QA Press Release





INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      03/15/2016 @ 0716 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         800 Block of Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Several victims at the residence reported extensive damage to their vehicles overnight. Tires had been slashed, mirrors and windows smashed, leather seats cut and paint had been “keyed”.


The ten vehicles that were damaged  included a Range Rover, a Shelby Mustang, Volvo, Jeep Cherokee,  a Ford Expedition, a Ford Van, a Toyota 4Runner,  a Jaguar, an AMC Ambassador  and a Honda Accord.


Estimated damages is between $50,000 to $75,000.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Andrew Neall – Det. Chase Armington

CASE:                    16-07065


INCIDENT:           DWI

DATE / TIME:      03/15/2016 @ 1534 Hours

LOCATION:         500 Block of Bayside Drive, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Deputy responded to location for a two vehicle collision. On arrival he located a Ford Escape that had struck the rear of a parked, unoccupied Mazda pickup. The driver of the Escape was not injured and on the scene. Indications were present that she had been drinking and she was placed under arrest for DWI. Karim Rosario Messick (40) of Stevensville was issued citations and released at the scene to a sober family member.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-07118


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      03/16/2016 @ 0216 Hours

LOCATION:         400 Block of Gibbs Road, Grasonville


DETAILS:              Deputies were requested at Robinson Lane by a female reporting she had been cut during an argument at Gibbs Road. Kira Woodus of Grasonville reported that she had been arguing with Anthony Sylvester Fisher (63) of Grasonville when he grabbed a  knife. Woodus stated when she went to get the knife away from Fisher she was cut on the hand and then fled the residence.


Fisher was placed under arrest and charged with assault 1st & 2nd degree and Reckless Endangerment. He has been held at the QA Detention Center on a $150,000 Bail.


DEPUTY:               Deputy George Parker & Dfc. Mitch Davidson

CASE:                    16-07183


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/16/2016 @ 1108 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         400 Block of Beachside Drive, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Victim reported that she had moved to the Beachside residence in February and had hired a subject to help move furniture and unpack boxes.  While unpacking , the victim stated she would give the suspect items she no longer wanted. However she then began to notice other items missing such as silver pen sets, silver cups, jewelry and other silver items. The missing items had an estimated value of over $25,000.


On March 9th, the victim was contacted by the suspect’s wife who had found some of the items in their garage and was suspicious because the items looked expensive. The wife also had stated she had confronted her husband and he became upset, left the home and had gone to Arizona with a family member. On March 16th, the suspect returned home and his wife called the victim who in turn contacted the local police (Ridgely PD) who notified the Sheriff’s Office.


With the consent of the suspects wife to search the residence, nearly all the missing items were located. After additional interviews and processing Jason Andrew Dawes (38) of Ridgely was charged with three counts of theft. He was held until a bail of $50,000 was posted on 3/17.


DEPUTY:               Det. Steve Matthews – Ridgely Police Department

CASE:                    16-07219


INCIDENT:           Resisting Arrest / Warrant Service

DATE / TIME:      03/16/2016 @ 1613 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Block of North Liberty Street, Centreville


DETAILS:              An undercover detective saw an subject who was wanted on a warrant for distribution of CDS. He and CPD Officer Lannon approached the subject and advised him that he was under arrest.


The suspect, Jerimiah Eugene Lynch (36) of Annapolis refused to cooperate and a brief struggle followed until Lynch was in custody.  During the struggle, Lynch appeared to swallow something possibly contraband. He was served the Arrest Warrant and also charged with resisting arrest. Lynch was later released after bail was posted by a Bail Bondsman.


DEPUTY:               QA Task Force Detective – Off. Lannon (CPD)

CASE:                    16-07252


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      03/18/2016 @ 0127 Hours

LOCATION:         Melvin Avenue, Grasonville


DETAILS:              Female  reported being assaulted by a male at a residence on Melvin Avenue. On arrival it was noted that the victim had a bloody lip and was extremely intoxicated.  It was also noted that there was evidence that her lip had been in contact with the ground.


The male denied pushing the female and stated that she had tripped and fallen. While speaking with the male, the female started towards them, tripped and fell face forward to the ground, just as the male had described her doing earlier.


Victim was advised how to request charges after she was sober and Domestic Violence report filed.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE:                    16-07388


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      03/18/2016 @ 0154 Hours

LOCATION:         500 block of Main Street, Grasonville


DETAILS:              Deputies responded to a residence for a domestic assault and on arrival the female victim reported that she and her boyfriend were arguing and he walked out of the house. At that time she locked him out and when he began to bang on the door, a window shattered. She allowed him back in and he fell struck her on the face.  The victim did not want charges and just to have the male leave.


The male was cooperative and both advised about Domestic Violence protocol. Alcohol was a factor.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    16-07391


INCIDENT:           Assault

DATE / TIME:      03/18/2016 @ 0905 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Chesapeake Estates Drive, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Deputies called to the residence where a female reported her boyfriend were arguing and he hit her on her head and kicked her leg. The female had a bruise on her leg that could be seen.


