QA Press Release 4/7






INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/25/2015 @ 1118 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1925 Main Street, Chester, MD


NARRATIVE:       The manager at Safeway reported that a female had placed several items from the store and attempted to leave without paying for them. When contacted at the door the female put a box of Crest white strips on a shelf and walked towards Kent Town Plaza. The manager followed the woman and saw her go into Estate Treasures where the woman began to leave the stolen merchandise in clothing at the store.


The manager recovered Crest White Strips, Tazo filter bags and Method hand wash from the clothing but the female exited the store.  The recovered items had the value of $114,

The responding Deputy was able to get a still photo of the suspect from security video at Estate Treasures. Can anyone identify her? If so, call the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770, email or PM the Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page.


DEPUTY:                               Dfc. Mitch Jones

CASE:                    15-08191


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/27/2015 @ 1413 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1000 Block of Peters Corner Road, Sudlersville, MD


NARRATIVE:       Charles Rash reported that sometime between late Thursday afternoon (26th) and 2 PM on Friday someone had stolen his green & black 1988 Suzuki 250 four wheeler that was parked underneath a canopy. The 4 Wheeler was valued at $1800.


DEPUTY:                               Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    15-08433


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      03/27/2015 @ 1334 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         100 Block of Watkins Road, Grasonville


NARRATIVE:       Shane Sockriter reported leaving the residence to give a friend a ride and upon returning about an hour later discovered his Playstation 4 Game Console was missing from his room. Victim stated he had not locked the residence prior to leaving. The console was valued at $400.


DEPUTY:                               Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    15-08429


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/29/2015 @ 1505 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         100 Block of Monoponsan Drive, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Michael Kelly reported missing an estimated $3000 from a secure location in his residence. The theft is believed to have occurred sometime between March 1st and March 29th. There was no evidence of a forced entry into the residence.


DEPUTY:                               Dfc. George Sewell

CASE:                    15-08591


INCIDENT:           Fleeing & Eluding

DATE / TIME:      03/30/2015 @ 1509 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 50 @ Dominion Road, Chester


NARRATIVE:       Dfc. Martz stopped a red 4 Door Chevrolet Cavalier for a cracked windshield, broken taillight and the driver not wearing a seat belt. When asked for identification, the driver gave Martz his MD Driver’s License. While back to his patrol car, the driver exited the Cavalier and ran towards RT 18 and Dominion. Additional units responded to the area and searched for the driver without locating him.


The driver was identified as Paul Steven Benchoff Jr. (25) with a last known address of 24945 Dukes Road, Greensboro, MD. A check showed Benchoff was wanted by the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office for CDS Violations. An Arrest Warrant has been issued charging Benchoff with Fleeing & Eluding, Hindering and Disorderly Conduct.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Brad Martz

CASE:                    15-08668


INCIDENT:           Counterfeit Money

DATE / TIME:      03/30/2015 @ 1327 Hours

LOCATION:         201 Romancoke Road, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       The manager of the Shore Stop Station reported that a customer had been in the store and requested change for a $100 bill.  As the customer was leaving, she checked the bill closer and saw it was a fake. She confronted the man outside about the fake bill who then got into a black car and left.


When Dfc. Martz arrived the manager turned the bill over to him and was able to ID the suspect as they had both grown up in Grasonville. An Arrest Warrant has been issued charging Demetrius Stephen Kearse (28) last known of Grasonville with Issuing Forged Currency and Theft.


Kearse is also currently wanted on a 2012 Arrest Warrant for Possession of CDS (Oxycodone), a 2013 Arrest Warrant for Motor Vehicle Theft, Disorderly Conduct and Theft and a 2013 Arrest Warrant for Assault. Kearse has several prior addresses in Queen Anne’s and Caroline Counties.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Brad Martz

CASE:                    15-08658


INCIDENT:           Theft from vehicles

DATE / TIME:      03/31/2015 @ 0727 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         300 Block of State Street, Stevensville, MD


NARRATIVE:       Jeffery Viers stated that an employee had reported that someone had rummaged thru his work vehicle and taken a small amount of change from an ashtray. A review of security video showed a male suspect walking from the Cross Island Trail around 9:30 PM and then going thru several vehicles in the parking lot


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    15-08741


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      04/01/2015 @ 1501 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         300 Block of Hemsley Drive, Queenstown, MD


NARRATIVE:       Amy & Derek Leaberry reported they had used their Troy-Bilt rototiller on March 28th and when they went to use the tiller again the following day it would not start. The tiller was taken to a repair shop and found that someone had poured some sort of acid in the gas tank. The damage was estimated at $415.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    15-08914


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      04/02/2015 @ 1846 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1300 Block of Bowers Road, Chestertown (QA), MD.


