QA Press Release 8/20





If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


INCIDENT:          Burglary

DATE / TIME:     08/16/2013 @ 1510 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Nichols Manor Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Margaret Walsh of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:       Victim reported several bottles of alcohol missing from the garage and $60 from one of the vehicles. Total loss was estimated at $154.00


DEPUTY:             Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                  13-24531


INCIDENT:          Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:     08/16/2013 @ 1919 Hours

LOCATION:         Bonds Road, Centreville, MD

VICTIM:              Female (23) of Centreville


NARRATIVE:       Deputies responded to the location for a subject attempting to harm herself. On arrival her condition required transporting her by ambulance to Easton Memorial Hospital.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST:                Dfc. J. Rickard, Dfc. L. Steenken

CASE:                  13-24545


INCIDENT:          Medical Emergency – Assault

DATE / TIME:     08/17/2013 – 0224 Hours

LOCATION:         Barren Ridge Road, Chester

VICTIM:              Male (37) of Chester

ARREST:              Mary Jane Dillinger (32) of Middle River, MD

CHARGE:            Assault – Fail to Obey Lawful Order – Resisting Arrest


NARRATIVE:       Deputies responded to the residence for a fight in progress call. On arrival a subject there ran out of the house and advised there was a male subject with a knife. Upon entering the residence they saw several persons holding a male down on the floor. The deputies were told they had taken the knife away from him and that the male was saying he wanted to die.


The male was secured and taken out of the house. A female at the location began to interfere and pushing one of the deputies. Due to statements and actions, the male was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment. Prior to leaving, the female, identified as Mary Jane Dillinger again began to be confrontational, yelling and interfering with the deputies. At that time she was placed under arrest and as she was being handcuff resisted arrest. Consumption of alcohol was a factor.


Dillinger was transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters by MSP Trooper Massoni, while deputies transported the male. Dillinger was processed and taken for an initial appearance. A District Court Commissioner set bail at $2500 which was posted with assistance of a Bail Bondsman.


DEPUTY:             Dfc. Jason Rickard

ASSIST:                Dep. R. Draper, Dfc. L. Steenken, Tpr. Massoni (MSP)

CASE:                  13-24596


INCIDENT:          Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:     08/17/2013 @ 1735 Hours

LOCATION:         13000 Block of Main Street, Queen Anne

VICTIM:              John Holden of Queen Anne

ARREST:              Deborah Marie Holden (54) of Queen Anne

CHARGE:            Assault 2nd Degree


NARRATIVE:       Deputies responded to apartment on Main Street, Queen Anne for a domestic in progress. On arrival a male subject met the deputies and advised that the fight was unprovoked and that the female had punched him in the face and also bit him.  It was also noted there was some damaged items on the floor. The male had redness on his face where he had been struck.


The female advised she was upset over a marital issue and had struck the male. She was placed under arrest and charged with 2nd Degree assault. After processing and initial appearance, she was released on her personal recognizance.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE:                  13-24659


INCIDENT:          DWI Arrest

DATE / TIME:     08/17/2013 @ 2330 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 8 @ Bay City, Stevensville


ARREST:              Jeremy Stephen Artley (41) of Harwood, MD

CHARGE:            DWI / Fugitive from another State


NARRATIVE:       A 1999 GMC Sierra was stopped on RT 8 for a headlight out. Driver was identified as Jeremy Artley of Harwood. After an odor of alcohol was detected, the driver was asked to do several field sobriety tasks. Based on his performance, Artley was placed under arrest for DWI.


A computer check of the subject indicated that he was wanted for a failure to appear on a DWI in 2008 through Northampton County, PA.


Artley was taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for DWI charges and a Fugitive Warrant, processed and taken before a District Court Commissioner. He was held at the QA Detention Center on No Bail.