When deputies attempted to question the male, he stated he wanted to remain silent and was placed under arrest. Once the male was under arrest, the female refused to cooperate any further.


As the male, David Christopher Campbell (38) of Stevensville was being transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters, he began to beat his head into the cage unit of the patrol car. Once at headquarters,


Campbell complained of head pains and was transported (by Patrol Car) to the Emergency Room in Queenstown.


Quickly released he was returned to Headquarters, processed and charged. A District Court Commissioner placed him on a $10,000 bail and he was held under it was posted by a Bail Bondsman.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-07415

INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/19/2016 @ 1422 Hours

LOCATION:         450 Thompson Creek Shopping Center, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Customer in Radio Shack “browsed” in the store until the clerk became busy with other customers. At that time the suspect left without making a purchase. A check of area where the suspect was last seen showed that two Ion Motor dash cameras valued at $362 was missing.


The suspect was described as an African American male possibly in his 50’s, 5’10” – 230 pounds with a short military type haircut and walking with a limp. Suspect left in a blue Ford Taurus with Maryland plates.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE:                    16-07545


INCIDENT:           Possession of CDS / Traffic

DATE / TIME:      03/19/2016 @ 2140 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 50 near Castle Marina Road,  Chester, MD


DETAILS:              A white GMC pickup was observed driving erratically, crossing the center line, braking suddenly, striking a guard rail before continuing onto Castle Marina Road crossing the center line, pulling into a parking and running into the curb.


Driver, identified as John Burnett Memmel (43) of Easton was incoherent and had difficulty standing or sitting. A K9 scan of the vehicle resulted in locating suspected cocaine & paraphernalia.


Memmel was charged with Possession of CDS, Paraphernalia and traffic charges. He was processed and later released after a bail bondsman posted a $10,000 bond.


DEPUTY:               Deputy George Parker

CASE:                    16-07566


INCIDENT:           DWI

DATE / TIME:      03/20/2016 @ 0159 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 544 near Ewingtown Road, Chestertown (QA)


DETAILS:              A gray Chevrolet Cruze was stopped for an equipment violation on RT 544 near Ewingtown Road by Deputy Piasecki. The driver was identified as Jon Kenneth Walker (28) of Chester.

Mr. Walker had an odor of Alcoholic beverages on his breath and several other indicators of a possible DWI.


After attempting several field sobriety tasks, Mr. Walker was placed under arrest for DWI. His vehicle was secured at the scene while he was transported to Centreville. After being issued citations and required forms, he was released at his residence.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Michael Piasecki

CASE:                    16-07588


INCIDENT:           MDOP

DATE / TIME:      03/20/2016 @ 1130 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         3101 Main Street, Grasonville, MD


DETAILS:              Hotel Staff at the Best Western reported several plastic chairs had been thrown off the balcony striking a satellite dish knocking out television service for the entire hotel.


Surveillance video is being reviewed to attempt to identify the suspect(s). Damages were estimated at $650. Case remains open.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Charles Harris

CASE:                    16-07614


INCIDENT:           Theft / Counterfeit Currency

DATE / TIME:      03/20/2016 @ 1845 Hours

LOCATION:         107 Dominion Road, Chester, MD


DETAILS:              Store Clerk @ 7/11 Store reported  that earlier an African American male in his 20’s purchased a money order for $100 and paid with 5 $20 bills. A check of the bills later showed them to be counterfeit. Case remains open….


DEPUTY:               Deputy Timothy Myers

CASE:                    16-07632


INCIDENT:           Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:      03/21/2016 @ 2224 Hours

LOCATION:         Main Street near Gravel Run Road, Grasonville, MD


DETAILS:              An Acura 4-door was stopped for an equipment violation. During the stop it was learned that the driver, Brian Michael Collier (22) of Stevensville was currently suspended.  Dfc. Ahearn responded and K9 Blek scanned the vehicle with a positive alert. A search resulted in locating a small plastic baggie with brown powder suspected to be heroin on the passenger side. The passenger, Kayla Marie Miller when searched was also found to be in possession of paraphernalia.


Both subjects were taken into custody  with Collier being charged with driving while suspended and additional traffic charges. He was later released on his personal recognizance by a District Court Commissioner. Miller was charged with possession of CDS and paraphernalia. She was released after a $5000 bond was posted by a Bail Bondsman.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Kevin Fleck

CASE:                    16-07741


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/23/2016 @ 1406 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         200 Block of Carroll Road, Centreville, MD


DETAILS:              Victim reported the theft of his Honda 300 4-Wheeler from his front yard. The ATV was army green with four new tires and valued at $2500.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Nathaniel Burns

CASE:                    16-07923


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/23/2016 @ 1749 Hours

LOCATION:         4701 Main Street, Grasonville, MD


DETAILS:              One of the owners of La Piazza Restaurant reported that an employee had been seen removing $40 from the cash register and placing the money in her pocket. When confronted, the employee returned the cash.


