Barricade Incident – Wilson Road


2016 07 15 Barricade on Wilson Road (1) QACSO Unit blocking traffic near Nesbit Road 2016 07 15 Barricade on Wilson Road (2) MSP Unit blocking 18 at Sawmill. MRAP in Foreground 2016 07 15 Barricade on Wilson Road (3) RT jammed with Police Vehicles 2016 07 15 Barricade on Wilson Road (4) Officers approaching residence with MRAP as cover 2016 07 15 Barricade on Wilson Road (5) Command


INCIDENT:           Barricade / Suicidal Subject

DATE / TIME:      07/15/2016 @ 0536 Hours

LOCATION:         Wilson Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:              911 Call from individual on Wilson Road stating he intended to commit suicide either by overdose or with a firearm.


Units from the Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police were dispatched and once on the scene they decided approaching the house was a risk, requested additional units.


Sheriff’s Tactical Team responded and positions were taken up around the residence. The subject, reportedly a military veteran was despondent over several other personal issues was contacted several times but failed to exit the house.


Several hours later, the man agreed to exit the house and did so with his hands up. Officers approached and took the subject into custody without further incident. Once in custody EMS units came in and he was transported by ambulance accompanied by deputies to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment. A firearm was recovered from the residence.


RT 18 between Sawmill Lane and Nesbit Road was blocked off during the incident with traffic being re-routed for about three hours. A command post was set up at a nearby church parking lot and included EMS personnel standing by.



CASE:     16-19762