QA Press Releases 11/27


INCIDENT:                  Theft of Vehicle Tags

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:           November 25, 2017 at 1426 hours

LOCATION:                 Route 302 Route 301 Park and Ride, Barclay Md

VICTIM:                                  Benton Corner Road Barclay Md

NARRATIVE:              On the above date and time, Dfc. A. Neall responded to the above location for a report of the Theft of two automobile tags.  The victim reported they parked their vehicle at the park and ride around 12:00p.m. when they returned at 2:00p.m. the tags were taken from their vehicle.  The tag number was 8MD4780.  The victim has no suspects.  Anyone with information is urged to contact Dfc. A. Neall at 410-758-0770 or by email

INVESTIGATOR:         Dfc. A. Neall 0159

CASE NUMBER:                     17-35153




INCIDENT:                  Theft / Credit Card Fraud

DATE AND TIME REPORTED:           November 24, 2017 at 1555 hours

LOCATION:                 Central Drive, Chestertown Md

NARRATIVE:              On the above date and time, Dfc. A. Neall responded to the above location for a report of the Theft / Credit Card Fraud complaint.  The victim reported they received a telephone call from an unknown number, female caller.  The female caller stated she was a family member and had been involved in an accident and needed money.  The victim gave the caller credit card information believing it was family member in need.  The victim contacted another family member and they discovered it was not a family member and in fact was a Theft.

Sheriff Hofmann strongly encourages all citizens to be very caution of giving any financial information to anyone without confirming it to be legitimate.  Information such as name, date of birth, address, social security information, credit card information or banking information should never be shared.

If anyone has information concerning this case is urged to contact Dfc. A. Neall at 410-758-0770 or by email

INVESTIGATOR:         Dfc. A. Neall 0159

CASE NUMBER:                     17-35085



INCIDENT:      Assault First Degree, Second Degree and Reckless Endangerment

DATE / TIME:              November 23, 2017 at 8:30 p.m.

LOCATION:     200 block of Dominion Road, Chester Maryland

DETAIL:  The Office of the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff was dispatched to the 200 block of Dominion Road, Chester for a domestic situation.  Upon the arrival of Deputy P. Matteson an investigation ensued.  During the investigation it was learned the arrestee (listed below) got into an argument with family members.  The arrestee had been consuming alcoholic beverages and attempted to fight another family member.  Other family members inside the house intervened in an effort to calm the situation.  It was reported the arrestee grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began threatening family members inside the residence.  The arrestee was then arrested by Dep. Matteson.   Dep. Matteson was assisted by other law enforcement within the county to include the Maryland State Police.

While Dep. Matteson was placing the arrestee in his patrol car a motor vehicle accident occurred unrelated to the incident that was being investigated.  Please refer to Maryland State Police case number 17-MSP-050042.

ARRESTEE:                 Tony Lee White

37 year old, Black, Male

Dominion Road, Chester Maryland

DEPUTY:                     Deputy P. Matteson

CASE NUMBER:         17-35022



INCIDENT:                  Driving While Intoxicated and other Traffic Offenses

DATE / TIME:              November 23, 2017,  3:45a.m.

LOCATION:                 Queens Colony High Road near Romancoke Road, Stevensville MD


ARRESTED:                Julie Kathryn Christopher

22 Year Old White Female

Stevensville, Maryland

Driving a blue in color 2017 Chevrolet Sonic


DETAILS:             Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff  patrol deputies where monitoring traffic in the area of Queens Colony High Road when they witnessed a 2017 blue Chevrolet Sonic passenger car fail to stop at an intersection.   The vehicle almost struck a deputy while who was outside his vehicle.  The deputy was able to stop the vehicle and believed the driver was intoxicated. The driver was identified as Julie Kathryn Christopher (listed above).


Upon the completion of field sobriety tests, it was determined by Dep. Carnaggio that Christopher was under the influence of alcohol. Christopher opted to complete the Chemical breath test at the Maryland State Police Barrack.

Christopher was charged with:

  1. Driving vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
  2. Driving vehicle while under the influence of alcohol per se
  3. Driving vehicle while impaired by alcohol
  4. Negligent driving
  5. Failing to stop at a stop sign

Christopher was charged, processed and issued all appropriate documentation and released from custody after processing was complete.

DEPUTY:             Dep. Carnaggio, assisted by Dep. Matteson

CASE:          17-34992


INCIDENT:     Fraud

DATE / TIME:  11/20/17 at 07:58 PM

LOCATION:  CVS Pharmacy, 115 South Piney Road, Chester, MD

VICTIM:  45 yr. old black male from Grasonville, MD

DETAILS:  Victim reported that he received a call from a female and a male regarding a loan modification for a home loan.  The victim was instructed to wire $991.00 to the suspects.  The victim later received a second call relating that they never received the money.  When the victim proceeded to the CVS to investigate, he determined that the incident was a scam.  The victim then called the police to file a police report.

DEPUTY:     Deputy L. Pack

CASE:     17-34694




INCIDENT:     Traffic Stop / CDS Civil Citation

DATE / TIME:     11/20/17 @ 10:08 PM

LOCATION:  Romancoke Rd at Blue Heron Drive, Stevensville, MD

CIVIL CITATION:     John Harrison, 19 yr. old white male from Stevensville, MD

DETAILS:     Deputy Bush conducted a traffic stop on a 2002 Nissan Maxima passenger vehicle (MD tag 9CB0842) for speeding.  Contact was made with the driver, Mr. Harrison in reference to the stop.  Based on his observations, Deputy Bush developed probable cause to search the vehicle.  Mr. Harrison admitted to being in possession of marijuana less than 10 grams.  Deputy Bush subsequently located the marijuana and contraband.  Ultimately, Mr. Harrison was issued a civil citation for the violation and was released from the scene.

DEPUTY:     Deputy D. Bush (assisted by Deputy L. Pack)

CASE:     17-34704




INCIDENT:         Theft

DATE / TIME:    11/22/2017 approximately 1900 hours

LOCATION:       1000 Block of Benton Corner Rd, Sudlersville MD


VICTIM:              57yo Female of Sudlersville


DETAILS:             The victim came to the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff to report a theft. She indicated that someone had stolen numerous items out of her yard. Some of those items were described as vehicle tags, scrap metal, and cast iron frying pans. An approximate total of $310 in items were stolen. The last time these items were seen was Sunday, November 19, 2017.

Anyone with information is asked to make contact with Cpl. A. VanSant.

DEPUTY:             Cpl. A. VanSant

CASE:         17-34911