QA Press Release 10/14


Incident:                                Theft

Date & Time Reported:       10/07/2011 @ 1621 Hours

Location:                                513 Wye Mills Road, Queenstown                                       

Victim:                                   Brandon T. Roe 0f Queenstown


Narrative:              Victim advised sometime between 8 AM to 4 PM someone had removed a black 600 watt Kenwood Amplifier and a black & red Rockford Fosgate 10” subwoofere from his residence. There was no sign of forced entry and the items were valued at $270.


Deputy:                 Dfc. Stephen Fraser

Case Number:       11- 33406



Incident:                                Medical Emergency               

Date & Time Reported:       10/07/2011 @ 1751 Hours

Location:                                Bowers Road, Chestertown

Victim:                                   Female (24) of Chestertown


Narrative:              Deputy Sewell responded to location reference to a female unconscious due to alcohol and prescription drug overdose. At one point the female came to and advised she was tired of living. She was transported to Easton Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment.                 


Deputy:                 Dfc. George Sewell

Case Number:       11-33419



Incident:                                Assault   

Date & Time Reported:       10/07/2011 @ 2116 Hours

Location:                                Cross Island Trail / Kent Island High School

Victim:                                   Female (13) OF Grasonville

Arrested:                                Female (14) of Chester

                                                Female (13) of Chester      

Charges:                                2nd Degree Assault


Narrative:                Deputies responded to the Kent Island High School for a reported assault. The victim (13 year old female) was being treated by medics for injuries to the head and elbow advised that she was walking with two friends towards the bathroom when they suddenly attacked her knocking her to the ground and began to punch her. She was unable to say why the attack occurred except that she had an argument with one of the girls about a month ago.


The two “friends were interviewed and both advised the reason for the attack was due to the argument a month ago, that they had planned the attack and that at the football game was their first opportunity to follow up on the plan.


Both girls were referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice for assault. They were released to the custody of their parents.


Deputy:                 Deputy Whitney Elliott

Case Number:       11-33443



Incident:                                Unauthorized Use – Rogue & Vagabond               

Date & Time Reported:       10/07/2011 @ 2310 Hours

Location:                                Crab Deck @ Kent Narrows, Grasonville

Victim:                                   Jeffrey W. Burack of Ridgely

                                                Joseph A. Capozzoli of Grasonville

Arrested:                                John Hamilton Hubbard (50) of Clayton, DE.

Charges:                                Unauthorized Use of M/V – Rogue & Vagabond


Narrative:                              Jeffrey Burack reported that he had started his Ford truck and while it was warming up, he was talking with his friend when they noticed the truck to be moving. At that time he noticed a male subject behind the wheel. Burack knocked on the window and the subject stopped and exited the vehicle. The suspect then went over to a Mazda truck operated by Joseph Capozzoli and got into the passenger seat. Neither of the men knew who the suspect was.


The suspect was identified as John Hamilton Hubbard and after several minutes of questioning advised he was from Maryland and had no idea how he got to that location. When asked for a phone number to call a friend to come and get him, Hubbard gave the deputy the number of his cell phone in his pocket. Hubbard then refused to cooperate and was placed under arrest. He was later released on his Personal Recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.


Deputy:                 Dfc. Robert Boyles    

Case Number:       11-33461



Incident:                                Theft from Motor Vehicle

Date & Time Reported:        10/08/2011 @ 0755 Hours

Location:                                800 Block of Murphy Road, Centreville

Victim:                                   Barry Stahl of Centreville


Narrative:              Victim reported that the window to his 2008 Ford work van had been broken and his wallet stolen from the center console. The wallet contained his Driver’s License, Social Security card and several other charge and certification cards. A nearby vehicle, a 1997 Acura was also tampered with by someone prying open the door. Nothing appeared to be missing from this car. The estimated theft loss was placed at $50 and the damage was estimated at $900.     


Deputy:                 Dfc. Steven Fraser

Case Number:       11-33487



Incident:                                Theft

Date & Time Reported:        10/08/2011 @ 1338 Hours

Location:                                200 Block of Beech Lane, Stevensville  

Victim:                                   Taylor S. Younger of Stevensville


Narrative:              Victim reported that she had discovered her black faced IPod Touch and her pink iPod Nano was missing from her book bag. Victim stated that several days ago at school she noticed that it looked like someone had gone through her book bag but never thought to check it for the iPods. The loss was estimated at $450.      


Deputy:                  Deputy William Miller          

Case Number:       11-33526



Incident:                                Assault

Date & Time Reported:       10/09/2011 @ 0210 Hours

Location:                                The Jetty, 201 Wells Cove Road, Grasonville



Narrative:              Several Deputies responded to location reference a report of a large fight involving two wedding parties. Upon arrival the fight had broken up, and while checking the area three persons, a male and two female were observed running into a side door of the Holiday Inn.  After talking with the desk clerk, deputies walked thru the building. While on the second floor they could hear loud yelling coming from the stairway. There the three persons seen earlier were located. The females cooperated, but the male, identified as Joseph Lanfranchi continued to be loud and argumentative. Lanfranchi disclosed that he did not have a room there but was visiting someone he would not identify. When asked to go to the front desk, Lanfranchi became loud enough to cause several persons exit their rooms. When advised he was under arrest, Lanfranchi attempt to pull away and was then taken into custody without further incident. After processing, he was later released on his personal recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.


At 0500 Hours Dfc. Boyles was dispatched to the Emergency Room in Grasonville for an assault victim. Mark Walsh of Bethesda was being treated for bruises to the face and head and a possible concussion. Walsh advised that he had been to The Jetty with a Wedding party when two females began to argue. Then two groups started shoving each other, followed by a third group of male joined in and there were numerous punches being thrown. Walsh was unable to advise who had struck him.


Deputy:                 A/Cpl. John Brockman

Case Number:       11-33591




Incident:                                Theft

Date & Time Reported:       10/09/2011 @ 0830 Hours

Location:                                1 Fairway Island, Grasonville, MD       

Victim:                                   Peter S. Elias of Grasonville


Narrative:              Victim reported that he had a bronze propeller in his front yard which was now missing. The propeller was described as 36 inches in diameter, weighed about 80 pounds and was valued at $300.                 


Deputy:                  Deputy William Miller          

Case Number:       11-33595



Incident:                                Theft

Date & Time Reported:       10/10/2011 @ 0745 Hours

Location:                                Bell Nursery, Busic Church Road, Marydel, MD

Victim:                                   Bell Nursery


Narrative:              Anthony Lhotsky, Manager at Bell Nursery reported that a Kubota tractor was missing from a pole building on the property. The tractor is described as an orange 2000 Kubota B7300 with a 16 HP diesel engine valued at $6000. Case remains open and under investigation. 


Deputy:                  Dfc. Larry Steenken               

Case Number:       11-33683