QA Press Release 7/15






DATE / TIME:       06/26/2016 @ 0100 Hours

LOCATION:           3206 Main Street, Grasonville


DETAILS:               Intoxicated male at the Hilton Garden Inn insisting he had a room at that location. Desk Manager checked records and determined he was not a guest and he was asked to leave.


Subject soon returned and was placed under arrest. He was identified as Kevin Anthony Cummings Jr. (31) of Alexandria VA.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Alex Cooper – Deputy George Parker

CASE:                    16-17773


INCIDENT:             Theft from Motor Vehicle

DATE / TIME:       06/26/2016 @ 1110 Hours

LOCATION:           300 Block of Quail Run Drive, Centreville


DETAILS:               Victim reported leaving two lacrosse sticks in the bed of his pickup while staying with relatives in the area. The sticks were described as an Attacker’s Stick white mesh with blue pole and the second stick was also an Attacker’s Stick with a white & green head on a blue pole with a Bayhawk logo. The sticks were valued at $360.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Jeremy Davidson

CASE:                    16-17798


INCIDENT:             Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME:       06/26/2016 @ 2332 Hours

LOCATION:           3900 Block of Main Street, Grasonville


DETAILS:               Neighbors contacted 911 after hearing their neighbor being involved in a loud argument.  On arrival they met with a female at the location who reported an argument had turned physical. She stated that Antwaine Wilson had tried to choke her and bit her hand. At that time one of the children at the residence hit Wilson with a broomstick.


The female grabbed two of the children and put them in a car. A third child was heard screaming and stated that Wilson had hit him with something as his finger was bleeding. The injury on the female’s hand was consistent with her report.


Antwaine Eric Wilson (27) of Grasonville was charged two counts of assault


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    16-17868


INCIDENT:             Theft / Burglary

DATE / TIME:       06/27/2016 @ 1122 Hours

LOCATION:           1000 College Drive, Queenstown, MD


DETAILS:               Security at Chesapeake College reported that storage shed on school grounds had been broken into overnight and a 2009 John Deere Gator valued at $3000 was missing.


On June 30th, a Security Guard from the college called to advise he had seen a Gator at a house under construction on Wye Mills Road. A check of the vehicle proved it was the missing Gator.


A deputy on another shift group heard about the Gator and recalled stopping two juvenile teenagers the night before on a Gator in the area. A check of the VIN did not indicate it was stolen and the two were released.


Detectives are following up on the case with charges pending.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Chris Green – Deputy Piasecki – Det. Chase Armington

CASE:                    16-17906


INCIDENT:             Burglary

DATE / TIME:       067/28/2016 @ 0414 Hours

LOCATION:           3200 Block of Main Street, Grasonville, MD


DETAILS:               Victim reported the theft of a wallet, $3800 cash and a Droid cell phone from his residence while he was sleeping. Victim stated that he had also found an open window with the screen removed upon waking up.


Nothing else was reported missing and the case is assigned to the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chad Hartmetz – CIU

CASE:                    16-17978


INCIDENT:             MDOP

DATE / TIME:       06/28/2016 @ 0830 – 0850 Hours

LOCATION:           Dulin Clarke Road & Earle Branch Road, Centreville


DETAILS:               Several victims residing on Dulin Clark Road and Earle branch road reported mailboxes damaged. This has been a reoccurring problem recently. Anyone with possible suspect or vehicle information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Chris Green

CASE:                    16-17993 & 16-17994