QA Press Release 7/26






EVENT:                 Red Knights Motorcycle Club Fundraiser & Ride

DATE / TIME:     10:30am Saturday July 22, 2017

LOCATION:        Starting at the Queenstown Moose Lodge

DETAILS:           Deputies from the Queen Anne’s Office of the Sheriff were assigned to a special event to provide traffic control and safety assistance for the Red Knights Motorcycle Club, which had a charity ride through Queen Anne’s County starting at the Queenstown Moose Lodge on Rt. 18.  The Route took the riders up though Centreville and northern parts of the county and returning to Queenstown.

DEPUTY:                  Dfc. G. Sewell, Dfc. T. Copper, & Dfc. J. Aaron

CASE:                    17-21631


EVENT:                 Fisher Manor Community Day

DATE / TIME:     Starting at 12 noon Saturday July 22, 2017

LOCATION:        Fisher Manor Community in Grasonville, MD

DETAILS:           The Fisher Manor neighborhood hosted a Community Day over the weekend where they invited all their residents to a block party throughout the community.  The event featured inflatable party toys for the kids, a Community BBQ, Queen Anne’s County Sheriff Vehicles and Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department Engine which sprayed the kids in the hot weather!   Deputies were able to meet with and talk to residents about their neighborhood and interact positively with community members of all ages.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. J. Brockman & Dfc. C. Neall

CASE:                   17-21656


INCIDENT:      Commercial Burglary

DATE / TIME:   7/24/2017 @ 2242hrs.

LOCATION:    3634 Main Street @ Marshy Creek Liquors Grasonville, MD

DETAILS:   Deputies responded to Marshy Creek Liquors for an alarm at the location.  Once on scene, deputies observed a back glass door to the establishment was busted out and a flood light ripped off the wall above it.  The store was searched for suspects and deputies along with MSP troopers began canvassing the area for any suspects.  The video surveillance shows two suspects entering the store.  There was cash and several liquor bottles missing including several bottles of Grey Goose Vodka.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Criminal Investigation’s Unit.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. B. Martz

CASE:   17-21961


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     7/25/17 @ 5:00AM

LOCATION:        Seven Eleven, Chester Station Rd., Chester, Md. 21619

DETAILS:      QACSO units responded for the burglary during the overnight hours of the store. An employee had arrived to open the store and discovered the burglary. Several items were stolen. The crime scene was processed for evidence and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with info, please contact the QACSO CIU division.

DEPUTY:             Deputy Cooper/QACSO CIU

CASE:        17-21977


INCIDENT:        Medical Assist / Possession CDS

DATE / TIME:     7/25/17 & 1602 and 7/25/17 @ 2316

LOCATION:    100 Block of Bufflehead Ct. Stevensville

DETAILS:       Deputies responded for a possible overdose incident. Contact was made with the resident who advised that the victim was pale, semi-conscious and unresponsive. EMS responded for treatment and diagnosis. Victim was transported to AAMC for further treatment. The victim was a recovering CDS user though family thought he may have relapsed. A K-9 scan of the residence was negative for CDS.

The victim later returned to Bufflehead Ct after being released from AAMC. The victim was again showing signs of CDS use. Deputies and EMS returned to the residence. A search of the victims vehicle resulted in CDS possible heroine. The subject was placed under arrest and charge with Possession of CDS.

DEPUTY:  Medical Call:   Dep. Bush assisted by Dep. Piasecki and K-9 Zora

Possession Call:  Dep. Cooper assisted by DFC Martz, Sgt. Lowery & Cpl. Svehla

CASE:   17-22046 Medical Assist / 17-22087 CDS Possession


INCIDENT:      Possession of Marijuana under 10 grams

DATE / TIME:   7/24/2017 @ 2106

LOCATION:    Batts Neck Park @ 415 Batts Neck Road Stevensville, MD 21666

DETAILS:  While on patrol Dfc. Cooper checked the Batts Neck Park for any after hours activity.  He observed a Chevy passenger vehicle parked in the rear of the parking lot with no lights on.  He approached the vehicle and observed three persons to be inside.  While speaking with the occupants of the vehicle he noticed that they were acting nervous.  Dfc. Martz and K-9 Spike arrived at the location and a K-9 scan was conducted which resulted in a positive alert.  During a search of the vehicle, there was marijuana found under one of the passenger seats.  Two of the subjects admitted that it was their marijuana.  They were both charged on a civil citation and released.

CHARGED:  Shawn Wobbe (22yo w/m of Stevensville, MD)

Caleb Dane Rada (22yo w/m of Stevensville, MD)

.DEPUTY:   Dfc. Alex Cooper Assisted by Dfc. Brad Martz & K-9 Spike

CASE:  17-21952



INCIDENT:       Hit & Run Property Accident

DATE / TIME:     7/25/17 @ 1614

LOCATION:    Crab Deck Parking Lot 3032 Kent Narrows Way

DETAILS:   A white vehicle operated by April Gioffre was operating a White 2012 Buick 4DR Passenger Veh in the parking lot in an unsafe manner. As a result she struck a parked 2014 Ford Pick-up and pushed it into the vehicle next to it a 2017 Nissan 4DR passenger car. The driver of the Buick exited the car looked in the windows of the pick up truck. She then returned to her vehicle and fled the scene. The incident was caught on the video recording. The driver was later contacted by the deputy. Traffic Charges are pending

.DEPUTY:   Cpl. T. Svehla

CASE:  17-22047


INCIDENT:   Traffic Stop / Commercial Vehicle Inspection Level III

DATE / TIME:   7/26/17 @ 0300

LOCATION:    Rt. 300 S/B near Cherry Ln. Queenstown

DETAILS:   While traveling S/B Rt. 301 a deputy observed a rollback type vehicle operating erratically going from one lane to the other onto the grass past the shoulder. The deputy affected a traffic stop and made contact with the driver Maurice Respass. A check of the driver’s license revealed that the driver had a Warrant for FTA Commercial Vehicle Traffic Offenses from Anne Arundel County.  Also the driver possessed and displayed a Washington D.C. driver’s license which was suspended. A Level III Safety check was conducted during the stop which resulted in and alcohol beverage container being located in the vehicle which is prohibited by law in a Commercial Vehicle. The driver was charge with multiple related traffic offenses and taken into custody to have the warrant served.

.DEPUTY:   DFC Martz assisted by Cpl. Svehla and DFC Goodman

CASE:    17-22103