QA Press Release 9/11 Part 2







INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME       09/02/2012 @ 1832 Hours

LOCATION:         Char Nor Blvd., Chestertown

VICTIM:               Male (15) of Rock Hall


NARRATIVE:        Cpl. Carr responded to location for a possible overdose. On arrival family members stated the victim had been at the Duck Neck Campground and was causing a disturbance. They located him and brought him to the residence on Char Nor Blvd. The 15 Year old was obviously under the influence of alcohol / CDS as he reportedly had banged his head on the car window and attempted to choke himself with a seatbelt.  He was also saying he wanted to harm himself. The victim was transported to Chester River Medical by ambulance for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. Mark Carr

CASE:                    12-25128


INCIDENT:           DWI

DATE / TIME:      09/03/2012 @ 0142 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 18 @ Didonato Drive, Chester


ARREST:               Reinaldo Alfredo Gomez of Adelphi, MD.

CHARGE:              DWI


NARRATIVE:        Deputy Harris saw a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser going at a very slow speed on RT 18. The vehicle crossed the center line and turned into Didonato Drive. The vehicle attempted to back into a parking space, but went over the curb, pulled forward and backed over the curb a second time. The driver exited the car and appeared to be staggering when walking. The driver was approached and had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. The driver stated he had had one beer and wasn’t driving. Identified as Reinaldo Gomez by his MD license was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks. After several attempts, Gomez was placed under arrest for DWI. After issuing charging documents, Gomez was released at the scene to a sober friend.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Charles Harris

CASE:                    12-25158


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      09/03/2012 @ 1454 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         424 Outlet Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM:               GAP


NARRATIVE:        Employee at the store realized there appeared to be a large amount of denim items missing and reviewed the security video. She learned that a group of persons entered the store and while some distracted employees, a female could be seen taking a shopping bag from her purse and filling it with stacks of denim items. The woman left and then returned with another group and again took stacks of denim items. The theft was estimated at $4,367. The suspect was described as a Latino or middle eastern descent with wide hips and long black hair.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Robert Boyles

CASE:                    12-25196


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      09/03/2012 @ 2222 Hours

LOCATION:         26 Kent Town Market, Chester

VICTIM:               True Value Hardware


NARRATIVE:        Alarm sounded at location  and the business was checked and found with all doors and windows secure.  After the store manager responded, it appeared that someone had entered the storage area of the business from the ceiling area. No one was located in the business and nothing appeared to be missing.  


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                    12-25233


INCIDENT:           Theft / MDOP

DATE / TIME:      09/04/2012 @ 1209 Hours

LOCATION:         600 Duhamel Corner Road, Marydel

VICTIM:               Charles W. Futcher III of West Chester, PA


NARRATIVE:        Victim advised the someone had cut the copper pipes from his outside heat pumps to the crawl space unit. The value of the piping was estimated at $100, however the damage to the heat pumps was approximately $6000.


DEPUTY:              Cpl. Shane Russell

CASE:                    12-25284                           


INCIDENT:           Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME:      09/05/2012 @ 0011 Hours           

LOCATION:         Quinn Road, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Female (28) of Grasonville


NARRATIVE:        Victim was reportedly upset and crying over a friend alcohol use. She was said she wanted to harm herself. Since she had just been released from a hospital that day for a similar issue, she was taken into custody and transported by patrol car to Easton Memorial for treatment.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                    12-25351


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      09/05/2012 @ 0900 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         823 Grasonville Cemetery Road, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Robinson AME Church


NARRATIVE:        Randolph Fitchett reported that overnight someone had spray painted the church bus with graffiti using gold colored paint. Mr. Fitchett advised that the week before someone had thrown a rock thru the bus window. On the roadway in front of the church “REEPER” had been painted and a nearby stop sign was painted with a star, also in gold colored paint. Anyone who may have information on who may have painted the graffiti is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office. (Photos Attached)


DEPUTY:              A/Cpl. Larry Steenken

CASE:                    12-25374


INCIDENT:           Credit Card Fraud

DATE / TIME:      09/05/2012 @ 1312 Hours

LOCATION:         304 Evans Avenue, Grasonville / Thompson Creek Mall

VICTIM:               Winchester Liquors / Food Lion


NARRATIVE:        An employee at Winchester Liquors reported receiving a phone call from a woman in Wisconsin who reported unknown persons were using a credit card on her account at that location. The woman also stated her card agreement was that it was not to be used out of state. Two separate transactions at the store for $165 and $78 had occurred. The suspect had also attempted to use the card at another liquor store  location in the Thompson Creek Mall. Another report was also received about the two suspects purchasing a $300 pre-paid visa card with miscellaneous items. A second transaction was also made in the amount of $38 and an attempt to purchase a $200 card had been rejected. The suspects were described as African American males with a strong Caribbean style accent and one of the suspects had Maryland ID. (SUSPECT PHOTOS ATTACHED)


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                    12-25404


