QA Press Release 10/7/11


INCIDENT:                           MDOP to Vehicle    

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/03/2011 @ 1121 Hours

LOCATION:                         300 Block of Sawmill Lane, Grasonville

VICTIM:                                Demetruis Pinder of Grasonville

NARRATIVE:                        Victim reported that while out of town for several days his 2002 Lexus was parked in his driveway at his residence. Upon returning home he found that the car had been vandalized with numerous dents & scratches over the entire vehicle, a partially collapsed roof and two flat tires. The damage was estimated to be over $8000. The damage is believed to have occurred sometime between September 28th and October 3rd.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE NUMBER:                  11-32992


INCIDENT:                           Verbal Disturbance    

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/03/2011 @ 1411 Hours

LOCATION:                         300 Block of Elliott Drive, Chester

VICTIM:                                Betty Baynard of Chester

NARRATIVE:                        Deputies responded to the residence in response to a 911 call. On arrival, Betty Baynard advised she had been arguing with a family member who had been staying there over money. The family member is alleged to have threatened her possibly with a knife, however the details continued to change during interviews. The suspect had fled the scene prior to arrival of the Sheriff’s Office. Victim was advised of her options and procedures for charges and protection orders.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33012


INCIDENT:                           MDOP

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/03/2011 @ 1421 Hours

LOCATION:                         Tennessee Road / Bay Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM:                                QA County Government

NARRATIVE:                        Local resident reported that while walking her dogs she had observed two stop signs in the area spray painted with obscenities and racial slurs. In addition a swastika had also been painted on the roadway. County roads was contacted to have the signs / damage repaired or replaced.

DEPUTY :                              Cpl. Shane Russell             

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33017


INCIDENT:                           Trespassing Complaint

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/03/2011 @ 2046 Hours

LOCATION:                         100 Block of Flat Iron Road, Church Hill

VICTIM:                                Dwyer Bell of Church Hill

NARRATIVE:                        Complainant reported that he had a female and her daughter as house guests for several days, however he had asked her to leave earlier in the day and upon returning home that evening the subjects were still there. The female advised her daughter was a special needs child, that she was homeless and had no place to go. Several calls were made and arrangements were made to have the two transported from the residence by a friend. The female was advised not to return or face possible trespass charges.

DEPUTY :                              Deputy Maria Bassaro

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33041


INCIDENT:                           Theft over $1000

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/03/2011 @ 2248 Hours

LOCATION:                         1800 Block of Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville

VICTIM:                                Michele Plugge of Sudlersville

NARRATIVE:                        Victim reported that some of her jewelry is missing while living at the residence with several other persons. Ms. Plugge advised that recently cash and change was found to be missing from her room, however she had not reported it because she suspected a family member. However today she noticed that her 1980  high school ring from Penderson High School, a yellow gold cross charm, a vertical three diamond pendant, a “X” and hearts bracelet, a birth stone gold bracelet with four stones and gold hoop earrings were gone and valued at $1500.

This incident remains under investigation.

DEPUTY :                              Deputy Maria Bassaro    

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33046


INCIDENT:                           Trailer Tag Theft                   

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/04/2011 @ 1020 Hours

LOCATION:                         200 Block of White House Road, Grasonville

VICTIM:                                Palmer D. Swann of Grasonville

NARRATIVE:                        Victim reported the theft of his trailer tag  (Maine – 12TLR76224) valued at $40.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Stephen Fraser

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33073


INCIDENT:                           Underage Alcohol Possession                

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/04/2011 @ 1231 Hours

LOCATION:                         Kent Island High School, Stevensville

NARRATIVE:                        The School Resource Officer was notified by staff members that a 15 year old female was found to be in possession of a small open bottle of whiskey. The child was removed from school by her parent and was issued a civil citation for possession.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Jeremy Davidson

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33081


INCIDENT:                           Assault                                   

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/04/2011 @ 1118 Hours

LOCATION:                         200 Block of Canal Street, Grasonville

VICTIM:                                John Kotwica of Grasonville

NARRATIVE:                        Victim reported that he was meeting with two subcontractors on October 3rd about terminating their employment. The suspects then threatened him, pushed him, blocked his truck in and then punched his truck leaving a dent in the vehicle. The next day Mr. Kotwica states he received several threatening text messages from on of the suspects. Victim advised he did not want any criminal prosecution and was advised on the Peace Order procedure.

DEPUTY :                              Sgt. John Meyers             

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33174


INCIDENT:                           Shots Fired Complaint

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/04/2011 @ 1517 Hours

LOCATION:                         100 Block of Spruce Drive, Queen Anne

VICTIM:                                William Troy Wilkins (18) of Queen Anne

NARRATIVE:                        Emergency personnel responded to location after a family member had found the victim with an apparent fatal self inflicted gunshot wound. Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office continue the investigation. 

DEPUTY :                              Detective Amelia Lopez

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33198


INCIDENT:                           DWI       

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/05/2011 @ 2015 Hours

LOCATION:                         Postal Road near Route 18, Chester

ARRESTED:                          Donald Evert Evans (54) of Berwyn Heights, MD

NARRATIVE:                        A Department of Natural Resources Officer requested for a Sheriff’s Deputy after he stopped a Chevrolet pickup pulling a small Jon boat and trailer due to no taillights on the trailer. The DNR officer believed the driver, Donald Evans to be intoxicated.

