QA Press Release 8/17



INCIDENT:         Driving While Impaired by CDS

DATE / TIME:     08/16/2017 approximately 1525 hours

LOCATION:       Dudley Farm/Grange Hall Rd


SUSPECT:           Thomas Darcy Seaman, 25yo of Goldsboro Md.


DETAILS:             A black in color, Chevy Malibu was traveling 50mph in a posted 30mph. Deputies completed a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, and after field sobriety testing, it was the opinion of the officer that the driver, identified as Thomas Seaman, was impaired. Through an additional screening with a Drug Recognition Expert, it was determined that Seaman was under the influence of CDS. Seaman was placed under arrest and issued the appropriate documents.

Seaman was issued a citation for:

TA: 21.801, Exceed Max Speed

TA: 21.801(a), Driving vehicle in excess  reasonable and prudent speed

TA: 21-902 (c), Driving while so impaired by drugs, incapable of driving safely

TA: 21-902(d), Driving while impaired by controlled dangerous substance


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Prince

CASE:        17-24341



INCIDENT:         Theft

DATE / TIME:     08/16/2017 approximately 1020 hours

LOCATION:       Exposed Treasures, 1628 Postal Rd Chester MD 21619

VICTIM:             Matt Christopher Schultz, 40yo male of Chester


DETAILS:       Exposed Treasures had a metal boat propeller stolen from the store on Friday 08/11/17. The metal boat propeller was located and recovered at R.B. Baker and Sons after it had been scrapped. Investigation to continue.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Goodman

CASE:             17-24317



INCIDENT:      Theft of Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:   8/16/2017 @ 1856hrs.

LOCATION:    340 Thompson Creek Road Stevensville, MD 21666

VICTIM:  Michael Williams,  Marion Quimby Drive Stevensville, Md 21666


DETAILS:  Deputies responded to the victims residence located on Marion Quimby Drive Stevensville, Md where they were advised that his 2002 Toyota Tacoma, silver in color pickup truck was parked between Thompson Creek Liquors and the Food Lion with the window down and the keys left in the vehicle.  When he exited the store, his truck was gone.  Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the vehicle is asked to contact law enforcement.



DEPUTY:   Dep. Savannah Dickey

CASE:  17-24358