QA Press Release -KIHS Incident


On Sunday, April 15, 2018, The Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff and States Attorney became aware of an incident that occurred at the Kent Island High School on Friday, April 13th.  The incident, which occurred inside a school locker room involved an alleged assault on one student by several others as it was recorded by cell phone video by a student.  A criminal investigation was immediately initiated by the QAC Sheriffs Criminal Investigation Unit and the School Resource Unit which is still underway.  The States Attorney and school officials have been kept apprised of the progress of the investigation.  Upon completion of the investigation, the States Attorney will be consulted with input from the victims family to determine the conclusion of the incident.  QAC school officials are simultaneously investigating this incident to determine their course of action.  We wish all to be compassionate and understanding for the victim and school as this investigation proceeds.  We ask that all inquiries be directed to the QAC BOE regarding this incident and to respect the dignity of those involved.