QA Press Release 9/15


INCIDENT:                             Theft of Money from Residence

DATE CRIME OCCURED: sometime between September 6, 2017 and September 9, 2017

INCIDENT REPORTED:        September 9, 2017 at 8:00pm

LOCATION:               300 block of Wilson Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:       On September 9, 2017 deputies responded to the above address and made contact with the victim.  The victim advised that sometime between 9/6/17 to 9/9/17 an unknown suspect entered her residence and stole money from a bedroom closet.  There was no evidence of forced entry and nothing else in the residence was disturbed.  The crime scene was processed.  This investigation is assigned to Deputy Carnaggio and if anyone has any information about this crime please call him at 410-758-0770 extension 1274 information can also be emailed to him at  All information sources can remain anonymous.


INVESTIATING DEPUTY:    Dep. C. Carnaggio assisted by Deputy First Class N. Burns

CASE:                                     17-27159




DATE / TIME:  9/6/17/1616 hrs

LOCATION:  United Methodist Church in Chester


DETAILS:  Victim reported that an unknown suspect entered her vehicle and stole her red temporary handicap placard.  Victim reports that this occurred back in July 2017 while her vehicle was parked in the church parking lot.  The placard number is AT66532 and it expires on 9/17.      


DEPUTY:  Cpl Bassaro #0144                           

CASE:  17-26806






DATE / TIME:  9/6/17/1243 hrs

LOCATION:  Parking lot of Kent Town Market in Chester


DETAILS:  Victim reported that an unknown suspect caused damage to his vehicle while parked outside of the Sherwin Williams Paint Store.  The damage is described as a footprint mark on his driver’s side door and a mark on the gas tank lid.  The damage is estimated to cost $500.00.  A review of cameras footage did not disclose any leads to this investigation.


DEPUTY:  Dfc Lewis #0179                           

CASE:  17-26779





DATE / TIME:  9/6/17/1412 hrs

LOCATION:  100 Blk of Mainbrace Dr in Queenstown

DEFENDANT:  Richard Gaines Jr., White   Male  30 years old from Queenstown


DETAILS:  Caller reported that they just witnessed a theft on their neighbor’s property.  The suspect was also said to have an active warrant.  When deputies arrived the suspect had departed the scene already, but they were able to provide a vehicle description.  A lookout was broadcasted and the vehicle was located in the Queenstown area.  A traffic stop was initiated and the defendant was taken into custody.  The suspect was transported to the QACSO for processing and he was subsequently charged with the theft and also served with his warrant.  After seeing the District Court Commissioner the suspect was held and transported to the QAC Detention Center.


DEPUTY:  Dfc Ahearn #0152                           

CASE:  17-26790






DATE / TIME:  9/7/17/ 1254 hrs

LOCATION:  Queenstown Bank (Main Branch) in Queenstown


DETAILS:  Victim reported that she applied for a job online.  The employer was later found to be a fictitious entity.  The victim was coerced to cash, deposit, and transfer funds from fictitious checks.  The suspect is suspected to be from Anne Arundel County.  This investigation is ongoing.        


DEPUTY:  Cpl Bassaro #0144                           

CASE:  17-26882





DATE / TIME:  9/7/17 1403 hrs

LOCATION:  400 Blk of Old Bridge Road in Chestertown


DETAILS:  Victim reported that sometime in March of 2017 her father’s front and rear registration plates were stolen from the vehicle.  It is unknown exactly where the theft occurred.  The victim reported that they discovered the plates were missing when they were preparing to turn the plates in to the MVA.  The plate number was identified to be LN0104 through Maryland.  The plates were entered into NCIC.


DEPUTY:  Dfc Lewis #0179                           

CASE:  17-26894





INCIDENT:  Police Information

DATE / TIME:  9/7/17 1541 hrs

LOCATION:  Food Lion in Chester


DETAILS:  Victim reported he received a deposit of money in his checking account.  After further research the victim determined that the deposit was suspected to be fraudulent and that he may be a victim of identity theft.  Victim was advised by his bank to file a police report.    


DEPUTY:  Dep Pack #0183                           

CASE:  17-26909