Sheriff's Office is asking for your help identifying suspects…



  On February 17th, two white males entered the Exxon at 100 Dominion Road in Chester. While suspect # 1 occupied the store clerk, suspect # 2 went to the beer cooler and removed two 30-packs of beer. When suspect # 2 fled the store without paying for the beer, the store clerk attempted to follow him and was assaulted by Suspect #1. Both suspects fled the location in a vehicle driven by a third subject. Investigation has developed possible suspect names and the Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance from the public to identify them. Suspect #1 may be known as Jake or Jack and Suspect # 2 could be Casey / Kasey. The driver of the vehicle may be “Coco”. Suspects are believed to have local ties to the Kent Island area.

           If you have possible information of these suspects please contact Sgt. Mark Meil at the QA Sheriff’s Office by calling (410) 758-0770 or by email at


CASE 12-04940