QA Press Release 9/5





INCIDENT:     Attempted Murder / 1st Degree Assault

DATE / TIME:     09/03/17 @ 9:21 PM

LOCATION:     Fisher Manor, Grasonville, MD

VICTIM:         Darnell Tomilson, 44 yr. old black male, Grasonville, Md.

ARRESTED:     Sharlene Copes, 29 yr. old black female, Grasonville, Md.

CHARGES:   Attempted 2nd degree murder, 1st degree assault, 2nd degree assault, Reckless Endangerment

DISPOSITION: Held Without Bond

DETAILS:     While conducting fire-related training on the grounds of the Grasonville Elementary School, personnel from the Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department were approached by someone in a vehicle who stated they had a stabbing victim with them.  EMS and QACSO deputies were dispatched to the scene.  Investigation revealed, while at Fisher Manor Apartments the victim and the suspect were involved in a domestic dispute.  During the altercation, the suspect stabbed the victim in the neck and in the back.  The victim then went over to a neighbor and requested their assistance.  While driving the victim to the Queen Anne’s Emergency Center, the neighbor observed the fire department personnel at the school and went over to seek help.  The victim was then transported by ambulance to the University of Maryland R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for treatment, where he was listed in stable condition.  After identifying the suspect, QACSO deputies along with MSP were able to find her and took her into custody without incident. Further investigation was conducted by the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office.


DEPUTY:     Detective Rickard / Deputy Pack / Other QACSO and MSP units

CASE:     17-26347



INCIDENT:          Theft

DATE / TIME:     09/04/2017 approximately 2239 hours

LOCATION:         300 block of Little Lots Rd. Stevensville, MD


VICTIM:               Stephanie Hines, 44yo female of Stevensville


DETAILS:            Deputies were dispatched to the 300 block of Little Lots Rd Stevensville in reference to a Theft. The victim, identified as Stephanie Hines, stated her cell phone was stolen while it was in the possession of her son,   Stephanie refused to give any further information in reference to identifying who her son was, or that could help further this investigation. If anyone has information that could assist in this investigation, it is requested they make contact with Dep. Matteson.

DEPUTY:             Dep. Matteson

CASE:        17-26578


INCIDENT:           Traffic stop / CDS arrest

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/3/17       1610 hours

LOCATION:   Rt. 309 @ Horseshoe Rd. Queen Anne, MD 21657

NARRATIVE:             Deputy observed a vehicle traveling above the posted speed limit and stopped the vehicle. Deputy made contact with driver and detected a scene of marijuana from inside the vehicle. After a brief investigation, the driver told the deputy that Marijuana was inside the vehicle. A search revealed Marijuana in the amount less than 10 grams. The driver was issued citations for the CDS and traffic violations.

INVESTIGATOR:           Dfc. R. Davidson #0166

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26409


INCIDENT:  Illegal Dumping

DATE / TIME:  8-30-17 / 0840 hours

LOCATION:  Benton Rd / Old Love Point Rd.

DETAILS:   Deputies responded to the above area in reference to a refrigerator that was dumped on the side of the roadway. The refrigerator had, “Build to Suit 967-7366”, spray painted on the side.  “Prestige Development Baltimore”, written in black marker on another side. Dep Dickey attempted to make contact with the company with negative results. At this time the owner of the actual real property is unknown. Investigation is pending

SUSPECT: Prestige Development Baltimore

DEPUTY: Dep. Dickey, S. #0182

CASE:  17-25933


INCIDENT:  Recovered Property

DATE / TIME:  8-31-17 / 1205 hours

LOCATION: Hackett Rd near Sparks Mill

DETAILS: Citizen responded to the Sheriff’s Office to make a trespassing complaint. He was concerned with dirt bikes operating on private property without authorization in the area listed above. He recovered a large print picture of a blue and white dirt bike with an unknown operator. The picture was submitted to our Property / Evidence division. The owner of the picture is unknown.

DEPUTY: Cpl. Svehla, T. 0130 Assisted by DCF Martz, B.

CASE: 17-26080


INCIDENT:  MVA w/ Minor Injuries

DATE / TIME:  8-31-17 / 1120 hours

LOCATION:  Woodyard Rd. / Dixon Tavern Rd.

