QA Press Release 4/28





Incident:              Theft


Date / Time:       04/22/2016 @ 2129 Hours


Location:             3101 Main Street, Grasonville, MD


Details:                Victim reported checking in to the hotel with a female. Once in the room he went to take a shower and when he finished, the female was gone along with his $650 cash and credit card.


Before he could report the credit card missing, two unauthorized charges had been made. Charges are pending.


Deputy:                Dfc. Jason Rickard


Case:                    16-11191




Incident:              Assault


Date / Time:       04/22/2016 @ 2053 Hours


Location:             201 Wells Cove Road, Grasonville, MD


Details:                Security at the Jetty was escorting a female subject from the business, when she lunged at him with a knife. A brief struggle ensued with the knife being knocked into the water. According to the victim, the female then punched the victim in the head.


The female, Melissa Mae Thompkins (26) of Henderson continued to resist with law enforcement at the scene had to be handcuffed and leg shackled top transport.


Thompkins was charged with Assault, Reckless Endangerment, False Statement and attempted escape. She was held on a $30,000 bail.


Deputy:                Dfc. Jason Rickard


Case:                    16-11189




Incident:              Theft


Date / Time:       04/22/2016 @ 1227 Hours (Reported)


Location:             200 Block of Governor’s Way, Queenstown



Details:                Victim reported two wooden Adirondack chairs and a table were missing from the end of her pier. The chairs valued at $300 were secured by a cable which was found to be cut.


Deputy:                Dfc. Kevin Fleck


Case:                    16-11146




Incident:              Burglary


Date / Time:       04/22/2016 @ 1154 Hours (Reported)


Location:             180 Marine Academy Drive, Stevensville


Details:                A service Tech for AT&T reported the theft of several “Bus Bars” from a cell phone tower. The bars are usually stolen for their copper value. The last recorded tech at the location was about a year ago. The bars were estimated to be worth over $1000 with replacement costs over $2000.


Deputy:                Dfc. Kevin Fleck


Case:                    16-11144




Incident:              Burglary


Date / Time:       04/22/2016 @ 0210 Hours


Location:             1935 Main Street, Chester


Details:                In response to an alarm, Deputies responded to the Safeway Gas Station in Chester. On arrival the door was found to be compromised and attempts to force open the ATM had been made. It was also discovered that the power to the building had been turned off from an exterior power source.


Damages were estimated to be over $1000


Deputy:                Dfc. Brad Martz


Case:                    16-11100




Incident:              Burglary


Date / Time:       04/22/2016 @ 0126 Hours


Location:             100 Block of Taylor Avenue, Queenstown


Details:                Victim reported due to marital issues, she had allowed a female acquaintance to stay with her for several days. The female had then brought several furniture pieces in the residence with permission. At that time the victim observed bugs in/on the items and removed then to the front yard. The acquaintance was also told she was no longer welcome. The woman refused to leave and following a 911 call deputies arrived. The woman was escorted away from the residence.


The victim stated that at 0130 hours the next morning she heard noises and that the woman was tapping her on the shoulder saying that she better lock up because she had come thru a window and wanted something from the refrigerator. She then unlocked the front door and left.


An Arrest Warrant has been issued charging Donna Renee Mertz (53) of Grasonville with Burglary, Trespassing and failure to obey a lawful order. (As of 1300 Hours on 4/28 warrant is still active)


Deputy:                Cpl. Todd Svehla


Case:                    16-11097




Incident:              MDOP


Date / Time:       04/24/2016 @ 1213 Hours (Reported)


Location:             1800 Block of Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville



Details:                Victim stated he was visiting at the residence when he heard a loud bang outside at about 11 PM. A few minutes later his friend at the residence began to receive text messages from an ex-boyfriend.  Around midnight he heard another loud bang and a horn from a pickup from the front of the house.


Victim stated when he went outside he found his 2003 Ford Mustang damaged with multiple dents and holes on the windshield, hood, headlight fender and radiator likely from bird pellets from a shotgun.


The suspect, Jacob Michael Fisher (20) of Centreville was located and admitted to firing a 20 gauge shotgun at the Mustang because he was angry.  Charges have been requested and an Arrest Warrant has been issued for MDOP and Reckless Endangerment.


Deputy:                Deputy Doug Prince / Deputy Tim Myers


Case:                    16-11334




Incident:              Peeping Tom


Date / Time:       04/25/2016 @ 1849 Hours


Location:             395 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown


Details:                The victim, a 28 year old female reported that she was trying on clothes in the changing room at Old Navy in Queenstown when she noticed a camera on a selfie stick from the next stall. The victim stated she quickly got dressed and reported the incident to the manager.


The suspect is described as a white male wearing a white button down shirt, tan pants or shorts with short white hair.


The store’s video equipment was having issues and so far the only picture of the suspect fails to show his face.


Deputy:                Deputy Scott Hogan


Case:                    16-11485




Incident:              Burglary


Date / Time:       04/25/2016 @ 0327 Hours


Location:             314 Evans Avenue, Grasonville


Details:                911 call came in after a woman saw two men pushing a lawn mower near Evans Avenue towards a large box truck. On arrival a few minutes later, the truck was gone. Further investigation revealed that the fence at Island Trailers had been cut and torn down.


Owner of the business responded and was quickly able to identify several new Exmark riding mowers missing from the fenced storage area. In addition several others were damaged.


Surveillance video shows a box truck and a second vehicle, a Dodge pickup in the area. The loss of the stolen mowers and damages is estimated between $55K to $60K.


The investigation has been assigned to Det. Steve Matthews of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit. Persons with possible information can call him at (410) 758-0770


Deputy:                Dfc. Chad Hartmetz / Deputy Mike Piasecki / Det. Steve Matthews


Case:                    16-11402




Incident:              Theft


Date / Time:       04/27/2016 @ 1204 Hours (Reported)


Location:             108 Jackson Creek Road, Grasonville


Details:                Store Manager at Royal Farms reported that a review of surveillance footage from the previous night showed three subjects shoplifting items. The suspects were described as two white females and an African-American male driving a maroon Chevrolet 4 door possibly a Malibu or Impala with MD plates. Items taken, snacks, candy and drinks were valued at over $18.


Deputy:                Deputy Jeff Lewis


Case:                    16-11685




Incident:              Theft from M/V


Date / Time:       04/28/2016 @ 0057 Hours


Location:             1925 Main Street, Chester, MD



Details:                Victim reported going to Safeway around midnight and left her purse in her unlocked vehicle. Upon returning to her vehicle the purse valued at $50 was gone. In addition her checkbook and passport were in the stolen purse.


Deputy:                Deputy Stephen Creason


Case:                    16-11749