NARRATIVE:       Albert Bakker reported an unknown person had trespassed on his property and stolen a 20 foot extension ladder valued at $70.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                    15-09048


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      04/02/2015 @ 1757 Hours

LOCATION:         1300 Block of White Marsh Road, Centreville, MD


NARRATIVE:       Female resident of the home upon entry found the residence in shambles and left the house.  A neighbor responded and saw a subject with a wine bottle in a detached shed. On the deputy’s arrival the subject was taken into custody.


A check of the residence damages to a doorway, several empty bottles of wine plus broken bottles, food thrown about the house, with jewelry and other items dumped on a bed.

The man in custody, Anthony William Maus (55) of Bowie, MD was very intoxicated stated he had been hitch hiking and had been dropped of about a mile away.


Maus was transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. While there he attempted to head-butt one of the deputies and also began banging his head numerous times in the holding cell. EMS had to be requested and he was taken to the QA Emergency room. Once released, he was returned to Sheriff’s Headquarters and then to a District Court Commissioner for an initial appearance.  He was charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Burglary 2nd Degree, Burglary 3rd Degree, Burglary 4th Degree, Assault 2nd Degree and two counts of MDOP.


Maus was held on no bond at the QA Detention Center. At a Bail Review his bond was reduced to $25,000 and currently remains in the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Charles Harris

ASSIST:                 Dfc. J. Rickard, Sgt. M.E. Jones and QA EMS

CASE:                    15-09044


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      04/02/2015 @ 0721 Hours

LOCATION:         32303 Queen Anne Hwy., Queen Anne, MD


NARRATIVE:       Royal Farms Store Manager Edward Stokes reported observing male in the store who had been previously barred for stealing merchandise. Video showed the man taking several snack items, concealing them in his coat and leaving the store without paying. The manager was able to provide the suspects name and verified the identity when shown a picture of the man.

Charges are pending against the man.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Ryan Davidson

CASE:                    15-08972


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      04/03/2015 @ 0755 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Bentons Pleasure Road, Chester, MD


NARRATIVE:       Frederick Beane Jr. reported that his mailbox, exterior lighting and several lawn ornaments had been damaged something during the night.  In checking the area several additional mailboxes and a patio table were damaged. Damages were estimated at over $1000.


DEPUTY:               A/Sgt. John Brockman

CASE:                    15-09080


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      04/04/2015 @ 0946 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD


NARRATIVE:       An employee at the college reported finding spray painted graffiti on the dugout of the ball field. This included a swastika and male genitals. Damage was estimated at $100.


DEPUTY:               A/Cpl. Stephen Fraser

CASE:                    15-09187


INCIDENT:           Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      04/04/2015 @ 0828 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         100 Block of Monoponsan Drive, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Jill Mears reported someone during the night had gone thru her Volkswagen Van. Papers from the glove box were scattered about and she discovered her purse with her ID and credit cards was still there but was missing cash estimated at $100. No damage to the vehicle as it was left unlocked.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Brad Martz

CASE:                    15-09181


INCIDENT:           DWI

DATE / TIME:      04/05/2015 @ 0832 Hours

LOCATION:         441 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown


NARRATIVE:       Deputy Ryan Davidson responded to the Outlets for a reported single vehicle crash. On arrival he saw a silver Mustang in the flower bed near the entrance. The driver was identified as Nuzhat Nag Kibria (23) of Clayton, Delaware who stated she had fallen asleep. Dep. Davidson detected an odor of alcoholic beverage. Based on observations and statements, Ms. Kibria was placed under arrest for DWI. She was later released to a sober family member.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Ryan Davidson

CASE:                    15-09286