If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     06/03/2014 @ 0647 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Laurel Court, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:              James Wright of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported during the night someone had entered his garage and then his kitchen. Victim reported missing a phone charger, a blue iPhone 5, a small amount of cash and a pack of cigarettes. Items had an estimated value of $625.


A canvas of the neighborhood resulted in locating additional victims, Arlene Williams on Coleman Drive and Constance Sheckler on Hillside drive. Ms. Williams reported someone had taken her purse out of her car but left it nearby on the ground. Ms. Scheckler advised someone had tried to enter her home, broken the door molding but failed to gain entry.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Joey Timms

CASE:                  14-18024


INCIDENT:          Forgery – Uttering

DATE / TIME:     06/03/2014 @ 1049 (Reported)

LOCATION:         Church Hill

VICTIM:              Peoples Bank

ARREST:              Charles Stephen Bowman (26) of Severn, MD

CHARGE:            Forgery / Uttering / Theft


NARRATIVE:       Suspect cashed a check at Peoples Bank in Church Hill for $921 drawn on a seafood business. The account and routing number were correct for the business and the signature had been forged. A warrant for the suspect was issued and he was arrested on 6/12 in Anne Arundel County. Subject was held on a $10,000 bail.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Joey Timms

CASE:                  14-18060


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     06/03/2014 @ 1240 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         200 Block of McKay Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Karen Mangold of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported she had put up her orange nylon Eno Hammock up for a party on 6/1 and left it up overnight. The following morning when leaving the home, she noticed it was still there. Returning later that day the hammock was gone. Item was valued at $150.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                  14-18073


INCIDENT:          Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:     06/04/2014 @ 0956 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Holley Court, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:              Susan Collins of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported sometime in the past couple days, someone had gone into her unlocked vehicle and stolen cash, an uncashed check and raffle tickets valued at over $300.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE:                  14-18176


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     06/05/2014 @ 1329 Hours

LOCATION:         Fogwell Road, Centreville

VICTIM:              Hendrick Schep of Centreville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported the theft of banisters and railings and two watches. Victim advised he has had a contractor working at the house while he was away and that the contractor had admitted to stealing and selling the building materials for gas money. Investigation continues reference to the missing watches, a silver man’s Bulova and an imitation Breitling watch. The missing items were valued at nearly $1500.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE:                  14-18345


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     06/05/2014 @ 1410 Hours

LOCATION:         2300 Block of Bloomingdale Road, Centreville

VICTIM:              AT&T Wireless


NARRATIVE:       Manager for AT&T in the area reported that unknown person had cut the gate lock and then entered a building on the tower site and removed two 18’x3 ¼” Buss Bars valued at $1500. The theft occurred sometime since the middle of April to date.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE:                  14-18348


INCIDENT:          Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/06/2014 @ 1815 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Woodmoor Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Daniel T. Hutson of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported someone breaking into his shed and stealing 30-35 pounds of wire. The wire was kept in a Tupperware tub and valued at $500. Det. Lowery located a scrap sale of 32 pounds of wire in the recent time period by a relative of the victim. When advised of the suspect, the victim declined to prosecute the subject. Case Closed.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST:                Cpl. Troy Lowery

CASE:                  14-18380


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     06/06/2014 @ 1800 Hours

LOCATION:         600 Block of Duhamel Corner Road, Marydel

VICTIM:              Charles Futcher III of Millersville, PA


NARRATIVE:       A Real Estate Agent was showing the property and noticed that two air conditioner units were missing. After contacting the owner, the Sheriff’s Office was called. Both units had been removed from the concrete pads and conduit had been cut. They were last seen there on June 4th and valued at $3000.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Joey Timms

CASE:                  14-18524

INCIDENT:            Underage Alcohol Enforcement

DATE / TIME:       05/31 and 06/07 2014

LOCATION:           Stevensville – Chester – Grasonville – Queenstown areas


NARRATIVE:         Funded by a grant from the Health Department several deputies worked an operation focused on highway interdiction of alcohol and drugs in possession of youths.


May 31st


0812 Hours : A blue Subaru Station Wagon was stopped for a minor traffic offense near Queenstown. The stop resulted in the seizure of suspected CDS (Marijuana and two smoking devices). Charges are pending on three occupants.


0820 Hours:  A white Nissan 300 ZX stopped for an equipment violation. Upon contacting the driver, the odor of burnt marijuana was noted coming from the interior. Search of the car resulted in the seizure of a smoking device, paraphernalia and suspected marijuana. Two occupants of the car were placed under arrest.


