QA Press Release 8/25



INCIDENT:     Theft
DATE/TIME:   08/09/2014 @ 1715 Hours
LOCATION:    200 Kent Landing, Stevensville
VICTIM:         K -Mart
ARREST:        Pending
CHARGE:       Theft

NARRATIVE:   Store Security observed a female placing stationary items in her purse. The woman then was seen placing several bags of chocolate candy in the purse. After paying for items in her cart she exited the store where she was stopped by Security Officers. The items in her purse were recovered and found to have a value of $357.  The 53 year old woman from Centreville was released at the scene with charges pending.

DEPUTY:   Deputy Andrew Neall
CASE:       14-25790

INCIDENT:    Theft
DATE/TIME:  08/10/2014 @ 0837 Hours
LOCATION:   200 Block of Round Top Road, Chestertown (QA)
VICTIM:        Turner Smith of Chestertown

NARRATIVE:  Victim reported someone had stolen his black Yamaha 4-Stroke outboard motor off his boat on his property. The motor was bolted & padlocked to the boat and valued at $3000.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Jessica Kellogg
CASE:       14-25864

INCIDENT:    Theft
DATE/TIME:  08/10/2014 @ 1550 Hours
LOCATION:   100 block of Penny Lane, Stevensville
VICTIM:         Thomas R. Scott of Stevensville

NARRATIVE:  Victim reported someone had stolen his Kindle Fire HDX valued at $300 from his residence. Victim provided a name of a possible suspect and the case remains under investigation.

DEPUTY:   Deputy Andrew Neall
CASE:      14-25897

INCIDENT:     Assault
DATE/TIME:   8/11/2014 @ 0713 Hours
LOCATION:    100 block of Church Street, Stevensville
VICTIM:          Susan M. Shara of Stevensville
ARREST:        Amanda Lynn Strade (27) of Stevensville
CHARGE:       Assault / Possession of CDS (Cocaine) / Possession of CDS (Marijuana) / Possession of CDS Paraphernalia

NARRATIVE:  Deputies responded to residence for a reported assault. On arrival Ms. Shara reported Strade has grabbed her by the throat and choked her. Ms. Shara had visible marks on her neck. Ms Strade was located in a bedroom at the residence and denied choking the victim. While speaking with the suspect, Deputy Ahearn observed a large glass smoking device with suspected marijuana residue on a night stand next to Ms. Strade. When placed under arrest, Ms. Strade wanted her pocketbook which was checked prior to handing it to her. Inside the pocketbook was a syringe and a spoon with suspected burnt heroin residue. A second smoking device with suspected marijuana residue was located on the floor.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Chris Ahearn
CASE:      14-25967

INCIDENT:         Dispute
DATE/TIME:        08/11/2014 @ 1718 Hours
LOCATION:        900 Block of Chesapeake Drive, Stevensville

NARRATIVE:    Deputies were called to the residence for a dispute between a homeowner and a fencing contractor. The homeowner was unsatisfied with his fence and had not paid the contractor. When the contractor came to the residence to discuss the installation a disagreement continued. The contractor reported that the homeowner had grabbed his arm and ordered him off the property. Both subjects were advised of several options on resolving the issue.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Larry Steenken
ASSIST:    Dfc. C. Ahearn
CASE:       14-26014

INCIDENT:     Burglary
DATE/TIME:   08/12/2014 @ 2319 Hours
LOCATION:    400 Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville
VICTIM:          Kent Island Sunoco

NARRATIVE:   Store Clerk on duty at the time reported hearing loud banging coming from the rear of the store and went to check on it. Upon entering the rear storage area he was confronted by an African-American male in his 20’s who ran from the store. A check of the building revealed the rear door had been pried open and a lock damaged. Nothing was reported to be stolen.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Chris Neall
ASSIST:    Deputy K. Fleck
CASE:       14-26181

INCIDENT:    Assist other Agency / Medical Emergency
DATE/TIME:  08/13/2014 @ 1210 Hours
LOCATION:   RT 301 near Queenstown
VICTIM:         Male (64) from Churchton, MD.

NARRATIVE:  Victim was reported to be suicidal by a friend to Anne Arundel County Police with reports of a possible overdose of prescription medications. The subject was reported to gamble in Delaware and that when his phone was pinged it showed in QA near Queenstown. Given a description of the subjects car, several Sheriff’s units checked the area and found the subject near Cherry Lane. He was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center by ambulance.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Mitch Jones
ASSIST:   Lt. D Embert & Lt. J. Heddinger
CASE:      14-26244

INCIDENT:      Bad Checks / Theft Scheme
DATE/TIME:    08/13/2014 @ 1423 Hours
LOCATION:    304 Evans Avenue, Grasonville
VICTIM:          Winchester Liquors
ARREST:        Justin Lee Carpenter Deal (27) of Ridgely
CHARGE:       Theft – Bad Check – Theft Scheme

NARRATIVE:  It was reported that Justin Deal was in Winchester Liquors attempting to cash a $182 check and that he had already cashed several which had been returned due to accounts being closed.  Deal was arrested at the counter trying to cash a check. A check indicated Deal was wanted in several other counties for similar offenses. The checks being cashed were from Paradise Home Design and Hope’s & Dreams Foundation both companies believed to be out of business and one’s Deal was associated with.

Deal was charged with Theft, Theft Scheme and Bad Checks and later released from Queen Anne’s County charges on a $10,000 bail.

DEPUTY:    Deputy Ryan Davidson
ASSIST:     Sheriff G. Hofmann
CASE:        14-26259

INCIDENT:    Theft from Vehicle
DATE/TIME:  08/13/2014 @ 1424 Hours
LOCATION:   400 block of Main Street, Stevensville
VICTIM:         Robert C. Casey of Stevensville

NARRATIVE:   Victim reported someone overnight had entered his unlocked Mazda 6 and stolen a pack of cigarettes, $8 in change and $100 from his wallet. No damage was reported to the car

DEPUTY:    Dfc. Nathaniel Burns
CASE:        14-26260

DATE/TIME:  08/14/2014 @ 1328 Hours
LOCATION:  300 Block of Merganser Court, Chester
VICTIM:         Heather Loh of Chester

NARRATIVE:   Victim reported her 2002 Chrysler 200 had been “keyed” on the driver’s side causing an estimated $750 damage. This is the second vehicle damaged in the area in two weeks.

DEPUTY:   Dfc. Nathaniel Burns
CASE:      14-26402