt. 301. The low speed chase then continued onto Rt. 301 North and u-turning onto Rt. 301 south and then turned onto Rt. 300 heading towards Church Hill. The driver was later identified as David Allen Coleman 2nd, w/m, 44yo. He came to a stop at his residence, 1801 Sudlersville Rd., Sudlersville, Md. 21668, where he was taken into custody without further incident. He was transported to The Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County where he was charged with Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and numerous other traffic violations. Investigations revealed that Mr. Coleman was driving on a suspended license. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner and released on his Personal Recognizance.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Cooper assisted by MSP – Centreville Barrack.

ARRESTED: David Allen Coleman 2nd, 44 year old white male, 1801 Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville, Md. 21668

CASE:  18-10153