QA Press Release 6/21





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:            Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:       06/12/2013 @ 1331 Hours

LOCATION:           1553 Postal Road, Chester

VICTIM:                Male (91) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:         Persons called reporting an elderly male in the area acting and speaking strangely. Deputies located the man who was confused and talking about going to work and flying. Family members were contacted and the man taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center for assistance.


DEPUTY:               Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                   13-17376


INCIDENT:            Assault & Theft

DATE / TIME:       06/12/2013 @ 1440 Hours

LOCATION:           1925 Main Street, Chester

VICTIM:                Safeway

NARRATIVE:         Deputies were dispatched to the Safeway Store for a reported theft in progress. On arrival, the deputy was flagged down by store employees advising a male fleeing on foot with stolen items. Canvas of the area failed to locate the man.


Upon returning to the store, it was reported that there was a female suspect also. Store employees reported that the female had hidden items in a purse and ran from the store to a white vehicle. When the male left the store with additional items, the store manager followed. The male turned around and pushed the manager while waving for the female to leave in the car. A second store employee intervened and was pushed also, with the male then running thru the parking lot.


The best description of the suspects was of the female. She is a white female with the sides of her head shaved close. She had a blond ponytail with black hair in the sides. She was driving a white car and not displaying plates but had a tag holders had “Antwerpen” on them. The male was only described as a white male with tattoos.


An estimated $600 dollars of assorted toiletry and hygiene products were taken.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                   13-17382


INCIDENT:            Theft

DATE / TIME:       06/12/2013

LOCATION:           105 Clay Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:                Caroline Warner of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:         Victim reported leaving her purse near the manager’s desk when she began her shift at Royal Farms. Several hours later she realized $20.00 was missing from her wallet.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE:                   13-17406


INCIDENT:            Burglary

DATE / TIME:       06/13/2013 @ 0754 Hours

LOCATION:           517 Main Street, Stevensville

VICTIM:                Kent Island Car Wash, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:         Store Manager reported he had discovered someone had pried open a door to the business and broken into the change machine. An estimated $2500 was missing from the business. Damages were estimated at over $5000.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                   13-17440


INCIDENT:            Theft

DATE / TIME:       06/14/2013@ 0551 Hours

LOCATION:           451 Grange Hall Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:                David A. Bramble Inc.


NARRATIVE:         Employee reported unknown person(s) had taken two batteries from a dump truck and another from a lift sometime between Wednesday and Friday. In addition there was fuel missing from a truck. Estimated loss was at $320.00


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                   13-17513


INCIDENT:            Theft

DATE / TIME:       06/14/2013 @ 1620 Hours

LOCATION:           32227 Queen Anne Highway, Queen Anne

VICTIM:                Mideyah Parker of Norcross GA.


NARRATIVE:         Victim reported she stopped at the Shell Stop and went inside, leaving her iPhone in her car. When she returned a few minutes later she discovered the phone missing. The phone was valued at $200.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                   13-17571


INCIDENT:            Assault

DATE / TIME:       06/14/2013 @ 1715 Hours

LOCATION:           125 New Street, Church Hill

VICTIM:                Jarmar R. Thomas of Church Hill

ARREST:               Cassandra Mae Floyd (23) of Church Hill

CHARGE:              Assault / Reckless Endangerment


NARRATIVE:         Report of an assault involving a knife on New Street. On arrival deputies located Ms. Floyd at the residence who stated she and the victim were arguing. Victim attempted to leave in a vehicle registered to him but the victim stated she paid for. To stop the victim from leaving she grabbed a steak knife and attempted to stab the tires. The victim then attempted to go inside the residence when Ms. Floyd stated she threatened to stab him if he went inside. Victim is reported to have attempted to grab the knife and was cut on the hand. He then fled on foot from the location.


Ms. Floyd was taken into custody and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. A District Court Commissioner set her bail at $50,000. On 6/17 her bail was reduced to $10,000 which was posted by a corporate bond.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Steve Stouffer

ASSIST:                 Dep. C. Hartmetz & Dfc. E. Goodman

CASE:                   13-17577


INCIDENT:            Disturbance

DATE / TIME:       06/14/2013 @ 2146 Hours

LOCATION:           8000 Block of Bridgepointe Drive, Chester


NARRATIVE:         Deputies were called to the location for a family disturbance. On arrival they learned that the home owner’s son was staying at the residence and had locked himself out. In order to get in, he had kicked the door in. After telling his parent what had occurred a friend of the parent had arrived and an heated argument had occurred and one of the subjects had picked up a hammer and made threats. None of the subjects indicated they wanted charges and the friend left the area. Alcohol was a factor.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Steve Matthews

ASSIST:                 Dep. N. Burns

CASE:                   13-17598


INCIDENT:            Assault

DATE / TIME:       06/15/2013 @ 0019 Hours

LOCATION:           430 Narrows Point Road, Grasonville

VICTIM:                Merida G. Donnelly of Grasonville

Victoria Carter of Troy New York

Juvenile Male

ARREST:               Frank Peter Donnelly (51) of Grasonville

CHARGE:              Assault (3 Counts)


NARRATIVE:         Deputies called to the residence for a domestic. As they arrived they saw a male subject parked in a Cadillac at the entrance to the gated community. The subject advised he had been arguing with his wife and was going to a hotel. While a deputy remained with the male (Frank Donnelly), other units went to the residence.


Mrs. Donnelly reported she and her husband had been to dinner and he became intoxicated. As they arrived home, an argument had occurred during which she said he pushed into a door. She called for her mother who was staying with them and she joined the argument and was pushed against a wall. A juvenile at the residence also intervened and pushed also.


Mr. Donnelly was placed under arrest and charged with three counts of assault. After processing at the Sheriff’s Headquarters, a District Court Commissioner set bail at $15,000 and he was held at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Steve Matthews

ASSIST:                 Dep. K. Parks & Dep. N. Burns

CASE:                   13-17611


INCIDENT:            Burglary

DATE / TIME:       06/15/2013 @ 0132 Hours

LOCATION:           620 Main Street, Church Hill

VICTIM:                Rhodes Store


NARRATIVE:         Sheriff’s Units responded to the stores location in response to an alarm. On arrived they located an open door which had been forced open. A search of the business failed to locate anyone inside. The search did result in finding both cash registers open with currency missing. Security video shows a light skinned male approaching the business with his face covered. Once inside the store the suspect opened both cash registers and then fled the business.


DEPUTY: Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                   13-17615