QA Press Release 7/17


INCIDENT: Downs Family Reunion
DATE / TIME: 7/15/17 1400-1500
LOCATION: Pinkey Park in Pondtown
DETAILS: Deputy C. Neall was asked to represent the Sheriff’s Office at request of the Downs family to come speak with approximately 200 family members on conducting safe traffic stops for both the Officer’s and Civilians involved. Deputy C. Neall answered several questions from the family and overall promoted a positive experience between law enforcement and the community
DEPUTY: C. Neall
CASE: 17-20816
INCIDENT: Possession of Marijuana less than 10 grams
DATE / TIME: 7/16/2017 @ 2105hrs
LOCATION: E/B Rt. 50 @ Piney Creek Road Chester
DETAILS: While on patrol, Dfc. Brad Martz stopped a Hyundai passenger car for having an inoperable headlight. Dfc. Martz could smell the odor of marijuana and performed a K-9 scan with his partner, K-9 Spike. K-9 Spike alerted to the presence of marijuana and a search was conducted, resulting in a pill bottle with the name of one of the passengers in the vehicle with marijuana under 10 grams being found inside. The 17 year old female from Centreville, MD was charged on a juvenile citation and released to her mother on scene.
DEPUTY: Dfc. B. Martz
CASE: 17-20968
INCIDENT: Emergency Petition
DATE / TIME: 07/17/2017 @ 0130hrs.
LOCATION: Grange Hall Road Wye Mills
DETAILS: Deputies were contacted in regards to a suicidal subject that was making threats to harm himself over the phone. Deputies were able to obtain a description of the vehicle the subject was operating and was able to get a general location from his phone. The 18 year old male from Cambridge was located and taken into custody without incident. He was transported to a local hospital for an emergency petition.
DEPUTY: Sgt. T. Lowery / Cpl. T. Svehla
CASE: 17-20990
INCIDENT: Burglary
DATE / TIME: 7/17/2017 @ 1737hrs.
LOCATION: 200 block of Perry Corner Road Grasonville
DETAILS: Deputies responded to the 200 block of Perry Corner Road Grasonville in regards to a shed that was broken into and a white 2006 Yamaha Raptor ATV being stolen. The victim advised the last time they saw the ATV was yesterday’s date.
DEPUTY: Dfc. B. Martz
CASE: 17-20954
INCIDENT: Verbal Domestic
DATE / TIME: 07/16/2017 between 1600 -1615
LOCATION: Del Rhodes Avenue, Queenstown
DETAILS: The Mother and her Daughter, got into a verbal altercation. Both parties swung at each other but neither made contact. The Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff was called to remove the daughter from the residence. Neither parties wanted any further action to take place. The daughter left the residence and is staying with a friend. Mother completed a Mid-shore lethality form and did not screen in. The contact information was still offered to to the mother who denied same.
DEPUTY: Cpl. VanSant
CASE: 17-20946
INCIDENT: Traffic Stop/ CDS possession Marijuana under 10grams
DATE / TIME: 7/16/17 at 1:27PM
LOCATION: Rt. 544 @ Deep Landing Rd., Chestertown
DETAILS: Dfc. Prince was conducting a stationary traffic enforcement detail and noticed a Hyundai Accent traveling on 544 with what appeared to be illegal tint. He activated his emergency lights and made a stop of the vehicle. Upon initial contact with the driver (Faye Ann Carson, AA/F, 7/27/70), the deputy noticed a strong odor of suspected marijuana. A search of the vehicle revealed a small amount of marijuana (under 10grams). As a result, the driver was cited for the marijuana and issued a repair order for the tint. She was released at the scene.
DEPUTY: DFC. D. Prince
CASE: 17-20926
INCIDENT: Theft under 1,000.
DATE / TIME: 7/16/17 at 9:41am
LOCATION: Bay Bridge Marina 357 Pier One Rd., slip E20, Stevensville
DETAILS: Dep. Bush responded to the theft of a men’s mountain bike. Stolen was a Giant brand, 18 speed, purple in color bike. The bike was stolen off the dock (slip E20) by unknown suspect(s) sometime between 7/15/17 at 10:30pm and 7/16/17 at 8am.