DRIVER: Christine Rosemary 4/24/87

DETAILS: Deputies responded to the area above in reference to a MVA with injuries. Upon arrival contact was made with the driver and occupants. They had minor injuries from the seatbelt restraint. The investigation determined the driver failed to properly negotiate a curve to the left which resulted in the vehicle leaving the roadway. The driver overcorrected and crossed the center line onto the opposite side of the road. The vehicle then struck and embankment causing it to roll over. Paramedics arrived on scene. All parties refused medical treatment.  The vehicle was removed from the scene by Phillip’s Towing

DEPUTY:   Dep. Myers, T. #0181 Assisted by DFC Burns, N. #0150 and Dep. Carnaggio, C. #0189

CASE: 17-26072


INCIDENT: Past Burglary

DATE : Aug. 22 – 23, 2017

LOCATION:  200 Block of Busic Church Rd. Barclay MD

DETAILS:   Deputies responded to the above address in reference to a burglary that occurred in the past. The victim believes the incident took place last week on Aug. 22 or 23. The following items were stolen from an unsecured garage. Weed Trimmer / Pole Saw / 2 Chain Saws / Cordless Drill / Impact Drill / 3 Trim Nailers. All items totaled approximately $1200.00

DEPUTY:  Dep. Myers, T. #0181 Assisted by DFC Burns, N. #0150 and Dep. Carnaggio, C. #0189

CASE:  17-26114


INCIDENT:           Theft under $10,000.00

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/2/17       1400 hours

LOCATION:   100 Block of Mainbrace Dr, Queenstown, MD 21658

NARRATIVE:             Deputy responded to the area for a report of a theft. Upon arrival the victim advised that someone had stolen antique maritime items from his property. The items were described as a brass pulley, a brass floodgate and a copper birdbath. The total loss is valued at approximately $1,325.00 The items were located outside the home. This case remains open pending further investigation.

INVESTIGATOR:           Dfc. S. Creason  #0173

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26321


INCIDENT:                 Theft from vehicles

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/1/17            0740 hours

LOCATION:               Area of Wye Knot Rd in Queenstown, MD 21658

NARRATIVE: Deputy responded to the area for a report of theft from a vehicle. Deputy made contact with victim and learned that someone had taken items from a vehicle overnight. It was later learned that items were taken from another vehicle at a close by residence. The stolen items include a laptop, designer purse and wallet, an ipad and sunglasses. An Apple Iphone was also stolen, along with various cards and keys. The total loss is valued at approximately $3,700.00 No forced entry was made as both vehicles were unlocked. This case remains open at this time.

INVESTIGATOR:                 Dep. M. Piasecki #0176

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26162



INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/1/17   1454

LOCATION:               100 Block of Rose Ct. Centreville, MD 21617

NARRATIVE:              Deputy responded to above address for a report of a theft. Victim advised someone had stolen the license plate from a trailer located at the residence. Nothing else was taken from the area and no damage was done to the trailer.


INVESTIGATOR:                   Dep. J. Jarrett #0177

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26216


INCIDENT:           Identity theft / Fraud

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/1/17   1149 hours

LOCATION:               200 block of Union Church Rd. Chestertown, MD 21620

NARRATIVE:              Deputy responded to above address for a report of identity theft and fraud report. Victim received a call from a financial institution who inquired about payment on a delinquent account. Victim was unaware of the account and later checked their credit report. Victim discovered that several accounts were opened fraudulently and left unpaid. The account balances totaled to approximately $13,600.00

INVESTIGATOR:                 Dfc. S. Creason #0173

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26199


INCIDENT:                 Motor Vehicle Accident / DUI

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/1/17         1440 hours

Arrested:         Roland Nicholson, 32, Chester, Md

Charges:          Driving Under Influence of A Controlled Substance

Driving while Impaired

Driving w/o current registration plate

Negligent Driving

Reckless Driving

LOCATION:               KFC @ 373 Thompson Creek Mall Stevensville, MD 21666

NARRATIVE: A lookout was sent from dispatch for a vehicle involved in a hit and run on the bay bridge. Deputy was later dispatched to a vehicle crash near the Radio Shack at Thompson Creek Mall. The vehicle involved in the crash matched the vehicle from the hit and run. The vehicle had struck a tree in the parking lot and the driver was located unconscious in the front seat. Narcan was used to revive the driver. Deputy then located suspected heroin in the vehicle in plain view. Driver was then taken to a nearby facility for medical treatment. Driver later consented to a blood test. Citations were issued for Driving under the influence of drugs. Additional charges are pending at this time. MDTA Police handled the previous hit and run.

INVESTIGATOR:                 Dfc. R. Davidson #0166

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26223


INCIDENT:           Attempted Burglary/MDOP

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:        9/1/17   0830 hours

LOCATION:               Wildflower Nurseries in Stevensville, MD

NARRATIVE:  Deputy responded to the area for possible burglary overnight. Deputy observed that a large rock or brick had been thrown through a glass window on a door. Other signs of force were located in the area but it was determined that no one made entry into the building. Nothing was reported stolen from inside or outside the business. This case remains open pending further investigation.

INVESTIGATOR:                 Dfc. R. Davidson  #0166

CASE NUMBER:                   17-26177