INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 1130 Hours

LOCATION:         Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM:               Male (30) of Chester


NARRATIVE:        After receiving a call from a suicide Hotline, deputies began to attempt to locate a caller threatening to harm himself. Subject was located in a car on Cox Neck Road and was then transported by Patrol Car to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST:                 A/Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                    12-21189


INCIDENT:           Theft    

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 1307 Hours           

LOCATION:         200 Kent Landing, Stevensville

VICTIM:               K-Mart

ARREST:               Pending


NARRATIVE:        Store Security reported a group of individuals involved in shoplifting from the store. The group of four consisted of an African-American male and female who were inside the store and a white male and female outside the store acting as look-outs. The female inside the store was observed taking several pieces of jewelry and concealing them under her clothing. As the couple left the store they were approached by store security and asked to return to the store. The couple started back in and then fled getting in a blue Ford Escort station wagon listed to a subject in Ridgely. The car was later located at a residence on Sherman Way. Deputies were unable to locate the suspects, however they were able to identify the female suspect from the store and charges are pending.  The estimated value of items taken was $187.00


DEPUTY:              A/Cpl. John Brockman

ASSIST:                 K-Mart Security / Ridgely Police

CASE:                    12-21198


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 1351 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         700 Block of Dulin Road, Centreville, MD               

VICTIM:               William Lamb of Centreville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that during the night before someone had spray painted his mailbox with green spray paint. This was the only report of MDOP in the area. The damage was minimal.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews


CASE:                    12-21200


INCIDENT:           Suspicious Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 1402 Hours

LOCATION:         Chester Harbor Community, Chestertown

VICTIM:               N/A


NARRATIVE:        Several persons in the neighborhood reported that an older black Subaru hatchback or station wagon with War of 1812 MD tags appeared suspicious in the neighborhood. The vehicle was driven by a white female with dirty blond hair with the front passenger being an African-American male with short dreadlocks and a African American female in the rear seat. All of the subjects appeared to be in their twenties. The vehicle was seen parked in several areas of the community and driving slowly on some streets several times. They also approached several children who ran away to a safe residence. Persons with information about this vehicle are asked to contact the QA Sheriff‘s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email    


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                    12-21201


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 2006 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         2600 Block of Peters Corner Road, Marydel

VICTIM:               William Smith Jr. of Marydel


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported missing a handgun from his residence. Victim stated that he went to get his .22 Heritage “Rough Rider” revolver to do some target practice and was unable to locate the gun. The last time the victim saw the gun was on 7/18. Victim states the residence is always locked and there were no signs of a forced entry. The victim also stated that he had a subject in the residence installing a floor and he has since relocated possibly to Oklahoma. The revolver was valued at $300.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. George Sewell

CASE:                    12-21235


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 2054 Hours

LOCATION:         Lots Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Female (49) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Family member arrived at the residence and found the female in a lethargic state and disclosed she had taken an intentional overdose of pills. She was transported to Easton Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-21240


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      07/23/2012 @ 2238 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         900 Love Point Road, Stevensville (KIVFD Carnival)

VICTIM:               Beau G. McLellan of Grasonville

ARREST:               Male (17) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              Assault


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported walking around the carnival grounds and was confronted by a juvenile male who wanted to fight. The two have had issues in the past over a female. When the victim refused to fight, the juvenile allegedly pushed him causing the victim to fall and injure his ankle. The juvenile was referred to Juvenile Services for assault.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    12-21245


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      07/24/2012 @ 1458 Hours

LOCATION:         1600 Block of Dixon Tavern Road, Barclay

VICTIM:               Rebecca A. Crouch of Barclay

ARREST:               William Edward Crouch (37) of Barclay

CHARGE:              Assault 2nd Degree / FTA


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to the residence in response to a domestic assault in progress with a male holding a female on the floor. On arrival the male was in the yard acting strangely and in an excited state. The victim told deputies that the male was her husband and he had been using “Bath Salts” which had caused him to see imaginary people in the house and other accusations. She also stated he had thrown her to the floor, punched her in the eye and held her hands behind her back. The victim had red marks consistent with her statements. William Crouch was taken into custody and charged with assault. He was also found to be wanted on a Failure to Appear warrant held by Centreville Police. He was held on a $5000 bail.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

ASSIST:                 MSP

CASE:                    12-21317


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      07/25/2012 @ 0436 Hours

LOCATION:         700 Block of Ruthsburg Road, Centreville

VICTIM:               Steve L. Viller of Centreville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported going to his work truck parked in his driveway at his residence and finding one of the tool boxes open with assorted amount of tools missing. Some of the missing tools are used for inspection of fire equipment. No dollar amount of loss has been determined.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Aaron Wilson

CASE:                    12-21378


INCIDENT:           Warrant Service / CDS Possession

DATE / TIME:      07/25/2012 @ 1115 Hours

LOCATION:         400 Block of McKay Road, Stevensville

ARREST:               Christopher Andrew Thompson (38) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              Assault 1st Degree/ Assault 2nd Degree / Reckless Endangerment / Battery / Deadly Weapon / Possession of CDS


NARRATIVE:        Deputy Harris was at the residence on a follow-up investigation when he was advised that a subject inside the house had an open warrant for his arrest. Christopher Harris was taken into custody for an open warrant in QA for Assault 1st & 2nd Degree and Reckless Endangerment. As he was taken into custody suspected marijuana was observed and seized. It was later learned that Thompson was also wanted for a battery and deadly weapon charge in Baltimore City from 1992.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                    12-21404