The employee, Sabrina Lynn Pulanco (20) of Grasonville has been charged with theft on a Criminal Summons.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Rudy Draper

CASE:                    16-07951


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/25/2016 @ 1455 Hours

LOCATION:         200 Kent Landing, Stevensville, MD


DETAILS:              Store Loss Prevention reported that a female suspect had been observed stealing several jewelry items and shoes valued at $85. When Store Loss Prevention approached her, she dropped the jewelry items at the exit door and the shoes outside the store. She then left driving a white Toyota van.


Responding personnel were able to identify the suspect as Tracy Dey Burch and locate her at a residence on Green Lee Road in Chester. When returned to the store she was identified by Store Loss Prevention as the woman taking the items.


Burch was charged with theft  and later released on a $5000 Bond.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Doug Prince

CASE:                    16-08171


INCIDENT:           Traffic / CDS

DATE / TIME:      03/25/2016 @ 1947 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 544 near Ewingtown Road, Chestertown (QA)


DETAILS:              A silver Ford Focus passenger car was stopped for speeding (69/55MPH) with the driver identified as Eric Wayne Walker (26) of Chestertown (QA). A check of his license indicated he was suspended. Walker was also found to be in possession of suspected marijuana less than 10 grams.


Walker was issued traffic citations for speeding, driving while suspended and a civil citation for marijuana possession. His vehicle was secured at the scene and he was released at his residence.


DEPUTY:               Dfc. Chad Hartmetz

CASE:                    16-08194


INCIDENT:           Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/26/2016 @ 1017 Hours

LOCATION:         100 Block of Goldfinch Lane W., Centreville


DETAILS:              Victim reported waking up to find the rear exterior door open and his cats missing around 0430 hours. After checking , he realized his wallet was in the wrong pocket and that $648 was missing. He located one of his cats in a roommate’s room with the roommate gone.


After numerous calls and texts his roommate answered and admitted to taking the money, even sending a picture to prove he still had it and promised to return it. However he had not returned to the residence with the cash.


An Arrest Warrant has been issued for Russell Lee Asbury (32) of Centreville charging him with 4th Degree Burglary and Theft.  He is also wanted in Baltimore City for Unauthorized Use of M/V.


DEPUTY:               Sgt. Chris Green

CASE:                    16-08262


INCIDENT:           DWI / Civil Citation

DATE / TIME:      03/27/2016 @ 0344 Hours

LOCATION:         RT 8 near Matapeake, Stevensville


DETAILS:              A red Honda passenger car was seen on RT 8 which appeared to be having problems staying in a single lane driving from the shoulder to crossing the center line. The car was stopped with the driver being Brandon Jerimiah Wolfe (20) of Stevensville.


With the odor of Alcoholic beverage on Wolfe’s breath, he was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks. Based on his attempts, he was placed under arrest for DWI.


Located in his vehicle were two nearly empty liquor bottles and two fake driver’s licenses.


Wolfe was charged with DWI and several related traffic charges. A civil citation for underage possession of alcohol was also issued. He was later released to a parent.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-08362


INCIDENT:           Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME:      03/27/2016 @ 2006 Hours

LOCATION:         300 Old Love Point Park, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Deputy checking the Love Point Park and located a Ford Escape SUV parked at the far side of the parking lot, which is closed dusk to dawn.


Four individuals were inside the vehicle and when the deputy attempted to speak with the driver, the window was only lowered a couple inches, but enough to smell marijuana. The two front occupants handed over two plastic baggies of suspected marijuana when asked.


When the deputy returned to his patrol car, the front occupants were seen passing a black & yellow glass smoking device to the rear passengers., and this was also seized along with additional suspected marijuana.


With the total amount still under 10grams, the four were issued juvenile civil citations.  The two males were (17) and from Stevensville. The females were (16) from Stevensville and (16) from Henderson. Parents were contacted for all four and responded to take custody of their children.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Alex Cooper

CASE:                    16-08435


INCIDENT:           Theft

DATE / TIME:      03/31/2016 @ 1155 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION:         700 Block of Kimberly Way, Stevensville


DETAILS:              Victim reported that a set of off-road tires and rims had been stolen from his yard sometime during March 29th. The tires and rims were valued at $1800.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Timothy Myers

CASE:                    16-08824


INCIDENT:           Burglary

DATE / TIME:      03/31/2016 @ 2317 Hours

LOCATION:         Greenwood Shoals, Grasonville, MD


DETAILS:              Victims advised they were away for the day returning in the early evening. Later that night they noticed some jewelry was missing and called the Sheriff’s Office.


Investigation indicated that a door had been found ajar and items missing included a platinum wedding band with diamonds valued at $6000 and several Tiffany rings.  Several men’s watches and a wedding band were also reported missing.


DEPUTY:               Deputy Stephen Creason

CASE:                    16-08897