1036 Hours: A white Chevrolet pickup was stopped on E/B RT 50 near Nesbit Road. In the bed of the truck was 4 thirty packs of beer, 5 bottles of vodka, 2 bottles of whiskey and 2 bottles of rum were seized. Four underage citations were issued to the occupants.


1230 Hours: A black Honda passenger car was stopped for the driver failing to wear a seatbelt on RT 50 near Sportsman Neck. During the stop it was learned from the occupants that there was “some” alcohol in the trunk. Since both occupants were underage the following was seized:  1 Bottle of whiskey, 2 bottles of rum, 2 bottles of vodka, Six 30 packs of beer, two 12 packs of beer and an 18 pack of beer. The two occupants were issued citations for underage possession.


June 6th


0910 Hours: An excessively slow moving black Blazer was stopped on RT 50 near Queenstown. An odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle and the passenger with some difficulty stated they had been smoking marijuana while traveling on the highway. A search of the Blazer located smoking devices, blunt cigars, and a mason jar with suspected marijuana. The driver and passenger were identified as juveniles and were in possession of four 30 packs of beer, two bottles of whiskey and a bottle of vodka. Both juveniles were taken into custody, referred to Juvenile Justice and later released to their parents.


1140 Hours:         After a blue Nissan Maxima was stopped near Grasonville for speeding and several unsafe lane changes, and additional traffic violations it was stopped, the deputy could see the passenger in the front seat passing a large smoking device to the rear seat passenger. The driver also began to cry because he had recently gotten Probation before Judgment on another traffic violation. During the stop two smoking devices were seized and suspected CDS (Marijuana). In addition to several traffic citations, all three were referred to Juvenile Justice and the parents notified.


The UAE Operation resulted in:


Nine Possessions of CDS Charges

Seven Possession of Alcohol by Under 21 Person

Three Possession of tobacco under the age of 18

Two Driving while Suspended citations

Nine Additional traffic Citations



INCIDENT:            Theft / Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:       06/02/2014 @ 0339 Hours

LOCATION:           1925 Main Street, Chester

VICTIM:                Safeway

ARREST:               Robert Leverne Pierce Jr. (49) of Chester

CHARGE:              Possession of CDS Paraphernalia & Theft


NARRATIVE:         Deputy Neall was at Safeway and advised by an employee that a male in the store had concealed a pack of allergy pills in his pants pocket. As the man, later identified as Robert Pierce left the store he was stopped by Deputy Neall. When asked, Robert Pierce admitted to taking the pills and removed them from his pants. A pat down also located a glass smoking device used to smoke cocaine.


Pierce was placed under arrest and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing.  He was held until an $8000 Bail was posted.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                   14-17884


INCIDENT:            Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:       06/03/2014 @ 0305 Hours

LOCATION:           1100 Block of Little Creek Road, Chester

VICTIM:                Mark Staab of Chester & Richard Sweet 3rd of Chester

ARREST:               Kenneth Duane Joyce (41) of Chester

CHARGE:              Theft from Motor Vehicle & Rogue and Vagabond


NARRATIVE:         Victim’s wife was leaving for work and noticed her husband’s Ford F-450 was open and that there was a man asleep inside. On arrival the sleeping man had left but was located nearby asleep in another vehicle, a Chevy Van belonging to Mr. Sweet.


The man was identified as Kenneth Joyce of Chester. A search resulted in the recovery of a cell phone charger and a folding knife which was identified by Mr. Sweet as items missing from a third vehicle. A hat located in the Ford F-450 belonging to Mr. Staab was claimed by the suspect as his.


Joyce was placed under arrest and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters. After processing he was held on a $10,000 by a District Court Commissioner.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Chris Ahearn

ASSIST:                 Dfc. J. Rickard

CASE:                   14-18021


DATE / TIME:     05/28/2014 @ 1049 Hours

LOCATION:         500 Block of Marion Quimby Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Patricia A. Lawler of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported being away from her residence for the day and upon return found her front door had been pried damaging the door extensively. No entry appeared to have been made to the residence. Damages were estimated at $900.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                  14-17316


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/28/2014 @ 1257 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Char Nor Manor Blvd., Chestertown, (QA) MD.

VICTIM:              Calvin A. Patrick of Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Victim reported he was missing three handguns from his residence. The guns were stored in a box, and when the box was moved it was discovered to be empty. Two were .38 revolvers and the third was a .25 caliber automatic valued at $2000. No forced entry was located and the theft occurred sometime in the past couple of months.