DEPUTY: Deputy D. Bush
CASE: 17-20912
INCIDENT: Theft from Vehicles
DATE / TIME: 07/15/2017 between 2230-0930
LOCATION: 7200 block of Main Street, Queenstown
DETAILS: Upon arrival, officers were able to identify 4 separate vehicles that had been broken into. 3 out of 4 of the vehicles had property stolen. The victims were identified. Approximately $131 worth of property was stolen from the vehicles. Any persons with information is asked to contact Cpl. VanSant at the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff.
DEPUTY: Cpl. VanSant
CASE: 17-20913
DATE / TIME: 7/15/2017 @ 2345hrs.
LOCATION: Mowbray Park Stevensville
DETAILS: While on patrol, Dep. Cooper observed a suspicious vehicle at the park, after hours. There were 3 subjects located in the vehicle. One of the subjects (Kayla Marie Miller 25 yo female) had an active warrant through Talbot County, MD and was transported there for service. Another subject, (Jordan Demetrius Hines 20yo male from Stevensville, MD) admitted that he had marijuana in the vehicle. 14.7 grams of suspected marijuana was recovered and he was taken before a District Court Commissioner where he was subsequently released.
DEPUTY: Dep. A. Cooper
CASE: 17-20879
INCIDENT: Check the Welfare / Open Container in Vehicle
DATE / TIME: 7/15/2017 @ 1825hrs.
LOCATION: Ellicott Drive and Sherman Drive Chester
DETAILS: Deputies and Paramedics were dispatched to Ellicott Drive in the area of Sherman Drive Stevensville for a check the welfare. A caller advised that there was a vehicle parked there and the driver was alone and slumped over the steering wheel. The paramedics were able to wake the 52 year old female but she was still unresponsive and appeared heavily intoxicated. A half empty bottle of Vodka was recovered from the vehicle. She was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Alcohol related charges are pending.
DEPUTY: Cpl. T. Svehla
CASE: 17-20837
INCIDENT: Verbal Domestic
DATE / TIME: 7/15/2017 @ 2323hrs.
LOCATION: New Street Church Hill
DETAILS: Deputies were dispatched to New Street Church Hill, MD in regards to a verbal domestic between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The male subject left the residence prior to the deputies arrival. The incident was documented and the caller was advised on how to seek assistance through the Commissioner’s Office is she desired.
DEPUTY: Dfc. E. Goodman
CASE: 17-20874
INCIDENT: Stolen M/V update
DATE / TIME: 7/15/17 at approx. 6:15PM
LOCATION: Flatland Rd., Chestertown
DETAILS: The 1986 blue Dodge Pickup, previously reported as stolen has been recovered by the Kent County SO. A male subject (name unknown at this time) was driving it at the time it was recovered and was arrested without incident. The vehicle was returned to the rightful owner.
DEPUTY: Deputy T. Myers
CASE: 17-20831
INCIDENT: Child Neglect
DATE / TIME: 7/15/17 @2:19pm
LOCATION: Park Ln. Chestertown
DETAILS: QACSO units along with EMS units responded for an unconscious female/ possible OD in the residence. Upon arrival by Paramedics the female subject 29 yo w/f was awakened without the use of any meds/treatments. She was conscious, but appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. There was no evidence of illicit drug use on the scene. Also on scene was an 8 year girl who is the niece of her. The child’s mother was away and the Aunt was babysitting. She refused medical treatment and was not a threat to anyone. Further questioning revealed she had ingested a prescription med that made her tired. Due to concern for the child, CPS was contacted and as a result a nearby family friend was able to watch over the child until the mother came home.
DEPUTY: Deputy T. Myers/assisted by Dfc. D Prince/QAC Paramedic
CASE: 17-20822
INCIDENT: OD/Prescription Opioids
DATE / TIME: 7/15/17 @2:21PM
LOCATION: Shamrock Rd, Chester
DETAILS: QACSO Units along with EMS units responded for an unconscious person, possible OD. Contact was made with the patient, who was unconscious and in distress 45 YO, w/f. She was transported to AAMC for possible overdose of several prescription meds.
DEPUTY: Deputy D. Bush/ assisted by Deputy S. Dickey/QAC paramedic
CASE: 17-20823
DATE / TIME: 7/15/17 @3:33PM
LOCATION: Double Creek Rd, Chestertown
DETAILS: QACSO units responded for a just stolen 1986 Dodge D100 pickup, light blue in color, bearing MD tag 30401K. Apparently, the truck was used for work on the farm and had just been used and minutes later an unknown suspect drove off.
DEPUTY: Dep. Myers
CASE: 17-20719