QA Press Releases 10/24


INCIDENT: Burglary DATE / TIME: 10/21/2011 @ 0043 Hours LOCATION: 620 Main Street, Church Hill VICTIM: Rhodes Store – Sunil K. Datta NARRATIVE: At 0710 Hours the Sheriff’s Office was notified by Mr. Datta that his store had been broken into. An unknown person had made entry thru a rear side door. Surveillance cameras documented that the break-in occurred around 0045 hours by one person wearing dark clothing and a “Hoodie”. Mr. Datta checked the store and found that cash and a check were missing from the cash register. Damage to the door is estimated at over $1000. The case has been assigned to the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit for follow-up DEPUTY: A/Cpl. John Brockman CASE: 11-34835

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Theft DATE / TIME: 10/13/2011 to 10/21/2011 LOCATION: Batts Neck Transfer Station, Stevensville VICTIM: QA County Public Works NARRATIVE: On October 21st, Connie Toulson of QA Public Works reported that several CPU Units dropped off at the station were missing from a recycling storage area. The CPU’s were disposed property with no value but are stored separately until they can be disposed of properly. The reasoning of this is because some persons discard a CPU yet leave personal Identification on the drives. No damage was reported to the storage facility and persons who recently disposed of their CPU units at the location can contact the investigating Deputy Whitney Elliott at (410) 758-0770 for additional information. DEPUTY: Deputy Whitney Elliott CASE: 11-34850

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Theft DATE / TIME: 10/14/2011 to 10/21/2011 LOCATION: Hayden Road, Centreville VICTIM: Michael Lynch of Centreville NARRATIVE: Victim reported that on October 14th he restocked his Coke machine located outside at his roadside business and removed the cash from the internal cash storage and placed it elsewhere inside the machine. On October 21st he went to restock the machine and discovered the previous cash to be missing. The machine was not damaged and appeared to have been locked. Loss is estimated at $200. DEPUTY: Deputy Maria Bassaro CASE: 11-34893

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: DWI ARREST DATE / TIME: 10/22/2011 @ 0514 Hours LOCATION: Route 8 ramp from W/B Route 50, Stevensville ARREST: James Joseph Clark 4th (26) of Stevensville NARRATIVE: Units were dispatched to location for a report of a white male slumped over the wheel with the vehicle running. On arrival, Deputy Miller located a black 2011 Dodge truck stopped at the light, the vehicle running and the driver slumped over the wheel and appeared to be asleep. After knocking on the window several times, the male woke up. When asked if he was “OK”, the driver said he was fine just wasted. Based on statements and odor of alcohol present, field sobriety tasks were attempted which resulted in Clark being arrested for DWI. After receiving citations he was released at the scene to a sober friend who had responded. DEPUTY: Deputy William Miller CASE: 11-34962

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Domestic Assault DATE / TIME: 10/22/2011 @ 1214 Hours LOCATION: 100 Block of Main Street, Sudlersville VICTIM: Timothy L. Richard 0f Sudlersville NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Unit responded to location for a reported assault involving several persons. Investigation revealed that the victim was upset over a female living at the residence that was late coming home and was intoxicated. During their argument a third party (female) who also resides at the residence became angry and allegedly slapped the victim several times. No injuries were reported or apparent. The victim was advised how to proceed with criminal charges if desired. DEPUTY: Dfc. Eric Goodman CASE: 11-34995

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Reported Assault DATE / TIME: 10/21/2011 @ 2238 Hours LOCATION: Riverside Drive Apartments, Dunn Lane, Chester VICTIM: Shakyra Wilson of Chester NARRATIVE: The victim’s mother, Ms. Denise Henderson reported that her nine month pregnant daughter had been assaulted. Deputy Foster made contact with the daughter who reported her boyfriend had hit and choked her before fleeing the residence. The victim did not have any apparent injuries and refused to cooperative. She was provided with a victim’s rights pamphlet and information how to proceed with charges and protective order if desired. A follow-up with the complainant later that day revealed that the two were back together and neither desired any further police involvement. DEPUTY: Dfc. Iris Foster CASE: 11-35008

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: ASSAULT DATE / TIME: 10/22/2011 @ 1541 Hours LOCATION: 108 Rabbit Hill Road, Church Hill VICTIM: See Narrative ARREST: Charles Lavar Duff (31) of Washington DC – Arrest Warrant (CDS Charges) and three counts of Assault Stacy Renee Boyer (47) of Church Hill Charged with 2 Counts of Assault NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Units were dispatched to a residence on Rabbit Hill Road for a domestic in progress. On arrival Dfc. Boyles made contact with a Stacy Boyer who reported that a Charles Duff had come to the residence uninvited and was visiting with her daughter. An argument broke out between the two and that she believed Duff had struck her daughter so she had stabbed him with a meat fork in the neck. When Duff refused to leave she got her electronic shock device and threatened him causing him to flee. The daughter, Karen Murray reported being hit several times by Duff using his hand. She was complaining of a neck injury and was transported to a local medical facility. A third party at the residence was interviewed and reported seeing Boyer and Murray attacking Duff as he tried to leave. The witness also said that Murray chased Duff from the house, continued to hit Duff and also took him to the ground. Duff was located walking down the road by a MSP Trooper assisting Dfc. Boyles. Duff had apparent injuries to his neck and ear. Duff was also wanted on a warrant from Centreville Police for CDS possession and placed under arrest. Ms. Boyer was also placed under arrest for assault. DEPUTY: Dfc. Robert Boyles ASSISTED: MSP CASE: 11-35014