INCIDENT:           Assault / Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      07/25/2012 @ 1815 Hours

LOCATION:         Rabbit Hill Road, Church Hill


ARREST:               Male (16) of Church Hill

CHARGE:              Assault


NARRATIVE:        Deputies responded to the residence to find numerous family members in the yard yelling at one another. Upon separating some of them, deputies attempted to learn what was going on. It was determined that siblings had gotten into an argument during which the 16year old punched and pushed his sister (19) to the ground and then choked her. Some of the persons at the location declined to cooperate. A male juvenile was taken into custody and later referred to Juvenile Justice for assault. He was also taken to Easton Memorial Hospital for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Charles Harris

ASSIST:                 Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

CASE:                    12-21434


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      07/26/2012 @ 0816 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 301 @ RT 305, Centreville

VICTIM:               Stella M. Gillis of Crumpton

ARREST:               Male (17) of Crumpton

CHARGE:              Assault


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that she was driving on RT 301 with the juvenile when she asked him to turn the volume down on his cell phone. When he failed to do so, she took the phone and placed on the driver door side. The juvenile at that time reached across her and grabbed her arm in an attempt to reach the phone causing her to nearly lose control of the car. The juvenile also attempt to grab the keys to stop the car. At that time, the victim drove to the Sheriff’s Office and report the incident. The juvenile was referred for assault and taken into custody by Juvenile Services.


DEPUTY:              Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

CASE:                    12-21488


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      07/26/2012 @ 0945 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Utah Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Maryland Estates


NARRATIVE:        It was reported to the Sheriff’s Office that someone had spray-painted the two white pillars with purple graffiti located at RT 8 and Utah Road. Damage was estimated at $100. (Two photos attached)


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE:                    12-21492


INCIDENT:           Assault / Theft

DATE / TIME:      07/26/2012 @ 2050 Hours

LOCATION:         900 Love Point Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Patricia A. Turner of Grasonville

ARREST:               Pending


NARRATIVE:        At the KIVFD Carnival it was observed that a male adult was chasing a juvenile male through the grounds. Both subjects were stopped and separated. It was reported that the victim had been on the Cross Island Trail with $325 in her possession when the juvenile male grabbed the money and ran away. The victim knew who the male was and later confronted him at his residence and he allegedly struck her in the nose causing it to bleed. When deputies saw the chase, it was the father of the victim chasing the suspect. The suspect denied taking the money, had only $20 on his person and that the victim and friends had assaulted him. Parties were separated at the location with the investigation continuing.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Lee Becker

CASE:                    12-21556


INCIDENT:           DWI

DATE / TIME:      07/27/2012 @ 2304 Hours

LOCATION:         Little Creek Road @ First Street, Chester


ARREST:               Mary Helen Tolson (50) of Stevensville

CHARGE:              DWI


NARRATIVE:        After a gray Buick rounded a corner, crossed the center line and nearly struck the patrol car, Dfc. Ambrose stopped the vehicle. Driver was found to be Mary Tolson of Stevensville. The odor of alcoholic beverage was present and the driver appeared to have bloodshot and glassy eyes. She was asked to step from the car and attempt several field sobriety tasks. Based on the results, she was placed under arrest for DWI. She was issued citations and related documents at the scene and released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-21686


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      07/28/2012 @ 0835 Hours

LOCATION:         1000 Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:               George Banning of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported the theft of a boat motor on 7/26. Victim stated he had just purchased the boat and motor and had parked it in his garage. Leaving the garage door open when he went for a bike ride, on his return the white & red 1972 Chrysler 9.9 motor was gone. Victim placed the value of the motor at $400.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                    12-21709


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      07/28/2012 @ 1005 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of Kehm Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:               George I. Nightingale of Federalsburg

                              Kenneth L. Medell of Queenstown

                              Theresa M. Robinson of Northolmstead Ohio

                              Alexander L. Robinson of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported discovering all four vehicles parked at his residence had two tires each slashed during the night. His father’s 2002 Chevrolet, his 2006 Volkswagen, his mother’s 2007 Ford Van and his girlfriend’s fathers 2007 Chevrolet had been damaged. Damages were estimated at $1400.


DEPUTY:              A/Cpl. John Brockman

CASE:                    12-21712


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      07/28/2012 @ 1854 Hours

LOCATION:         Murphy Road, Centreville

VICTIM:               Barbara Pinder of Centreville                      


NARRATIVE:        Victim was away from her residence and a family member was checking the residence and found a storm door and kitchen door windows broken. Nothing was reported missing and damage was estimated at $150.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Aaron Wilson

CASE:                    12-21741


INCIDENT:           Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME:      07/28/2012 @ 2020 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of Grove Cove Road, Centreville

VICTIM:               Randy Booze of Centreville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported a pair of black prescription sunglasses and an iPod docking station missing from his Toyota Tacoma truck. The items were last seen the previous night when the vehicle was parked. Items were valued at $400.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Robert Boyles

CASE:                    12-21771            


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      07/29/2012 @ 0014 Hours

LOCATION:         321 Wells Cove Road, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Female (20) of Glen Burnie


NARRATIVE:        Deputies were dispatched to location for a female in distress. On arrival deputies located a female throwing herself on the parking lot and would not answer questions when asked. A co-worker stated the female earlier was talking about being in an accident and dreaming of a car running off the Bay Bridge. The female was transported by ambulance accompanied by a Deputy to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-21781