QA Press Release 7/13





INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      06/23/2016 @ 1600 Hours

LOCATION:         1800 Block of Church Hill Lane, Chester, MD


DETAILS:              Deputies responded to the residence after a neighbor reported a white male was attempting to gain entry by kicking the front door. Unable to gain access, the suspect went around to the back and out of sight.


On arrival, deputies found a gate to the rear fence broken and once in the rear yard located a white male suspect. The man stated he lived at the residence and that he was locked out. A check indicated that the suspect lived in Hyattsville, Prince George’s County.


The owner could not be located, however family members were contacted who advised that the suspect had lived at the location, however had been kicked out several times. It was also learned that there was an active Protective Order on file.


Eric Daniel Worley (33) was placed under arrest and charged with trespassing and 4th degree burglary. Worley was held on a $10,000 bail at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Doug Prince – Deputy Tim Myers

CASE:                    16-17532


INCIDENT:           Domestic / Warrant Service

DATE / TIME:      06/24/2016 @ 1821 Hours

LOCATION:         Little Creek Road, Chester, MD.



DETAILS:              Mid-Shore Domestic Abuse hotline requested a Deputy check on a female subject at a residence on Little Creek Road. On arrival the door was ajar and no one responded to the deputy. Based on an extensive history at the location including domestics, the deputy entered the home. After repeated calls for someone, a male subject made himself known.


The subject denied any domestic and that the female had left. A search of the residence proved the man was alone at the home. A wanted check of the man indicated an active warrant for assault and reckless endangerment stemming from another incident at the home.


Sandro Barravini was placed under arrest and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters. While being processed, McDonalds on Castle Marina called to report the female was at that location. During an interview of the female she indicated she had made false accusations to the Hotline and no additional charges were placed on Sandro Barravini.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Scott Hogan

CASE:                    16-17645


INCIDENT:           Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:      06/24/2016 @ 2137 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Hundred Block of Grasonville Cemetery Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:              Deputy was dispatched to a parking lot on Evans Avenue to meet with a subject who had been assaulted. Female victim reported being at a bar earlier with a male subject who had gotten intoxicated.


When the two went to the Cemetery Road address, an argument occurred which became physical. Victim reported being grabbed, throat scratched and struck on her arm and face. Injuries were consistent with her statements.


Male subject located at the residence and denied any physical altercation. Anthony Michael Kakuk (25) of Grasonville was placed under arrest for 2nd degree assault.


Kakuk was held until a $5000 bail was posted.


DEPUTY:              Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-17660


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      06/25/2016 @ 1021 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Stanford Road, Centreville, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported someone had entered his shed and had stolen numerous hand tools including ratchet sets, screwdrivers, wrenches, drill, sawzalls and a chainsaw having an estimated value over $900.


The burglary is believed to have occurred between Thursday evening to Saturday morning.


DEPUTY:              Sgt. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    16-17693


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      06/25/2016 @ 1023 Hours

LOCATION:         2700 Block of Cox Neck Road, Chester


DETAILS:              Victim reported finding the door on his shed had been forced open and items were missing. A compound bow and a bag of goose decoys were missing. Victim had walked around the shed and saw a stack of cinder blocks behind the shed had been re-arranged to create steps to climb over the fence at the rear of the property. On the other side of the fence he was able to recover his decoys which had been left.


A canvas of the neighborhood revealed a second shed had been broken into recently with a fishing tackle box having been tampered with. A second neighbor reported seeing two young males going thru several back yards that week.


Additional canvas of the neighborhood by detectives resulted in several persons not only seeing the pair, but one witness knew where one of the males lived.


Contact was made with a parent who also identified the second male suspect. An interview of the younger male resulted in learning that numerous sheds had been broken into as well as a window broken on another.


Detectives then went to the older suspect residence and recovered the missing bow, decoys, tackle boxes, a fish scale, a pry bar, a cooler, a hand drill, an airsoft pistol, leg traps, a back brace and assorted shotgun shells.


Persons recently missing items from storage sheds in the area can call the Sheriff Criminal Investigation Unit to identify if any of the unclaimed items are theirs. (410) 758-0770


Both suspects are pre-teen with an age difference. At this time, the older of the two has been referred to Juvenile Services.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Jordan Jarrett – Det. Steve Matthews

CASE:                    16-17694


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      06/25/2016 @ 1205 Hours

LOCATION:         3101 Main Street, Grasonville


DETAILS:              Victim reported being the only person staying there and had left to go get breakfast and upon returning found that $620 cash she had left in the room to be missing.


Victim stated that the cleaning crew had inquired if she wanted the room to be serviced and she had declined. However upon missing the money, she noticed that the trash can had been emptied.


A check of the card key records showed that the member of the cleaning crew had entered the room three times. A search of the establishment failed to locate the envelope with cash.


Case remains open.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Michael Piasecki

CASE:                    16-17706


INCIDENT:           Theft under $100

DATE / TIME:      06/26/2016 @ 1300 Hours

LOCATION:         1720 Main Street, Chester, MD


DETAILS:              Store Employee of Rite Aid reported that a female in the store had opened a cosmetic bag and proceeded to fill it with various cosmetics, earrings and office supplies.


She then placed the bag in her purse and left the store. She was stopped in the parking lot and the items with a value of $88 were recovered.


When the store employee attempted to issue a notice barring her from the store she gave false information and then ran from the store. A third party who had given the woman a ride to the location provided the store with the women’s correct information.


Attempts to locate the woman were unsuccessful. Charges are pending.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Jordan Jarrett

CASE:                    16-17712


INCIDENT:           Theft of ATV

DATE / TIME:      06/25/2016 @ 1800 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Carroll Road, Centreville


DETAILS:              Owner of the 2008 green Yamaha Grizzly 350 ATV reported it stolen from his rear fenced in yard area within the past 24 hours. The owner had the keys to the ATV in his possession.


The following day the owner learned where the ATV may be and soon located it near Brownsville Road. The ATV was out of gas and had a damaged ignition box. The ATV valued at $5000 was then towed back to the victim’s residence.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Scott Hogan – Det. Jason Rickard

CASE:                    16-17738


INCIDENT:           Driving with Revoked Out of State License

DATE / TIME:      06/25/2016 @ 2331 Hours

LOCATION:         Duhamel Corner Road prior to Busic Church Road, Sudlersville


DETAILS:              Single vehicle accident was reported in the area. On deputy’s arrival a blue Chevrolet Camaro was located off the roadway in a ditch. Evidence in the car indicated the driver was a Tammy Marie Bennett of Camden-Wyoming DE however she was nowhere in the area and her Delaware license was revoked.


A call came in a couple hours later that she had made her way to Darlene’s bar in Sudlersville and the Deputy responded. Inside he was advised she was hiding in the bathroom. Two ladies eventually came out and Tammy Bennett was identified.


Ms. Bennett (49) was placed under arrest and transported to the Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing and accordingly charged with driving revoked and leaving the scene of an accident.


DEPUTY:              Deputy Scott Hogan

CASE:                    16-17767