DEPUTY:             Cpl. Shane Russell

CASE:                  14-17328


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/28/2014 @ 1409 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Greenwood Shoals, Grasonville

VICTIM:              Allan M. Taubin of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported the theft of his Maryland flag that was affixed to his garage. The theft occurred on Memorial Day night or the following morning. Thru social media, the victim learned that a second Maryland flag had been stolen in Prospect Bay Drive W. The flags were valued at $25 each.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                  14-17336


INCIDENT:          Medical Emergencies

DATE / TIME:     5/29/2014

LOCATION:         See Narrative

VICTIM:              See Narrative


NARRATIVE:       Sheriff’s Office was called to the Queenstown Area at 1539 Hours for an adult female asking to go to the hospital because she was wanting to kill herself. She was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center by patrol car.


At 1652, Deputies responded to a residence in Stevensville  for a juvenile being combative with family members. After being checked by EMS, the juvenile was transported by patrol car to Anne Arundel Medical Center.


At 2107 Deputies were called to a residence near Centreville for an adult female who was out of control and banging her head. EMS responded and attempted to transport her to Chester River Medical by ambulance. On the way she was able to get unbuckled and threatened to jump out. She was restrained by a deputy and the transport was completed.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Charles Harris / Deputy Chris Neall

ASSIST                 EMS Providers

CASE:                  14-17427; 14-17436; 14-17456



DATE / TIME:     05/30/2014 @ 0707 Hours

LOCATION:         Petinot Court, Stevensville

VICTIM:              William H. Peek of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported finding someone had spray painted his 2000 VW GTI with black paint on the passenger side door and fender. Damages were estimated at $750.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                  14-17485


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     05/30/2014 @ 2011 Hours

LOCATION:         500 Block of Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Jeffery S. Norris of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported finding his storage unit unsecured and the lock and a saw missing. The theft occurred sometime between March to May 30th. The saw was valued at $400.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                  14-17594


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     05/31/2014 @ 1207 Hours

LOCATION:         7000 Block of Church Hill Road, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:              Antone G. Black of Chestertown


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported a break-in at his apartment and a PlayStation 4, two Nintendo’s, assorted games and a pair of diamond stud earrings were missing. Items missing were valued at $2000.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Seth Ambrose

ASSIST:                Chestertown Police

CASE:                  14-17711


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/31/2014@ 1933 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block Monroe Manor Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Brenda Tate of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported being on vacation and having a relative “House-Sit” for her. When speaking with the relative on the phone, the victim advised she could hear other voices in the house. Upon returning home, the victim discovered several items of jewelry missing including 4 gold rings and a gold necklace. Items were valued at $1500. Case remains open.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                  14-17745




DATE / TIME:     05/28/2014 @ 1431 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of State Street

VICTIM:              Lowery Turner Antique Shop of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported finding both front window glass and the front door damaged at the store. Damages were estimated at $200.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Fleck

CASE:                  14-16944


INCIDENT:          Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 0159 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 50 / 301 Split, Queenstown

VICTIM:              Carlos Cruz of Alexandria Va.


NARRATIVE:       Deputy attempted to stop a Jeep Wrangler for speeding violation. The jeep failed to stop and continued onto RT 18 and then to Joseph Boyle Road. There the Jeep driver turned out the vehicle lights and crossed a ditch and into a field. The deputy could hear the Jeep going across the field and then heard a crash. The vehicle was later located where it had crashed into a green house, with the driver having fled the scene. A search of the scene failed to locate the driver.


A couple days later MSP received a report of a stolen vehicle from the owner. He advised he had left the Jeep with a subject in Centreville to be painted and had been called by the subject advising the Jeep had been stolen.


Case remains under investigation.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Parks

ASSIST:                MSP

CASE:                  14-17013


INCIDENT:          Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:     05/25/2014 @ 2330 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Dominion Road, Chester

VICTIM:              Amanda M. Parsons of Chester

ARREST:              Jermell Lamar Jones (21) of Chester

CHARGE:            Assault


NARRATIVE:       Deputies responded to address in response to a reported domestic. On arrival deputies saw blood on the steps and in the kitchen. Neither subject was at the home, with the Jermell Jones returning several minutes later. Jones advised he and his girlfriend were arguing and she wanted to leave, so he threw the keys to her accidently striking her in the eye. The female had then left to go to the ER in Grasonville.


Deputies responded to the ER and interviewed the female victim who refused to cooperate.


