Incident:                     Possession of CDS – Marijuana
Date Reported:          08/16/11 @ 3:04 am
Location:                    Round Top Park – Chestertown , Md
Arrested:                    Michael Alan Shepherd  – 20  B/M
Jessica May Walker  –   19 W/F
Charges:                     Possession of CDS Marijuana
Narrative:                  Dfc. Gore was conducting a routine Patrol check of the park in Chester Harbor. Dfc. Gore located a suspicious vehicle parked in this area . Dfc. Gore met with the occupants. Michael Shepherd was found to have an active arrest warrant. Further investigations revealed CDS- Marijuana on both occupants. Both were placed under arrest.
Deputy:                      Dfc. Gore
Case Number:            11-27854

Incident:                     Theft over $1,000.00
Date Reported:          08/15/11 @ 8:00 pm –
Location:                    612 Bayside Drive , Stevensville Md
Victim:                        Bridget Mills – Stevensville
Narrative:                  Dfc. Kellogg investigated a theft from an unlocked parked motor vehicle. Investigations revealed that an unknown suspect had stolen a Garmin GPS valued at $250.00. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County, Md.
Deputy:                      Dfc. Kellogg # 0132
Case Number:            11-27965

Incident:                     Trespassing
Date Reported:          08/15/11 @ 11:14 pm
Location:                    123 Jackson Creek Lane , Grasonville , Md 21635
Arrested:                    Shelah Eileen Marcin – 04/12/67
Charges:                     Assault 2nd
Trespass: private property
Trespass course of conduct
Disorderly Conduct
Narrative:        Dfc. Kellogg was dispatched to 123 Jackson Creek Lane for a report of a Harassment complaint. Dfc. Kellogg had learned that a female subject identified as Shelah Eileen Marcin was kicking at the front door of the victim’s residence and cursing at the victim . Dfc. Kellogg later met with Shelah Marcin about this incident. She became confrontational with the Deputy and assaulted Deputy Kellogg. Shelah was placed under arrest and later held at the Detention Center.

Deputy:                      Dfc. J. Kellogg # 0132
Case Number:            11-27835
Incident:                     Malicious Destruction of Property
Date Reported:          08/28/11 @
Location:                    Bay City – Stevensville, Md
Narrative:                  Deputy Bassaro investigated several incidents in the Bay City area in reference to unknown suspect(s) shooting windows with a pellet gun. No one was injured. The amount of damage is still to be determined. This case is active and anyone with information is asked to call The Office of the Sheriff for Queen Anne’s County.
Deputy:                      Deputy Bassaro
Case Number:            11-29272