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Assault DATE / TIME: 10/22/2011 @ 2127 LOCATION: 400 Block of Riverview Road, Chestertown VICTIM: Linda M. Blackiston of Chestertown ARREST: Cathy Sue Parsons (43) of Kennedyville NARRATIVE: Dfc. Watts was dispatched to the residence for an assault in progress. Two Chestertown units also responded and arrived first. They advised that when they arrived two females were fighting on the floor and had to be separated. In was learned that Wendy Zinnel the owner of the house had several friends over and that Parsons was also invited provided she was not intoxicated. When Parsons arrived, she was asked to leave due to her condition and that she refused. As attempts to get Parsons to leave were made, she began to argue with Blackiston which then turned physical. Parsons was placed under arrest and taken to the Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. A District Court Commissioner set bail at $3000 and Parsons was held at the QA Detention Center. DEPUTY: Dfc. Amanda Watts ASSISTED: Pfc. Walker & Officer Piasecki of Chestertown Police CASE: 11-35049

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Assault / Disturbance DATE / TIME: 10/23/2011 @ 0128 to 0236 Hours LOCATION: Kent Narrows, Grasonville NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Units were called to several locations for reported assaults occurring in parking lots of several bars / restaurants as they closed. The parking lots were cleared and any victims were advised of their rights and procedures for criminal charges if desired. No arrests were made and alcohol was a factor. DEPUTY: Dfc. Steven Fraser and Deputy William Miller ASSISTED: Sgt. “Sonny” Jones, MdTA Police, MSP CASE: 11-35709 & 11-35080

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Unattended Death DATE / TIME: 10/23/2011 @ 0855 Hours LOCATION: Carlson Lane, Stevensville VICTIM: Suzanne Mitchell of Stevensville NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Units responded to location for an unattended death of a 77 year old female. She had been under a doctor’s care and nothing indicated anything but a natural death. DEPUTY: Deputy Whitney Elliott ASSISTED: Dfc. Boyles & EMS CASE: 11-35092

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Theft DATE / TIME: 10/23/2011 @ 1023 Hours LOCATION: 115 S. Piney Road, Chester VICTIM: CVS NARRATIVE: Store employee, Pete Schimer reported that on October 19th, a female had left without paying for several items valued at $74.50 after her both her credit card and personal check were declined. Mr. Schimer stated he had tried to contact the female several times in the past days to return and pay for the items. While the deputy was at the location taking the report, the female, a 38 year old Denton resident returned and made the payment. Based on this, CVS did not want to press charges. DEPUTY: Deputy Whitney Elliott CASE: 11-35098

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: MDOP DATE / TIME: 10/23/2011 @ 1518 Hours LOCATION: Felton School Road, Sudlersville VICTIM: Charles Haines of Sudlersville NARRATIVE: Victim reported that an unknown person had driven a vehicle thru several of his wheat fields. Several areas were damaged when the vehicle did circle spins. The damage to the crops is estimated at $300. DEPUTY: Dfc. Robert Boyles CASE: 11-35123

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Theft DATE / TIME: 10/23/2011 @ 1627 Hours LOCATION: 200 Block of Oakwood Lane, Stevensville VICTIM: Gail Renborg-Wood of Stevensville NARRATIVE: Victim reported several pieces of jewelry missing from her residence – a gold chain necklace with a peridot & quartz pendant, a sterling silver ring with citrine, and a sterling silver ring with quartz. No value was given and the items were last seen two weeks ago. No signs of any forced entry were located. DEPUTY: Deputy Whitney Elliott CASE: 11-35128

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: CDS Possession DATE / TIME: 10/22/2011 @ 0130 Hours LOCATION: Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office ARREST: Jessica Rose Tryon (26) of Centreville NARRATIVE: Tryon was arrested October 22nd on an active Arrest Warrant issued on October 7th for CDS Possession. During a search a small amount of powder suspected to be cocaine was found in a folded piece of paper in her possession. Additional charges are pending. DEPUTY: Dfc. Amanda Watts CASE: 11-35138

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INCIDENT: Assault / Disturbance DATE / TIME: 10/24/2011 @ 0013 Hours LOCATION: Kirby Street, Chester VICTIM: Donald Jones of Chester NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Units were called to the location for a disturbance. On arrival deputies found an intoxicated 40 year old female sitting on a picnic table outside the residence. The woman stated she was tired of the noise coming from the house and that she had been invited over. Persons inside the residence stated that she had not been asked over and when told to leave she had attempted to stab one person with a fork. (No injuries). The owner of the house advised he didn’t know who she was and just wanted her to leave. Ms. Dabolish was removed from the location. DEPUTY: Dfc. Amanda Watts CASE: 11-35159