At about 0437 Hours deputies were called to the same location for another reported domestic. Victim had mud on her back and advised they were arguing and that Jones had pushed causing her to fall to the ground. Jermell Jones was placed under arrest for assault.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Brad Martz

CASE:                  14-17019


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 0841 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         1200 Block of 4H Park Road, Centreville

VICTIM:              Charles Nelson of Centreville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported someone had stolen a red female style beach bike from the rear of his camper. The bike was about 6 years old, valued at $100 and was last seen on May 24th.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:                  14-17030


INCIDENT:          Theft Report

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 1132 Hours

LOCATION:         3101 Main Street, Grasonville

VICTIM:              Sara Goldberg of Washington DC


NARRATIVE:       Victim and her fiancée reported her engagement ring was missing from their hotel room. The victim stated she had left her 2 Karat custom made engagement ring valued at $18,500 on the nightstand next to the bed before they left to go on a walk. Upon returning the ring was gone.


No sign of forced entry was located and a check of the hotel security indicated no one had entered the room during that time. The only possible suspect was their dog who had stayed in the room. It was suggested that the victims should “monitor” the dog for a few days.


The following day the couple called to advise the ring had been located and the ring (after a thorough cleaning) and dog were fine.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:                  14-17047


INCIDENT:          Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 1533 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of Lots Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Bruce M. Miller Jr. of Stevensville

ARREST:              Bruce Michael Miller Sr. of Stevensville

CHARGE:            2nd Degree Assault


NARRATIVE:       Reported domestic between a father and son over the son’s drinking. The victim claimed his father had grabbed his arm and punched him twice in the face. Victim had visible marks on his arm as reported. Witness at the scene confirmed the victim’s report.


Bruce Miller Sr. was placed under arrest for 2nd Degree assault and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. He was later released by a District Court Commissioner on his own recognizance.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:                  14-17072


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 1548 Hours

LOCATION:         425 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:              Gucci


NARRATIVE:       Store employee located an empty shoe box under a couch in the store. Store manager checked video and saw that an African American male had taken several scarfs from a display table and a shoe box. The man can be seen removing security sensors from the scarfs and trying on the shoes. He then placed the shoes and scarfs into a bag and leaves the store. Items were valued at $528.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Ryan Davidson

CASE:                  14-17075


INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 1556 Hours

LOCATION:         431A Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:              Sunglass Hut

ARREST:              Martyn Pierre Viger (25) of Takoma Park, MD

CHARGE:            Theft


NARRATIVE:       Dfc. Burns was dispatched to the Outlets for a theft. On arrival he was notified that a man suspected of stealing a pair of sunglasses was now in another store being watched by Mall Security. Dfc. Burns spoke with the suspect, who admitted to taking a pair of sunglasses and handed over a pair of Ray Bans valued at $199.


Suspect was placed under arrest and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. He was held until posting a $1000 bond.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                  14-17077


INCIDENT:          Assault

DATE / TIME:     05/26/2014 @ 2011 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Crouse Mill Road, Queen Anne

VICTIM:              Gary S. Thrower of Preston

ARREST:              Herman Lee Callahan Jr. (37) of Queen Anne

CHARGE:            Assault


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported being pushed to the ground several times and choked while being told by the suspect he was going to kill him. The suspect, Herman Callahan denied hitting or choking the victim. While the deputy was interviewing the two, Herman Callahan smacked a cigarette out of the victims mouth. Callahan was placed under arrest for assault.


After processing, Callahan was held until a $10,000 bail was posted.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE:                  14-17097





Date:                   6/3/2014

Time:                   1600 Hours

Location:            Queenstown, MD


Narrative:           Animal Control Officer responded to Chesapeake Veterinary Hospital for possible dog neglect. He was advised that an elderly female had brought a poodle in for euthanasia. The dog had an odor of rotten flesh and was covered with feces, matted fur, with sores and maggot infestation. The dog, later believed to be 18 was euthanized and when the doctor went to talk with the owner found out she had left.

The officer located the woman who advised the dog had been ill for several weeks and did not have the money to treat the dog. Records show the dog was last at a vet in 2008.


The case has been referred to the States Attorney’s Office for review.


Reporting Officer:           AC Officer Walt Tucker

Case:     17951




Date:                   6/5/2014

Time:                   1830 Hours

Location:            Centreville, MD


Narrative:           Neighborhood child was running to play with the MSP K9 handler’s child and the K9 German Shepard broke away from the handler and bit the 8 year old in the stomach area. The child was taken to the Emergency Room in Grasonville for a severe bite wound.

MSP personnel from the Centreville Barrack also responded to the location. The incident was released to Environmental Health for follow-up.


Reporting Officer:           AC Officer Walt Tucker

Case:     18258