DEPUTY:             Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE:                  13-24707


INCIDENT:          Attempted Burglary

DATE / TIME:     08/18/2013 @ 1227 Hours

LOCATION:         700 Block of Cloverfields Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:              Jan Jones of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported he noticed that  his kitchen window screen had been cut and there was fresh pry marks on his sliding door. Damage was minimal.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                          13-24758


INCIDENT:                 Theft of MV

DATE / TIME:            08/18/2013 @ 1811 Hours

LOCATION:               2900 Block of Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM:                     Trenwith Ward of Chester


NARRATIVE:              Victim report his white 2007 Lexis ES350 had been taken from driveway sometime during the afternoon of the 18th.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST:                       Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE:                          13-24801


INCIDENT:                 Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:            08/18/2013 @ 2246 Hours

LOCATION:               Pullman Crossing, Grasonville


ARREST:                     Pending

CHARGE:                    Possession of CDS (Marijuana)


NARRATIVE:              Deputies saw a Chevrolet Impala with Florida plates parked in front of a storage facility. Upon checking the car it was found that it was occupied by a female from Chestertown. While talking with the woman the odor of burning marijuana was present. A search of the car resulted in the seizure of two small “roach” cigarettes and a metal grinder. Items were sent to the lab for testing and charges are pending.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST:                       Dfc. J. Rickard

CASE:                          13-24824


INCIDENT:                 MDOP

DATE / TIME:            08/19/2013 @ 1116 Hours

LOCATION:               Ringneck Court, Chester

VICTIM:                     Joanne Hill of Chester


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported someone threw eggs at the side of her house. A family member saw two white males believed to be in their mid-teens in front of the house just after hearing the eggs hitting the wall.


DEPUTY:                    Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                          13-24862



INCIDENT:                 Reckless Endangerment

DATE / TIME:            08/14/2013 @ 0041 Hours

LOCATION:               Sudlersville

VICTIM:                     Male (14) of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE:              I was reported that the parents heard a loud sound and then found out the 14 year old had discharged a 12 gauge shotgun slug into the wall of his bedroom.  After talking with the boy, several other issues were noted and the boy was transported to Easton Memorial for treatment.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE:        13-24228


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            08/14/2013 @ 1145 Hours

LOCATION:               401 Ewingtown Road, Church Hill, MD

VICTIM:                     William Knight of Church Hill


NARRATIVE:              Victim reported the theft of batteries from his irrigation system. The batteries were NAPA Brand and about 3 feet by 1 foot in size. They were valued at $400.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:        13-24266


INCIDENT:                 Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:            08/14/2013 @ 2228 Hours

LOCATION:               Queenstown, MD

VICTIM:                     Female (18) of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:              Deputies dispatched to residence for a domestic, but on arrival learned that an 18 year old female was intoxicated and threatening to harm herself and others in the residence. She was taken into custody and transported to Easton Memorial Hospital for treatment.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:        13-24351


INCIDENT:                 Domestic

DATE / TIME:            08/15/2013 @ 0017 Hours

LOCATION:               Pig Pen Road, Queenstown, MD


NARRATIVE:              Units were dispatched to location for a domestic. On arrival a female advised a live-in boyfriend and she had been arguing which became physical. The female claimed to have been struck several times in the face. The female had visible swelling about her face.


The male had fled the residence prior to arrival and a search for the man was done without success in locating him. The female was advised of the process for charges and protection order.


DEPUTY:  Cpl. Chris Green

ASSIST:     Sgt. M. Carr, Dep. A. Neall, Dep. C. Hartmetz, Dfc. J. Kellogg

CASE:        13-24362


INCIDENT:                 Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:            08/15/2013 @ 0951

LOCATION:               RT 18 near Queenstown, MD

VICTIM:                     Female (48) of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:              2004 Chevrolet truck was located in a ditch a short distance out of Queenstown. The truck was running and unsecured. No evidence of the driver as well as any blood, alcohol or CDS was found.


A short time later, Centreville Police was out with a female who was a possible driver of the truck. The woman was incoherent at times and inconsistent of her recollection of details with extreme mood swings. She was taken into custody and transported by ambulance to Easton Memorial Hospital for treatment.  A friend of the woman was making disposition of the truck.


DEPUTY:  Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE:        13-24385


INCIDENT:                 Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:            08/15/2013 @ 1016 Hours

LOCATION:               1400 Block of Lands End Road, Centreville

VICTIM:                     Female (47) of Centreville


NARRATIVE:              A report of a suspicious person in a Mini Cooper parked in the area was checked out by Deputy Mitch Jones. The driver was a female who stated she was OK and just looking at the water but appeared to be very lethargic. Further investigation resulted in the female showing the deputy her medication, which included a form of Xanax. Her prescription bottle had been filled earlier in the day and should have had 60 pills but was empty. Texts on her cell phone indicated she wanted to harm herself. An ambulance was called and she was taken by ambulance to Chester River Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE:        13-24390


INCIDENT:                 Theft

DATE / TIME:            08/15/2013 @ 2019 Hours

LOCATION:               424 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:                     GAP Store


NARRATIVE:              Manager at the GAP Store reported two subjects were acting suspiciously and after they left she checked store security footage and discovered the female had stuffed 5 shirts into her pocketbook. The shirts were valued at $85.


