QA Task Force Press Release


Queen Anne’s County Drug Task Force

 KARASEK, Tina Marie



Incident:      Search and Seizure warrant

Date/Time:   10/24/14 @ 0800 hours

Location:     1112 Oyster Cove Drive Grasonville, Queen Anne’s Co., MD 21638


Suspects:    Tina Marie Karasek aka Tina Marie Rotert, (38) of Chester 


Vehicle seized: 2012 Kia Sorento   


Synopsis:    On 10/24/14 at approximately 0800 hours the Queen Anne’s County Drug Task Force, assisted by uniformed deputies from the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office and a uniformed Trooper assigned to the Centreville Barrack served a knock and announce search warrant at 1112 Oyster Cove Drive Grasonville, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. Entry into the residence was made through the unlocked front door. 


A search of the residence revealed 653 suspected Oxycodone pills and evidence of multiple, long term prescription fraud.  Investigators also recovered Oxycodone and packaging materials from the 2012 Kia.


This case was the result of a two month long investigation into prescription fraud and health insurance abuse by Karasek. Ms. Karasek works in the medical billing field and handled billing for multiple doctors’ offices. Using her position Karasek located names and insurance information for multiple patients. She would then make or forge printed prescriptions for Oxycodone and other drugs and then pass these prescriptions at pharmacies located in and around Maryland. Investigators have determined that since the spring of 2014 Karasek has illegally obtained over 10,000 Oxycodone and other prescription pills and used the health insurance of the victims to pay for them. The street value of these pills is approximately $50,000.00. 


Karasek is currently on probation in Wyoming for multiple counts of prescription fraud and other controlled dangerous substance violations from a previous prescription theft scheme.  


On November 6, 2014 members of the Queen Anne’s County Drug Task Force arrested the suspect Tina Marie Karasek and charged her with 376 separate charges to include multiple counts of possession of Oxycodone with the intent to distribute, possession of Oxycodone, obtain CDS by fraud, possession of prescription pills with the intent to distribute, obtain prescriptions by concealment, obtain prescription by fraud, obtain drug by fraud, obtaining CDS by impersonation, fraud/identity theft.


Tina Marie Karasek was held on $200,000 bond and was incarcerated in the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center.