QA Press Releases 10/19


INCIDENT: Attempted Burglary

DATE: 10/16/2011 @ 2330 Hours

LOCATION: 900 block of Dixon Tavern Road, Barclay

VICTIM: Mary Cambell of Barclay


NARRATIVE: Victim reported that she called police after she observed suspects running from her yard and that her dog broke his chain and gave chase. Upon her husband arriving home, he identified signs of an attempted burglary to the door of the storage shed but it did not appear entry was made. When the dog returned to the residence, it appeared that he had been struck with a blunt object on its left side of his face. Injuries to the dog consisted of swelling and a small cut on its left temple.


DEPUTY: Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE: 11-34392



INCIDENT: Animal Complaint

DATE: 10/18/2011 @ 2059 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Barclay Cutoff Road, Barclay

VICTIM: Dorazita L. Newton of Barclay


NARRATIVE: Victim advised she let her one year old black lab out around 2120 hours and that he failed to return when called about ten minutes later. A short time later she located the dog near Rt. 302 lying near the roadway. The only injury she observed was a noticeable indentation on the dog’s forehead between its eyes. No other injury was evident and she was unable to locate any car pieces in the area to indicate the dog may have been struck by a passing vehicle. The victim also reported seeing African-American male wearing dark clothing with a hood up walking in the area shortly after she began to look for the dog.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Zach House

CASE: 11-34587



  • While unsure if the injuries to the dogs are related to a series of thefts from yards and vehicles in the Sudlersville / Barclay area, Sheriff Hofmann is urging residents to be cautious with their pets while they are outside, especially at night and is asking that suspicious activity in the area be reported to the Sheriff’s Office. Residents are also being reminded to not leave valubles including wallets/purses containing driver’s licenses, identification cards and credit cards in vehicles when parked overnight. The Sheriff’s Office phone number is (410) 758-0770.