QA Press Releases 5/21




INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      05/17/2012 @ 1021 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         325 Cleat Street, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Scott Agee of Chester


NARRATIVE:        Jim Maier of BOE Marine reported that upon arriving for work he noticed security cameras at the business had been tampered. A review of the video showed that at 0136 hours the camera was moved so that the storage lot for privately owned boats could not be seen clearly. Despite the camera being tampered with, two suspects can been seen on the lot driving a dark colored pickup. They then hooked up to a boat and trailer and left.


The stolen boat is a Key West Sportsman 192 valued at $13,000  on a Load Rite trailer and a Yamaha 115 HP Motor. The trailer and motor were valued at $5000.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Chris Neall

CASE:                    12-14107


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      05/18/2012 @ 0150 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Melvin Avenue, Grasonville

VICTIM  :              Nicole E. Liverette of Grasonville

ARREST:               Leslie Lyn Jameson (49) of Grasonville

CHARGE:              Assault 1st & 2nd Degree / MDOP / Reckless Endangerment


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported that her step-father, Leslie Jameson had assaulted her when she went to leave the residence. Victim reported Jameson choking her and covering her mouth as she screamed with his hand. Victim was bleeding from the mouth and had visible red marks on her neck.


Deputies responded to the residence and Jameson ignored their presence. Deputies made entry into the residence and took Jameson into custody. After processing, Jameson was held on a $5000 bond until posting on the 21st.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jessica Kellogg         

CASE:                    12-14175


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      05/18/2012 @ 0715 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         3149 Goldsboro Road, Henderson, MD

VICTIM:               Wayne’s Welding / Koon’s Ford


NARRATIVE:        Wayne Murray, owner of the business reported that a new Ford Truck parked at the location had been stolen during the night. The truck was at the location having a body attached. Further checking indicated that possibly two suspects had cut a lock off of a gate, made entry into the building taking keys and using a forklift, loaded scrap metal into the truck. The suspects then drove the truck away from the scene side-swiping the gate as they left.


The truck was a white 2012 Ford F-550 with a stack body valued at $50,000. The scrap metal was valued at $15,000. The Sheriff’s Investigation Unit was assigned the case and assisted by Maryland State Police Crime Scene Unit.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Jeremy Gardner

ASSIST:                 Dfc. Robert Boyles, MSP Crime Tech Bevans

CASE:                    12-14179


INCIDENT:           Trespassing on Cultivated Land

DATE / TIME:      05/18/2012 @ 0843 Hours

LOCATION:         211 Farm Lane, Queenstown

VICTIM:               University of Maryland


NARRATIVE:        It was reported that sometime recently someone had been driving a 4-wheeled vehicle on a barley and corn field on the property. Dfc. Ambrose followed the tracks and located a Gator and golf cart at a residence on Wye Narrows Drive. The complainant and owner of the vehicles came to an agreement and resolved the incident.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE:                    12-14187


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      05/18/2012 @ 1819 Hours

LOCATION:         116 Melvin Avenue, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Leslie L. Jameson of Grasonville




NARRATIVE:        Victim reported to be missing a 42 inch flat screen TV, a Visa Card and a digital camera upon returning home. No forced entry was found and the victim stated his ex-girlfriend had the only other keys to the residence. The ex-girlfriend was contacted and indicated she had the camera, but was unaware of the missing TV and card. The items were valued at $1,225.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Aaron Wilson

CASE:                    12-14239


INCIDENT:           Underage Possession of Alcohol

DATE / TIME:      05/18/2012 @ 2335 Hours

LOCATION:         Clover Fields Beach, Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        A/Cpl. Brockman was dispatched to the Cloverfields beach for a bonfire at that location. On arrival he located several vehicles in the parking lot and a bonfire on the beach with several subjects nearby. The group was advised that the park was closed and put out the fire. As A/Cpl. Brockman was walking back to his car he saw a 24 pack of beer in the rear seat of a Ford Bronco. Daniel I. Sutch (18) of Stevensville admitted to having the beer as the Bronco was registered to his father. Sutch was issued a citations for underage possession and beer was seized and destroyed.


DEPUTY:              A/Cpl. John W. Brockman

CASE:                    12-14265


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      05/19/2012 @ 0102 Hours

LOCATION:         5601 Main Street, Grasonville

VICTIM:               Eric D. Roy Jr. of Queenstown

ARREST:               Male (17) of Preston

CHARGE:              Assault 2nd Degree


NARRATIVE:        Deputies were dispatched to the Grasonville Community Center for a report of a large fight and gunshots. On arrival a large crowd was at the scene and witnesses reported several fights but no shots had been fired. When asked, most of the persons left the scene.


Units on the scene then received a report of a large fight at the Extra Mart in Queenstown. Deputies responded along with MSP troopers and MdTA Officers. A victim, Eric Roy reported being assaulted by two individuals at the Community Center and had been struck on the head, knocking him to the ground. The victim’s mother reportedly saw the fight and attempted to break it up by swinging a “Swiffer Sweeper”. Sometime during this incident, she fell or was knocked to the ground and was taken to the QAC Emergency Room for an injured knee.


The second suspect denied ever seeing Roy or his mother and had no idea what they were talking about.


Victims were explained how to seek charges if desired thru the Commissioner’s Office and asked to clear the area. The juvenile’s mother was contacted and the youth released to an adult family acquaintance.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Maria Bassaro

ASSIST:                 QA Sheriff’s Office – MSP – MdTA

CASE:                    12-14271


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      05/19/2012 @ 0630 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Centreville Middle School / QA County High School

VICTIM:               QA County BOE


NARRATIVE:        Sometime during the early morning hours of Saturday the 19th, vandals sprayed silver paint on both the signs in front of Centreville Middle School and QA Co. High School. Based on the color and letters “KI” it is believed to be in response to the MDOP of the Kent Island High school earlier this month.


Damages were estimated at $300 for cleanup of the signs.


Persons with information of these crimes are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email


DEPUTY:              Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:                    12-14281


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      05/19/2012 @ 1029 Hours

LOCATION:         500 Double Creek Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:               John J. Krezdorn of Media , PA


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported the theft of two Deka batteries from his boat at the campground. The batteries were valued at $150 and last seen on March 17th.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Aaron Wilson

CASE:                    12-14297


INCIDENT:           Harassment

DATE / TIME:      05/19/2012 @ 1140 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Block of Lots Road, Stevensville

VICTIM:               Hines Family of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Victims reported discovering a noose around their mailbox as they were going to their vehicles.  Ms. Stephanie Hines reported that her son was involved in an inter-racial relationship and that a family member of the female did not approve of the two dating.  In March there was a verbal confrontation on the street in front of the house in which threats had been made using racial terms. At that time the two stopped dating but had recently began seeing one another.  


The noose was seized for evidence and the case remains under investigation.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Robert Boyles

CASE:                    12-14301


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      05/19/2012 @ 1901 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         Kent Narrows Way, Grasonville

VICTIM:               James H. Thomas of Stevensville


NARRATIVE:        Victim reported having his dump trailer parked on the gravel parking lot across from the Narrows Restaurant and discovered it missing on the 19th. Mr. Thomas contacted the owner of the lot and asked if it had been moved at his request. After the call, Mr. Thomas realized the trailer was stolen and called the Sheriff’s Office.


The trailer is a 1988 Raven 38 foot dump trailer valued at $14,000.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE:                    12-14328