QA Press Release 7/7





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:          Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:     06/22/2014 @ 1039 Hours

LOCATION:         Dudley Corner’s Corner Road, Millington

VICTIM:                             Female (30’s)


NARRATIVE:       Victim reportedly overdosed on prescription medicines with the intent to harm herself. Victim was transported to Chester River Medical Center by ambulance for treatment.


DEPUTY:             Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

ASSIST:                EMS

CASE:                  14-20379


INCIDENT:          Assault

DATE / TIME:     06/23/2014 @ 1308 Hours

LOCATION:         2000 Block of Main Street, Chester

VICTIM:                             Zachary Koch of Annapolis

ARREST:              Pending

CHARGE:            Assault & Reckless Endangerment


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported being assaulted by a fellow employee of a moving company on the 19th. Investigation revealed that the victim was driving a truck with other employees in the rear and had slammed his brakes several times as a joke, however two of the riders were slightly injured. Another employee identified as Sean Michael Merrigan (24) of Church Hill took offense to Koch’s actions and punched him several times in the face hard enough to incapacitate him. One of the employees pulled Merrigan off of Koch, who was sitting down and dazed. Merrigan reportedly broke free and kicked Koch in the face.


Koch was driven to QA Emergency Room by one of the employees and then flown to Shock Trauma where he required surgery. Koch reported the incident on the 23rd after being released from the hospital.


An Arrest Warrant was issued on July 3rd charging Merrigan with 1st Degree and 2nd Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment and his arrest is pending.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                  14-20498


INCIDENT:          Unauthorized Use / CDS Possession

DATE / TIME:     06/23/2014 @ 1439 Hours

LOCATION:         400 Block of Owens Road, Queen Anne

VICTIM:                             Dawn M. Brown of Queen Anne

ARREST:              Kira Renee Woodus (26) of Grasonville

CHARGE:            Possession of CDS (Cocaine) / Unauthorized Use of MV / Driving without a License


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported she had lent her 1994 Oldsmobile to a friend, Kira Woodus so she could visit a friend in St. Michaels on June 21st. Victim stated she had told Woodus to return the car the following morning. When the car wasn’t returned, she called Woodus who stated she had been drinking and shouldn’t drive. Victim then advised to have the car back Monday morning.


When the car still hadn’t been returned, the victim called the Sheriff’s Office. While deputies were taking the report, the victim received a text advising the car would be returned in the next 10-15 minutes but Woodus never showed.


Later that day, the vehicle was spotted on Main Street in Grasonville and was stopped on Evans Avenue with Kira Woodus driving. A MVA check indicated Woodus did not have a driver’s license and was placed under arrest. A search of the car resulted in the seizure of a glass smoking device with suspected cocaine.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:                  14-20504


INCIDENT:          Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:     6/23/2014 @ 1612 Hours

LOCATION:         Kent Island Estates, Stevensville

VICTIM:                             Male (48) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Deputies responded to the residence to assist EMS with a combative male. Subject reportedly had been consuming numerous bottles of alcohol and walking outside with little or no clothing. When EMS arrived he became angry and combative. He was transported by patrol car to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Andrew Neall

ASSIST:                EMS

CASE:                  14-20509



DATE / TIME:     06/24/2014 @ 0742

LOCATION:         Skipper Lane, Chester

VICTIMS:            John Ringrose Jr. – Marito Reed – Ronnie Melvi – Amy Macey all of Chester


NARRATIVE:       Mr. Ringrose reported finding his mailbox damaged sometime during the night. A canvas of the neighborhood located three additional mailboxes vandalized. Estimated damage was $200.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Ryan Davidson

CASE:                  14-20594


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     06/24/2014 @ 0829 Hours

LOCATION:         115 Deep Landing Road, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM:                             Deep Landing Workshop


NARRATIVE:       Owner of the business reported a break-in at his business sometime after 8PM the night before. A check of inventory showed that six large sheets of copper had been taken valued at $660. The investigation has been assigned to Det. Steve Matthews of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                  14-20604


INCIDENT:          Stolen Vehicle

DATE / TIME:     06/24/2014 @ 1251 Hours

LOCATION:         1600 Block of Main Street, Chester

VICTIM:                             William McGovern of Easton


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported his 1993 Nissan truck missing from his business. The truck was valued at $5000 and likely had a set of keys in the cab. A neighborhood canvas was done and the vehicle was entered into NCIC. Later in the day persons located trash from the truck at Harbor View playground.


On 6/29 the truck was located abandoned on Kimberly Way missing the license plates and returned to the owner.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Mitch Jones

ASSIST:                Cpl. Chris Green

CASE:                  14-20652