Dfc. Jordan responded and upon speaking with the subject smelled a strong odor of alcohol and that the subject appeared to be slurring his speech. After attempting several field sobriety tasks, Dfc. Jordan placed Evans under arrest. After processing and charging documents were completed, Evans was released on his signature.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Michael Jordan

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33012


INCIDENT:                           Theft      

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/05/2011 @ 2015 Hours

LOCATION:                         100 Block of Scottown Road, Queenstown

VICTIM:                                Aretter Baylor of Queenstown                              

NARRATIVE:                        Victim reported that her grandson’s skateboard had been stolen from her front yard while he was in school. The skate board is valued at $30.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33220


INCIDENT:                           Traffic Complaint / Road Rage

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/05/2011 @ 2120 Hours

LOCATION:                         Clark’s Corner Road, near Centreville

VICTIM:                                Paul Gunther Jr. of Centreville

NARRATIVE:                        Victim reported that while traveling on Clark’s Corner Road a maroon Chevrolet Silverado pickup was impeding traffic by traveling at a very slow rate of speed. As the victim passed, the driver of the pickup threw a cup with liquid at Gunther’s vehicle. No damage was reported, and the owner of the truck is known and attempts to contact him have been made.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33225


INCIDENT:                           Assault 1st Degree                  

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/06/2011 @ 0023 Hours

LOCATION:                         121 Fourth Street, Crumpton

VICTIM:                                Derrick L. Ferrell and Anthony K. Todd both of Crumpton

NARRATIVE:                        Deputies responded to location for a report of shots fired, that the victim was still being chased by suspects and the caller, a passenger of the vehicle was unsure if he had been shot or not.

Upon arrival, Anthony Todd told deputies that he was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his friend Derrick Ferrell. When they pulled into a driveway at 121 Fourth Street someone yelled to get out of the car and Derrick exited and ran away with two African American males in dark clothing chasing him. After hearing several gunshots, Todd stated he crawled out of the car and ran towards the house.

Additional deputies responding located Ferrell who confirmed that several subjects chased him and that he heard numerous gunshots. Ferrell stated he ran down the street seeking help. The area was searched by numerous law enforcement personnel including a K9 and MSP Helicopter.

At the scene, a 202 Oldsmobile Alero was located in the driveway with a flat tire, a shattered window and what appeared to be several bullet holes in the door. The vehicle was stored pending processing. Neither individual was injured.

Detective Eric Goodman of the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit has been assigned the follow-up to this incident and the case remains open at this time.

DEPUTY :              Cpl. Mark Carr   

ASSIST:                Dfc. Jason Rickard, Dfc. Steve Gore, Pfc. Mike Lewis & K9 Boris from CPD and MSP Aviation

CASE NUMBER:  11-33236


INCIDENT:                           MDOP

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/062011 @ 1315 hours

LOCATION:                         Kent Island High School

VICTIM:                                QA Board of Ed

NARRATIVE:                        School Resource Office – Dfc. Jeremy Davidson reported that someone had spray painted graffiti on the rear wall of a dugout near the softball field. The letters appear to be red spray paint with “WN$”. Maintenance personnel immediately removed the “tagging” of the dugout.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Jeremy Davidson

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33284


INCIDENT:                           Domestic Assault in Progress

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/06/2011 @ 2045 Hours

LOCATION:                         Thompson Creek Mall near Food Lion

VICTIM:                                Khia F. Thompson of Stevensville

ARRESTED:                          Amos Quincy Archie (27) of Severna Park, MD

NARRATIVE:                        Units responded to location for a report of a man and woman fighting in the parking lot and that the male was attempting to slash the tires on a green jeep.

On arrival deputies located the male standing next to the Jeep with the door open and a female seated in the driver’s seat. The male was cooperative and detained. The female reported that the male was her boyfriend and while shopping  in the grocery store he accused her of looking at another person and an argument occurred which included him throwing items from the shelve at her. The female left the store followed by the male who attempted to take her keys from her and a brief struggle had occurred during which she was scratched on her arm. The male was placed under arrest for 2nd degree assault and transported to the Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. He was later released on his personal recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33326


INCIDENT:                           Assault

REPORT DATE / TIME:      10/06/2011 @ 0133 Hours

LOCATION:                         100 Block of Cee Jay Road, Chestertown

VICTIM:                                Natasha Brown of Chestertown

NARRATIVE:                        Units responded to location for a report of two females fighting in a residence. On arrival Ms. Brown reported her daughter had assaulted her other daughter and her and that some items had been damaged. The suspect in this case has mental issues and was threatening to harm herself and had fled the residence. A search of the area by law enforcement and fire comp[any personnel was unable to locate the female. Ms. Brown was transported to the Chester River Medical Center for a possible concussion..

DEPUTY :                              Dfc. Jessica Kellogg   

CASE NUMBER:                  11-33336