The female was an African American with short hair and a slim build and left in a white Nissan Altima 4 door with unknown MD tag.


DEPUTY:  Cpl. Chris Green

CASE:        13-24443


INCIDENT:                 DWI Arrest

DATE / TIME:            08/15/2013 @ 2257 Hours

LOCATION:               RT 313 @ RT 300 near Sudlersville


ARREST:                     Alberto Simon Francisco (27) of Sudlersville

CHARGE:                    DWI / Driving without a license / driving unregistered vehicle


NARRATIVE:              A blue 2003 Saturn passenger vehicle was seen traveling on RT 313 with temporary registration which expired October 2012. The vehicle was stopped and the driver stated his name was Alberto Simon Francisco and that he did not have a license. The driver had several indicators of a possible DWI including an odor of alcohol on his breath.


Several field sobriety tasks were attempted and not done properly as directed. Mr. Francisco was placed under arrest and the vehicle was towed. After charges and processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters, he was released on his signature.


DEPUTY:  Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE:        13-24462


INCIDENT:                 Assault / Disorderly

DATE / TIME:            08/16/2013 @ 0035 Hours

LOCATION:               100 Block of W. Main Street, Sudlersville, MD

VICTIM:                     William Faust of Sudlersville

ARREST:                     Craig Sudler Willis (42) of Sudlersville

CHARGE:                    Assault 2nd Degree / Reckless Endangerment / Disorderly Conduct / Disturbance of the Peace


NARRATIVE:              Units were dispatched to the area for a suspicious person. The caller was reporting a white male was driving a dark SUV on the grass and yelling out the window. A second call was received from a second person who reported being awakened by a gunshot.


As Sgt. Carr arrived, he saw a white male heading towards a dark SUV with its lights on. Sgt. Carr attempted to stop the man who became hostile and agitated. Once in custody, the man refused to talk other than obscenities.


Victim, William Faust reported he heard a gunshot and looked out and saw Mr. Willis with a shotgun. He turn saw Mr. Willis pickup his mailbox and place it under the tire of the SUV. When Mr. Faust exited his residence, Mr. Willis made threats to harm the victim and then “bumped” him. When the police car was seen arriving Mr. Willis attempted to get to his SUV.


Victim advised he was a Town Council member and Mr. Willis was angry over receiving an ordinance violation because his grass was too tall and issues over a water bill.


A20 gauge double barrel shotgun was located on the passenger seat of the SUV along with a recently spent shell. Victim’s mailbox was located with a large hole on each side.


Craig Willis was transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. At an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner, Craig Willis was held on a $50,000 bail. He was later released on a property bond.


DEPUTY:  Sgt. Mark Carr

ASSIST:     Sgt. S. Stouffer, Cpl. C. Green, MSP

CASE:        13-24476


INCIDENT:                 Assault / Disorderly Conduct / Resisting Arrest

DATE / TIME:            08/16/2013 @ 0622 Hours

LOCATION:               700 Block of Shi Lane, Stevensville

VICTIM:                     See Narrative

ARREST:                     Male (16) of Stevensville

CHARGE:                    Assault (3 Counts) / Disorderly Conduct / Resisting Arrest


NARRATIVE:              Deputy Kellogg was in the area on another call for service when she located a young male lying face down in a yard on Shi Lane. Kellogg and Trooper Massoni went over to check the subject and as they woke him up a strong odor of alcohol was present. As they were talking to him, he began to hit and push the officers and then attempted to run. As they attempted to place the male under arrest, he continued to hit and grab the officers. Attempts to subdue the male by an electronic control device and pepper spray were used. The male broke free and through a fence and foot chase began. The male was eventually located and stopped in the 600 block of Kimberly Way.


The male was transported to Queen Anne’s Emergency Room in Grasonville and later released to a parent. He has been referred to Juvenile Justice for Assault, Disorderly and Resisting Arrest.


DEPUTY:  Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

ASSIST:     Tpr. Massoni (MSP) and Officer Hogan (MdTA)

CASE:        13-24486