INCIDENT:           Violation of Protection Order

DATE / TIME:      09/05/2012 @ 2058 Hours

LOCATION:         113 Fairview Drive, Chestertown

VICTIM:               Megan Harrington of Chestertown

ARREST:               Gregory Scott Wood (36) of Crumpton


NARRATIVE:        The Sheriff’s Office was notified that Gregory Wood was at the Fairview Drive location in violation of an existing Protection Order. The Order was requested by the victim and issued on August 31st and Mr. wood was served on September 4th with specific instructions not to contact the victim and not to enter the residence on Fairview Drive. On arrival, Deputies located Mr. Wood inside the home and was taken into custody and charged with violation of the order.  Wood was initially held by a District Court Commissioner on a $10,000 bail, but released later that day after a bail bondsman posted the amount.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chase Armington

CASE:                    12-25488


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      09/06/2012 @ 1736 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of Wilson Avenue, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Warren Butler of Grasonville

ARREST:               Pending

CHARGE:              Theft


NARRATIVE:        On Monday 9/3 at the victim’s residence, there was a conversation between Mr. Wilson and a female living at that location with his son. During the conversation the victim stated he was going to the Laundromat and the female, Shante Dodd asked how he paid for the clothes. The victim mentioned to the female about having $750 at the house. The victim left, leaving the house unsecure since Dodd was there and when he returned a short time later he discovered his money gone. A Criminal Summons has been issued for Shante Dodd charging her with Theft.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Whitney Elliott

CASE:                    12-25513


INCIDENT:           Credit Card Fraud

DATE / TIME:      09/07/2012 @ 1424 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         See Narrative

VICTIM:               Brandy L. Bonwill of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that between 8/20 and 9/5 unknown person(s) had used her credit card account to purchase $769  worth of merchandise at 25 locations in Pennsylvania. The victim had contacted her local bank and had the account closed.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Lee Becker

CASE:                    12-25589


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      09/07/2012 @ 1851 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         100 Block of Choice Court, Queenstown

VICTIM:               Christine L. Dulac of Queenstown


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that at 0400 hours that morning she heard a loud noise but when she looked out saw nothing suspicious. In the daylight, she discovered her trunk lid of her 2011 Mazda damaged which appeared to have occurred by someone striking it with an object or a fist. Damages were estimated at $450.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE:                    12-25617


INCIDENT:           Driving without License

DATE / TIME:      09/07/2012 @ 2000 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 300 near Benton Road, Sudlersville


ARREST:               Rosa Garcia Hernandez

CHARGE:              Driving without License


NARRATIVE:        A Chevrolet pickup was stopped for a broken taillight and the driver was identified as Rosa Hernandez by a Mexican ID. Ms. Hernandez advised she did not have a driver’s license and was placed under arrest. A District Court Commissioner held the woman on a $3000 bail.  


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    12-25633


INCIDENT:           Driving without License

DATE / TIME:      09/08/2012 @ 1340 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 50 near South Piney Creek Road, Chester


ARREST:               Martha Fabiola Solis Ramirez (22) of Clinton MD

CHARGE:              Driving without a License


NARRATIVE:        A blue Honda Civic was stopped for a minor traffic offense on RT 50 and the driver was identified as Martha Fabiola Solis Ramirez by her Mexican ID Card. The driver stated she did not have a driver’s license from any state in the US. She was placed under arrest and later released by a District Court Commissioner.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE:                    12-25725


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      09/09/2012 @ 0311 Hours

LOCATION:         12 Chester Plaza, Chester (McDonalds)

VICTIM:               Myha K. Rich of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported the theft of her wallet while at McDonalds. Victim stated she had placed the small black wallet on the table and covered it with a shirt. After eating, she said she went to another table to talk with friends and upon returning the shirt was there but the wallet was gone. The loss was estimated at $42.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                    12-25789


INCIDENT:           Disorderly Person

DATE / TIME:      09/09/2012 @ 0340 Hours

LOCATION:         12 Chester Plaza, Chester (McDonalds)


ARREST:               Lindsey Letha Covington (22) of Chester

CHARGE:              Disorderly Conduct – Disturbance of the Peace


NARRATIVE:        The occupants of a vehicle in the drive-thru lane at McDonalds were complaining about the time their order was taking and became so loud yelling at the employees that deputies at the location on a theft call walked out and asked them to relax and keep the noise down. The male driver pulled out and parked the car and he and his passenger (Lindsey Covington) came in the business. The two went to the counter and began to complain and curse the employees loudly. Again they were asked to lower their voices and the male did so. However Ms. Covington continued to be loud and was asked, then escorted from the business and told not to re-enter. The male subject was allowed to remain as he had requested a refund and he then left. A short time later Ms. Covington returned and began to get napkins from a dispenser and then threw the dispenser to the floor while cursing and yelling loudly. At this time she was placed under arrest and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. She was later released by a District Court Commissioner.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Stephen Fraser

ASSIST:                 Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE:                    12-25792